Wednesday, December 16, 2015

When will BC ease up the JUCO recruiting?

New kicker/punter Satchel Ziffer just graduated from Old Dominion, but that is not his only school. The 5th year senior also spent time at California Junior College -- Pasedena City College. Because he has his degree, his time at a JUCO didn't hold anything up with BC Admissions. Ziffer is at BC to kick and punt, but I hope any success he has leads BC to reconsider its JUCO bias.

BC rarely recruits directly from Junior Colleges. Codi Boek and Paul Peterson are the only guys in the last ten years who came directly from a JC. Both were unique circumstances and more than demonstrated they could handle the academic rigor of BC. Neither were typical JUCO guys. But as the "typical" Junior College player changes, BC needs to adjust too.

In the old days Junior Colleges were for recruits who weren't recruited or who couldn't qualify academically. Now as more players transfer, more good prospects are using a JUCO season as a pit stop. By playing for a Junior College a player does not have to sit out a year. They can go from a FBS program to Junior College and then back to an FBS program. If a player left his FBS school in academic good standing and just wants more playing time, why wouldn't he fit in at BC?

Much like a 5th year, the benefit to BC in recruiting a JUCO is that you sort of know what you are getting. Playing at a Junior College is a much better test than any high school. BC can get immediate depth. For a guy like Addazio who is always worried about senior leadership, an older Junior College player can fill a gap.

According to Rivals Database only one Junior College player in the whole country has interest in BC. It's California DE Raveon Hoston. And he doesn't even claim an offer from BC. So don't expect the Junior College situation to change this year. But the increase in transfers can be an opportunity. If BC develops that pool, it can be one more way to build our program without comprising who we are.


Hoib said...

Prep guys, Castanzo, 5th years, Murphy, Jucos, Peterson. It's a distinction w/o a difference to me. If they qualify let them in. Could help w/ hoops a great deal. We need all the help we can get. When things aren't going well you need to make changes.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

Is there any specific reason BC won't recruit JUCO players? Paul Pete seemed to be a tremendous success story for us, so not really sure what the hesitancy is.

mod34b said... thanks on a regular basis. maybe occasionally.

but this is all a distraction. Going 0-for-ACC kills recruiting at all levels. Contrary to myth, Daz is not a good recruiter. Spaz was a better recruiter in his early days.

We have a bad product and that leads to bad recruiting.

mod34b said...

we currently are recruiting at the lowest levels in the ACC. (2.5 stars).

Our type of recruit is comparable to recruits at UConn, Purdue, Temple and UMass (UMass actually has higher quality recruits, just less total recruits that BC)

but its all good.... right??? wah...........................

EL MIZ said...

Mod - the defense was top 5 in the country this year. Simmons, Daniels and Wujciak were Spaz recruits; the rest were Addazio. give credit where credit is due. the D should be great again next year and it will be with players addazio recruited, notwithstanding the silly star rankings.

Hilliman was all-Acc as a freshman, also an addazio recruit. the offense stunk last year and the strategy and execution is on Addazio as coach. the recruiting, while i thought we'd be landing higher star guys just b/c Addazio came from that model at UF, doesn't seem to be a glaring issue right now.

CT said...

Daz is the head coach of both sides of the ball. Not just one.

I know he's an Oline guy, but defensive guys have to sign off on playing for the school-the head coach.

But geez. Every. Single. Post? It's a parody at this point. All that's missing is Christisn Suntrup.

JBQ said...

@CT: "Christian Suntrup".

mod34b said...

CT and Miz - Daz ain't the man on D. Credit, as you know, goes to Don B. Daz gets credit for hiring Don B. yay.

I note Don B does not use the same excuses on D that Daz uses on O - young, inexperienced, afraid, injuries, hard to recruit, be really good in 2017....

We are moving into the close-out of recruiting season.... more data to judge Clown-Daz. Expect more enlightenment

Miz, statistically were are top 5 D. You really think BC's defense is better than SEC defenses? (CT this is your cue to chime in....I said 'SEC').. But best in ACC is very good. I'll take it.

Miz - why the precipitous decline in recruiting this year? If Daz is all that then what's the deal?

mod34b said...

JBQ schooling CT. yeah..... Just Be Quorrect, CT!

EL MIZ said...

Mod - the strength of your argument takes a hit when you refuse to admit Addazio should get ANY credit whatsoever on D. of course Brown should be commended for the job he does. funny that as recently as last year ppl were calling for him to be fired because his scheme wasn't working due to injuries and subsequent lack of talent to pull the scheme off - sound familiar? this year guys stayed healthy, executed well, and they looked great. we were awful this year on offense, that i do not dispute - but we also lost our starting QB and starting RB (who was an All ACC freshman - does Daz get credit for recruiting him?) to injuries, and had a handful of freshman at WR who were expected to contribute right away who never saw the field due to injury (Borgensen, Glines, Pankey, Garrison). maybe it wouldn't have mattered, maybe it mattered a great deal.

