Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Basketball's problems continue in loss to Penn State

The Basketball team lost again. Some of it was bad luck and some of it was due to bad basketball. After the first half, I thought the team had survived some of Penn State's hot shooting and would take control. Instead BC's offense floundered and the D was inconsistent. The season and the team are young, but I wish they would play with a little more intensity. It might help them through scoring droughts. A few other thoughts...

-- Garner went crazy for Penn State and really killed BC's momentum. It was a fluky though. He made long ones. He made them with guys in his face. That happens some times and I am not worried.
-- Dennis Clifford put in good minutes and made his shots. It was much better than how he played in California. Diallo looked better too.
-- The offense doesn't still seems really impatient and without purpose. How much of that is guys not playing together long or guys just not knowing where to go with the ball?

It is still too early for Christian to explode on these guys, but he does need to do something. There is enough talent to win these games. They are just not playing two competitive halves.


Lenny Sienko said...

We do fine until the opponent shifts defense..usuallly when they go into a zone and clog up the point, so our guards can't penetrate.

This is when we need a "zone buster". I'm hoping Milan or the Latvian kid will be the solution. if we knock down those threes and make them come out of the zone, the center opens up for Carter.

I think Carter needs to just take his offense when it comes and worry about distributing the ball if his shot isn't there. Telling him to be a point guard isn't going to do it. He's not a true point guard. He's a shooter.

Rebounding is a problem. Where did all these BIG 7 footers come from. We are getting muscled under the boards.

Finally, free throws...we make our free throws, we win this game.

Knucklehead said...

Free throws are key. Nobody being recruited to major college basketball can shoot anymore- free throws or otherwise. Swear to Christ I could walk on and make this team as a jumpshooter/effort guy. Remember Jermaine Watson? We could use someone with some fortitude like that. Back to shooting, the free throw shooting is a problem for everyone. The last game I watched, over thanksgiving, was UNLV Indiana in the maui tournament. Indiana missed 40% of their throws. Bill Walton was bitching to Sciambi about how if they hit 80% of what they missed then they would have won the game.

Sciambi almost headbutted Walton on the air when Walton said he didn't know who Sciambi was before they called the game and that he went to Boston College.

TeddyE said...

I can't handle it. Why can't we coach hustle and defense? Oh right - we are young. Heard that before. I love how calipari blames youth all of the time. We should have hired Jim Calhoun to fix this mess. Deal with devil? Yep. Would we lose to Santa Clara penn state and Cal irvine in year two. No way. God bless Jerry

FakeShalomTfree said...

Taking a glass half full approach, this freshman class actually looks like an ACC caliber group, which contrasts the last large class we had with Donahue. Perhaps the JC hire was underwhelming but the fact that he's assembled a staff that has seen success in D1 gives me some hope that these freshmen will learn to play with each other and develop. I'm also encouraged that they were relatively with some good teams last year.

mod34b said...

the familiar song of woe-- once again sings for BC hoops

PARDON, goddess of the night,
Those that slew thy virgin knight;
For the which, with songs of woe,
Round about her tomb they go.
Midnight, assist our moan; 5
Help us to sigh and groan,
Heavily, heavily:

Big Jack Krack said...

WBB had an exciting win last night against Purdue.


Let's follow and support our women's team this year.

Flexman said...

Be lucky to get 10 wins this year. This team blows just like the football team.