Tuesday, November 03, 2015

There are gaps in the ACC Network this week

Even as the season fell apart, there was generally easy access to BC games. We haven't had an ESPN3 game in weeks. This week it gets a little complicated. The ACC Network game is split between BC-NC State and Louisville-Syracuse. If you are in New England or the traditional ACC territories (Virginia, the Carolinas, etc.) you are fine. If you are in any market that might prefer Syracuse, you are watching online.

Here is the list of affiliates for the game. All of you in the Midwest, New York, New Jersey, and even the West Coast who watched BC locally last week are now stuck watching the stream. The good news is that the stream can come via ESPN3 or TheACC.com. I've never streamed using the ACC's feed, but I have heard it is better.

Now let's just hope the game is worth watching.


mod34b said...

BC v VT was on ESPN3 in New England, as were many other BC games

blist said...

The game was on TV in greater Boston. A lot of times it'll be on TV and on the tres too. FWIW

Steve Gotlen said...

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eagle1331 said...

This is my first espn3 game of the year.. we'll be showing it at our brewery in NJ if anyone is in commuting distance!

marcos said...

Disappointing, NY market has had a great run of picking up the BC games on YES, MSG/MSG+, Ch. 10/55, etc. Not this week. Looks like now that NBA/NHL are in full swing, that takes away opportunities for the aforementioned channels from picking up a college football game such as BC. Those pro teams take precedent I'm sure.