statistically we are a top 5 D, but "are we better than an SEC defense?" um, who cares? we don't play in the SEC, do we? we had a great Defense, and for that Addazio should get SOME credit. Harold Landry, Strachan were 4-star recruits who were buying into his program, not just don brown's "dude"ness.

has there been a "precipitous" decline in recruiting? this looks like a similar class to what we normally have. Harrington had offers from Wisconsin, UVA, Pitt, etc; Morais we scooped up from SEC country and he has SEC offers; Gray keeps an important NJ pipeline open and he had legit ACC and B10 offers; Tucky is an Ohio kid with Northwestern and Wisco offers and we pulled him; Brown was a great DT QB in NJ with D1 offers and we landed him, Richardson is from the south and had a Duke offer we got him, etc etc. these guys seem pretty decent to me - i have no idea i've never watched any of them play outside of a 3-minute clip of their best plays as a high schooler. time will tell.

i'm happy to criticize Addazio for his grade-F sideline demeanor, his brain farts in the 2-minute drill, the complete trainwreck the OL was this season - for all of those things he gets poor grades and deserves them. he also deserves credit for putting together a good defensive coaching staff, recruiting the right players, and getting that unit to click.

Big Jack Krack said...

It's funny, but before blogging I never paid any attention to recruiting. I try not to make it an obsession now.

Still, it's a subject of interest. As an example, now that we are down to 3 RBs, do we have any guys coming in for 2016? With our injury rate at RB, 3 is clearly not enough. Will Wilson move (back to) RB? Right now it looks as though we have Hilliman in 2017. Really sorry to see Outlow go, but if he wasn't a good fit, that's the way it goes. But we are short at RB!

So yes, I am always looking to see how the staff keeps their 85 schollies allotted, and whether or not they are filling holes in the roster. We were very sub par for a year or two at Offensive Line recruiting = 2015 disaster. Excuses could be made for Addazio's first class, because they were all Spaziani's. But there is no room for excuses now - especially when the HC is under the microscope due to his own mis-management of players and shortfalls during the games.

I'd like to see an analysis by position and by class.

Big Jack Krack said...

And I would like to know generally why Suntrup didn't pan out, and why Crimmins left, and why a bunch of people didn't come back for their last year of eligibility, etc. I think we could have used Suntrup this year if he was physically able to play - so what happened? Just curious. Did Addazio simply send them messages?

Maybe all the answers are simple, but I know Brown's D would have been better in years 1 and 2 w/o attrition - If I remember correctly who didn't return.

And I'm curious about Swigert. I really liked him, thought he should have been in there (if healthy) instead of #26, because he really deserved it. Yet he was no where to be seen during the last few games, and it seemed as though he just left the team.

If a guy who had 11 knee surgeries and worked his way back because he loved to play football - when that kind of team leader leaves the team, I think we'd all like to know why.

CT said...

Mod-now that was a real classroom. Ha.

How about some offensive stats to make yourself feel better for the next 12 months? Refresh our memories. Were we good on offense?

Get back on the meds, buddy. You're a one-trick pony. You'll 'take' the top defense in the conference? That makes us happy. It just makes your stupid posts half as long.

I'm making up a new verb just for you. You're posts are Suntrupping-reflective of a lack of self-awareness to the point of parody without the humor.

It's not STFU...that one is yours. Very smart stuff indeed.

FWIW, as I've said before, BC's defense could very well hang in the SEC. It's roughly equivalent to UGA's defense. UF and Ala have better units. The difference being...BC runs the "gauntlet" of Wake, Duke, NCSU, Syracuse. Like Miz said eloquently, you play the conference, not one's imagination. But it appears from your droning on and on about the HC that you seem to lack that quality. So, I'm confused. Why do you obsess so?

mod34b said...

El Miz, I am starting to think you are El Fitch or El Daz. Ha!

Daz gets some credit. I never said he get no credit.

But whatever way you want to slice it, El Daz is not getting the job done on offense in any way. We were the worst offense in NCAA FBS via a number of metrics.

BJK - good questions. I wish our man ATL would do a bit more investigative reporting about what really is going on.. But I guess that is not his style...

As you say on Swigert, the guy went through 15 surgeries and busted his balls to get back in action. And he disappears. hard to believe that was voluntary. Only thing that might make sense - and I have no facts at all - is that he got hurt again.

mod34b said...

poor CT .... just a rag....

I knew the acronym "SEC" would bring out the expert in you. Yuk yuk..

i'll do it again


Guido said...

EL MIZ - reading your post makes me feel that you are confident of next year's success. I personally do not share your perceived optimism , but with UMass ,UConn , Buffalo and Wagner - wins should be MUCH IMPROVED. Also EL MIZ , have you been satisfied that over 2 years - we continually missed field goals , extra points etc. We kept experimenting with QB's never able to settle on one individual - - wasting timeouts because the HC/OC could not make up their colossal minds. And , please do not use the injury factor which is inherent in every football program in the country. Last point (but I could go on)- you mention that this recruiting class is basically the same as prior classes - DAH - THEN WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE !!!!! I hope that you live in the area and have a season ticket , because BC will need your attendance at every game.The attendance may again be down next year since my guess is fans are tiring quickly at incompetence.

