Monday, November 30, 2015

How much will the Offense really change?

During interviews over the past week, Daz made reference to changing the Offense next year. That's promising. At least he recognizes that things are broken and is indirectly owning up to the fact that injuries alone are not the reason BC couldn't score. But just because he referenced changes, doesn't mean we know exactly what he will do.

The conversations implied a "pro style" offense. Like "spread," "pro-style" can be a catch all term in college football. Implied is that it is an offense with throwing QB, Tight End, and multiple read passing trees. It is not a Texas Tech style five wide and nor is it Urban Meyer's Florida Offense. Current teams running "pro style" in college would be Michigan and USC. And for those with recent BC memories, "pro style" would include pretty much all the Dana Bible/TOB Offenses.

We know pro style can work at BC. We know we can recruit for it. If anything, compared to the spread, it puts a premium on OLine play. Even with the struggles of this year's OL, I think most BC fans will buy into a system that depends on OLine. On a basic level moving to pro style at BC is perfectly acceptable. The problem for Addazio comes in two forms: what to do with current players and what to do with current staff.

Because Addazio likes a power spread, the roster shakeup won't be too bad. We have Tight Ends. We have fullbacks. We have a good mix of size and speed at WR and even with transfers we have enough RBs. Quarterback is a question mark. Darius Wade seems to have enough skill to be a pocket passer in a pro system. Does Jeff Smith? Does John Fadule? Does Troy Flutie? Can incoming recruit Anthony Brown? If none of these guys can pass, we are screwed again. Regardless of style, Daz will always be run-first, so the running backs will be the primary playmakers. But can any of the QBs make enough plays for BC to move the ball? Will any have trouble learning another new system?

The other question is how will Addazio restructure his staff. If he is making a style change and keeping Todd Fitch as the primary playcaller and architect, Addazio's might as well get the moving boxes out. If Todd Fitch was some sort of genius in pro style, yet boxed in by personnel and Addazio's preferred approach, then both are idiots for wasting this season. The more likely explanation is that he's a mediocre to bad OC and changing systems won't do anything. Addazio could also turn to Brian White. White has OC experience in run-first pro style at Wisconsin. Under normal circumstances I would be on board with that, but White's time at Syracuse doesn't have me believing he's a miracle worker. And he hasn't called plays in nine seasons. Plus he's is associated with this season's mess. If White had the answers, why didn't he help the team/Fitch improve this year? The most likely outcome and the one that is easiest to sell to the public and to recruits is a new OC and playcaller. Who will that be (Scot Loeffler?) and what can he really do, won't be known for a few weeks.

Even if this is all part of rebuilding, Addazio spent a lot of goodwill. The next decision on OC needs to be the right one or else he won't get to make a fourth OC hire.


mod34b said...

it is desperation time for Daz.

Just wait, this will be viewed as "second rebuild" (as if the first rebuild ever occurred) and Daz needs more time.

This announcement is a confession of ineptitude and failure.

I hope we do not hear soon that Scott Loeffler is joining the staff. He is a Daz buddy, and sucked in his last 3 years at Auburn and VT.

Unknown said...

Loeffler was good with Addazio at Temple and recruited areas for Tech that BC consistently targets (especially quarterbacks).

When Loeffler was with Addazio at TU in 2011 they averaged 30 ppg which dropped to 24.7 ppg under day the following year (with Ryan Day and the addition of Montel Harris).

You know Addazio is not going to stray from his tree to make a random hire at such a prominent position. Hes going to go with someone from his past that he can work with. Fitch wasnt that. Loeffler is not only young(major positive for recruiting) but has worked with Addazio in the past and has high level experience (Temple, Auburn, Virginia Tech, Florida, Michigan).

All things considered, Addazio could do much worse at the position.

ccw said...

Addazio is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too stubborn to fire Fitch.

That is pathetic. Strongly considering not renewing my seasons.

Hoib said...

Who plays is much more important than who coaches. For Daz to really go to pro style would smack of panic to me. TOB/Bible had much bigger lines than our current one. Daz needs to fix the Oline, w/o doing that the rest won't matter. He came up the ranks as an Oline coach, so he should know how to do it. If that doesn't get done, nothing else will matter. I'd rather he spend's time getting a blue chip kicker on board, after the line is set.

mod34b said...

Unknown - god things happened in 2011 having Al golden recruits. Things went downhill for Daz and Loeffler after that

I discovered 1 good thing abut Loffler and 4 bad things

"He was a college quarterback coach to Tom Brady and is reported to be one of his closest friends" Wiki. Cool maybe Tom and Giselle will come to the Height!

