Monday, November 09, 2015

Expectations for Basketball

BC concluded its second scrimmage last week with a 85-75 win over Bentley. Message board comments said that the team looked raw and the defensive awareness was bad, but that Carter looked like the real deal and the young guys showed flashes. Saturday the season start for real with St. Francis. Once again BC is in the unfortunate position of bringing in a mega-class of freshmen recruits. We've learned enough from Skinner and Donohue's super-sized classes to know that the first year will be rough. But how rough?

I have relatively high expectations for this season. I think we will play well in the non-conference games, steal a few ACC games to avoid a last-place finish and get one win in the ACC Tournament. Is that too much to ask? So here is one blogger's game-by-game prediction for out of conference schedule:

-- St. Francis Brooklyn: W
-- Central Conneticut: W
-- Harvard: L
-- Wooden Legacy against Michigan State: L
-- Wooden Legacy Game 2: W
-- Wooden Legacy Game 3: L
-- Penn State: L
-- UMass Lowell: W
-- Providence: W
-- Maine: W
-- Delaware: L
-- Fordham: W
-- New Hampshire: W

I also think BC goes 5-13 in ACC games (with a strong finish) and 1-1 in the ACC Tournament. This would be a very respectable 14-19 season. Can Christian do it? Will the talent mature quickly. We will soon find out.

Leave your expectations for the season in the comments section.


JERZeagle said...

You do know that providence has arguably the best player in the country right?

Best of luck to the guys this year. Football is one thing, but there is absolutely no reason why BC cannot be a top 32 team every year in hoops.

Bando '87 said...

Wow, your expectations, in terms of W/L are higher than mine. I hope you're right, of course. I'll be disappointed if they aren't competitive on the boards this year. I also want to see sound fundamental defense. I think the maturation of Robinson/Turner will be the key. I'm going to keep my expectations low on W/L but I have high expectations for improvement in players and as a team as the season progresses. I'd like to see some wins in February/Early March.

Mạc Huệ said...
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mod34b said...

SI ranks BC at 161. Below BU and Harvard. SI rankings

Thanks Brad for creating and now maintaining really low expectations.

Hoib said...

It's a complete clean slate. I don't know what anyone would have to base any expectations on. What ATL is doing seems more like hope to me. What I'm hoping to see are a bunch of young kids w/ onions and the right dimensions for the ACC. Not a bunch of deer in the headlights string beans like under the prior regime. If I see that,I'll have some confidence that we've started the long journey away from the Onahue abis.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Last week two radio types at ESPN were asking who was the top QB in the SEC. They struggled to come up with one. Someone suggested the LSU QB. Could the superior, dominant conference be devoid of any quality QBs? There must be a misprint in the coaches poll. It has only four SEC teams. The BIG 10 has six. This can't be. The SEC started the year with ten ranked teams. Where has all the dominance gone? Maybe there is a void in the SEC similar to BC.

Hoib said...


What's that got to do w/ Hoops? Our conference is the SEC of Hoops.

BCMike said...

-- St. Francis Brooklyn: W
-- Central Conneticut: L
-- Harvard: L
-- Wooden Legacy against Michigan State: L
-- Wooden Legacy Game 2: L
-- Wooden Legacy Game 3: L
-- Penn State: L
-- UMass Lowell: W
-- Providence: L
-- Maine: W
-- Delaware: L
-- Fordham: L
-- New Hampshire: W

We get one win in ACC play to avoid duplicating the efforts of the football team.

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