EL MIZ said...

Guido - i am far from confident in next year's success, i was just getting tired of reading Mod34B beat a dead horse.

i commented on pretty much every game thread about how inane the QB rotation was, along with the many other very legitimate gripes of Addazio (clock management, complete inability to control himself on the sideline, playing it too safe at the end of the half, predictable play calling, the complete trainwreck on the OL this year, etc). all of that being said, i do think its ridiculous to just sort of gloss over the fact that we had one of the best defenses in the past 2 decades and attribute zero success whatsoever to Addazio, and that was the impetus for my earlier reply to Mod.

to your last point on recruiting, again, i think this much ado about nothing. Addazio's first recruiting class was solid - Hilliman was All ACC Freshman team, Strachan, Landry Yiadom and Moore were starters and emerged as leaders of one of the best defenses in the country. Wade - who knows, he looked good and then he broke his leg. Thadd Smith emerged this season and looks like he will be a playmaker. the rest of guys have been backups so far but thats not too surprising since these guys were sophomores or redshirt freshmen this year.

i have a hard time assessing last year's recruits - true freshmen rarely contribute. as i stated earlier, some of the higher rated guys in this class (Borgersen and Glines in particular) would have played a lot but wound up redshirting due to injury. William Harris played on D as a true freshman on one of the best D's in the country, my guess is he's pretty good. Mike Walker was a freshman all-american kick returner this year, that's pretty good. a few of the freshmen started on the OL out of necessity, but should be a lot better as they put on muscle and know the scheme.

i'd rate Addazio so far as like a C-, and i am not at all optimistic about next year and would be shocked if we even won half the games. but i disagree with mod34b (and apparently you) who seem to rate Addazio as an F. we overachieved in years 1 and 2 for crying out loud, its not an F yet. if next year is a re-do of this year then he obviously needs to be fired.

CT said...

Miz, if I had the patience on this Iphone, that would have encapsulated the last four months for me.

CT said...

BJK, that analysis is at BCI and although I'm not a poster they seem to do a pretty good job with recruiting mews (as u know cuz I see u comment). And that's absolutely no disrespect to ATL. Frankly, I don't know how he does it with work/family. Never misses a day it seems. Really quite impressive. I'm sure he loves the carping between some of us, too.

Hoib said...


Pretty well put. I think there is really no way to predict what happens year to year in college football. Our team will have many new players, some of the same players who will be better w/ another year under their belt, and then there will be the injuries. What will happen w/ our team will also happen w/ all the teams we play. So we watch next year to see how this all shakes out. This year was kind of the perfect storm for Daz. If we have average luck next year things should improve, but if the results are the same as this year he'll be out, whether he deserves it or not.


I echo your feelings about ATL. It is something how he keeps this up day in day out. He set the standard when it comes to putting out info for us BC fanatics.

CT said...

Mews. That should be a word.

mod34b said...

miz - i'd go with D for Dazaster. An "F" would be too extreme kinda talk for me. moderation is the key.

.500 in year one and year two is not success by any definition outside of those by Bumbling Brad Bates toadies

.500 is meh.. There is a reason the boys at Coaches Hot Seat list Daz as #3 worst coach. right?

El Miz i am a little tired of {add something petty }________ who cares??

CT -- focus on something interesting to you Don't let me anger you. avoid reading my posts. It is just a sports blog.

mod34b said...

Guido - stick to your guns.. you're doing great.

Knucklehead said...

El Miz said it. Daniels and Wujack were not Addazio recruits. They are the two most underrated players in the country.

Looking forward to seeing them in the NFL.

Hoib said...


W definitely, not so sure Daniels has the range for the pass happy NFL. Hope I'm wrong, he was great this year. I also think it is wrong that the D will just pick up where they left off. Some very good players are moving on, including these two.

Knucklehead said...

The knock on Keuchly was that he couldn't cover down field in space either. He seems faster in the NFL than he was at Boston College. I think if you have a Jamie Collins-type LB next to Daniels then he would be starter level. I foresee Atlanta/Chicago/NE/Dallas taking Daniels. Atlanta is deplorable on defense. They should load up on defense and he will be available later on. Chicago like the traditional LB's. NE needs some depth because Hightower/Mayo are banged up. Dallas is useless defensively without Sean Lee and they need someone who can play when he is out half-the-time. I think he gets picked 3-4 round and works his way to consistent starter. One more team on my radar for him is Tennessee. Anyone else aware that Andy Gallik has been starting for them this season?? Another non-Addazio recruit.

Brain drain.

Hoib said...


I was concerned about Luke's size for the NFL not his range, which was uncanny. I see Daniels as the exact opposite of Luke, beast against the run, but has trouble dropping back. Panthers saw enough of Luke To take him in the first round, I don't think Steve will go anywhere near that, he needs to drop some weight too. We'll know in May. Merry Christmas! Hoib