2012 Auburn #14/14 is SEC

"The offense finished the season dead last in the SEC in total yds/gm and pass yds/gm at 305 and 156.6, respectively. They also finished second to last with 18.7 pts/gm"

2013 VT #13/14 in ACC

" I see a team that isn't taught to execute and an offense that plays to its weaknesses rather than its strengths. Now, we'll be stuck with an average to awful offense"

loeffler on why his first year sucked

"We were too young last year," Loeffler said. "We were inexperienced at quarterback. We were still, similar to the first year, going, 'What are we? Who are we?' You're trying to paste things together to get positive yardage, and when you're doing that, you're going to be average as dirt. will carry us to decent enough seasons to ensure that the needed changes on offense come way too late."

VT 2014 Total offense: #12/14 in ACC

VT 2015 Total offense #11/14 in ACC

Seems like a Daz-a-doodle allright

Unknown said...

A few things ...

- Addazio and Loeffler were only together for Addazios first year at Temple, so youre wrong that things went downhill for them after that (Day took over OC in 2012)

- The "Addazio won at Temple because of Goldens recruits" is such a lazy argument. You can make the case that Rhule is winning there now because of Addazios recruits.

- While VT may have ranked #11 in the ACC in YPG, they were also #9 in PPG, and outside of Clemson and UNC, the #3 team (Duke) was averaging 27.5 ppg while VT was averaging 25.4 ppg (in ACC play), not a huge difference (not to mention he was also operating most of this year without his starting quarterback). Taking into account the full 12 game scheudle, VT was right in the middle of the conference at 29 ppg while seeing point production increase YoY (once again, while missing his starting QB for a good chunk of the 2015 season).

- Im not here saying that Loeffler is the end all be all. I dont think hes the best offensive coordinator in the country. Im only pointing out that (1) Addazio/Loeffler have had a successful history together (2) BC is almost certainly going to make Fitch a fall guy via firing or demotion (3) Loeffler is available as a result of the Virginia Tech situation (4) Addazios tendency to have a staff made up of guys in his "coaching tree"/ his past

BC87 said...
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mod34b said...

Unknown.. you get a D+ for your argument.

Loeffler is unsuccessful over the last 4 years. you can't spin that away. He sucked. Not going to be suddenly successful at BC, not with Daz still in charge.

But he does know Giselle.....that is a plus.

more I think about it, BC is getting this zero for next year. HELP!!!

Eagle77 said...

Few things

1. Not sure Addazio is on the hot seat next year especially internally at BC based on his contract and payouts

2. Jeff Smith is not a quarterback. Next level speed is great find a different position for him

3. If Addazio came up through the ranks as an O-Line coach I would have expected a lot more improvement this year

4. Between Golden and Addazio I think we are finding out that great recruiters don't make great head coaches. There has been no structure/plan within the past 3 years to manage the program. Spending every scholarship available every year is not a good thing, the same goes with loading up your O-Line with graduating seniors. Balance and depth is the key to a great program.

5. Final point Mike Maser is and has been available, God knows his price point or even if he wants to get back into football but O-line was at his best when he was around.

Unknown said...

Addazio didn't load the team with graduating seniors. It was a result of Spazianis lack of recruiting. He did bring in one graduate senior each year, but that is not the root of the problem, it was Spaziani neglecting the position and attrition that combined to the issues we had this year.

Wow, thanks for the grade mod, but my argument is based in much more fact than your rambling drivel. Once again, I'm not advocating for or against Loeffler. I was only pointing out that he is most likely as high as anyone on a potential OC list for Addazio. Anyone with half a brain knows Addazio is too stubborn to abandon his system and is going to hire someone he trusts (who has successfully run his system as Loeffler did at Temple). Let's also remember, he easily beat the #1 overall defense this year and if BC had VTs offensive output they prob win 10 games this season.

With that being said, Fitch was on the road recruiting today (had in home visit with KJ Gray) so this is most likely a moot point.

mod34b said...

Unknown. I know you probably visited many prof to get a grade change. I am sorry I can't change your grade. D+ it is

I agree Daz is a stubborn mule and will not change (I think he is actually stupid). So more of this shit show next year.

You offer some bs too. Daz can't blame Spaz on year 3. Grade F.

Daz sucks because he went 0-ACC, had the worst offense of 128 FBS teams, had the worst ACC scoring average in 40 years and the worst BC conference record in 40 years.

No excuses allowed.