Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Bates gets scheduling gift from Big XII

The Big XII announced a new schedule mandate: all teams must play a non-conference game against a Power 5 team or Notre Dame. It is being referred to as the "Baylor" rule, but plenty of the members have loaded up on cupcakes. The reason for the rule is to help the Conference's power rating with regards to the Playoff Selection Committee. Because current scheduled games are grandfathered into the clause, this doesn't create dozens of openings. But it does create an opportunity for Brad Bates. There are now ten more schools looking for future Power 5 opponents. While BC doesn't offer a big pay day, we do offer a an attractive and seemingly winnable game to the potential opponents.

While none of the Big XII schools would be my first choice for a future game, there is enough variety in their membership that Bates is sort of boxed in with his excuses.

If he wants a traditional power/and big pay day...there's Texas and Oklahoma. I think BC fans would turn out in big numbers for a game in Austin. And a return visit from either team would surely fill Alumni and create good buzz. Norman might not be an attractive road trip, but come on! Who wouldn't love to see BC play Oklahoma?

If Bates just wants to play private school Power 5 teams...there's TCU and Baylor. Scheduling either right now might seem daunting. Both are at their historic peak. But I would welcome either. By the time we get them on the field, it could be very likely both will have reverted to something closer to their historical position in college football.

If he wants a matchup with history...there's West Virginia. This matchup predates our Big East membership and goes back to when both teams were Eastern Independents. We've played them 33 times. It is also a relatively close game, so the charter flight costs are a little less.

If he wants a winnable game...there's Kansas and Iowa State. Both could get better by the time we play them, but both are traditionally bad. We shouldn't be scared to schedule either.

The only real teams that don't fit any of BC's potential profiles for a non-conference game are Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. But all would be much better than playing another cupcake.

I doubt BC will add a Big XII team. Bates and Addazio's scheduling moves have been transparent. We can only hope that the ACC starts mandating the type of scheduling the Big XII just embraced.


ToTheHeights said...

I personally hope for a time shortened game against Howard. With that game in the bag, who really cares about going 0 and 8 in ACC play?

campy said...

I expect BC will manage to lose to a "cupcake" or two before the decade's out.

EL MIZ said...

@campy - i have a feeling Addazio's "army game" will be next year. remember, after BC lost to Army with Spaziani, the tide truly turned and everyone started calling for him to be fired. BC won 1 more game under Spaz and he got canned.

this is good to see - i doubt Bates/Addazio will change their pathetic scheduling but hopefully ACC follows suit and institutes a similar rule.

bceagle91 said...

The way BB has been scheduling, I'd assume Kansas. And if they turn us down, heck, let's try UCF.

When I was a youngster in the 70s, BC upset Texas at the Heights and I remember there being a lot of excitement. There would be some buzz with Texas, Oklahoma or even Oklahoma State.

mod34b said...

BB and Daz are interested in BB and Daz first and only

FakeShalomTfree said...

One of 2 things will happen:
1) BB will schedule a "winnable" game and lose
2) BB will schedule Howard again and play in front of an empty stadium

Ever to excel...or not

chicagofire1871 said...

Would love a home and home with TCU. Fort Worth would be a fun road trip.

CT said...

BCI linked to a story that ranked BC the worst Power 5 job in the country (hope it's ok to mention, ATL).

65th out of 65. Ouch. The reason I mention this is...well, I forgot. Guess geography, academics, blah blah are the reasons. ND was 14th, I think.

Oh, I remember. I have voiced my opinion this Fall that BC should be THAT team which (who?) will go anywhere anytime to play anybody. Earn a reputation. With our lack of elite playmakers, go Stanford and beat people up. Even if you lose. That would certainly improve everyone's opinion of the kind of job this is: scrappy, blue-collar, chip on the shoulder underdogs from a relativley moribund college football region. Weren't we the original Fighting Irish? With respect to scheduling and the topic of the post, I would love it if we got after the Big Boys. Conference doesn't matter. We played ND-a top 6 or 7 team-to the end with ZERO offense. FSU.

Maybe bowls are more important to the decision makers. But maybe we could attract the elite William Green/Luke Kuechly talent with exactly that tough, fearless attitude that embodies how and where the university was founded.

One cupcake okay for adults. Three cupcakes are for 8 yr olds.

mod34b said...

CT. - a surprising departure from the normal with a refreshing lightness (cupcake) of spirit.

ESPN ranking was nonsense. E.g.,RU was about 30 spots above BC. Stupid stuff

CT said...

Mod34b-a refreshing change from the overwhelming criticism I'm sure to find named in your honor in the urban dictionary.

CT said...

BC can't score in either sport.

mod34b said...

oh Cupcake......lighten up..its a sports blog

SaturdaysOnShea said...

Atl forgot option 5: Do nothing.

Hoib said...

My choice would be WVA for the reasons stated, but I'm sure Pitt will get them. Been to Austin many times, love the music, I also was at our big W back in the 70's, so that would create a theme if we were to play them. Pretty sure we've played TT before too. Although a song I like is "happiness is Lubock TX in the rear view mirror" so it can't be much. We'll probably end up w/ Kansas. Best news is w/ these movements in the conferences to play more real games, we as a power 5 team will be swept up in the tide, even if it's kicking and screaming all the way.


You're right, re ;m34, there is a definition, it's asshole

mod34b said...
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