Saturday, January 02, 2016

Duke is still Duke and BC is still BC (for now)

All things considered...I am okay with how BC played against Duke. After Duke's run, it was never close again. And a loss is still a loss. But this gave me a little hope. More hope than I had after Lowell. Here are some other thoughts:

-- The refs killed BC. We joked about Duke getting all the calls, but they got a lot of them. Carter getting in foul trouble hurt his defense when BC was trying to make a late comeback.
-- BC still doesn't have the instincts to adjust. Duke ran basically the same play over and over and our guys never anticipated the movement or the passes. It was a little frustrating that Christian didn't make an adjustment, but the players have to respond too.
-- BC needs to be more careful. Too many turnovers led to Duke points.

BC will still be an underdog in most ACC games, but if they play like this and slightly improve, they can still be competitive. The next chance is against Notre Dame this week.


Hoib said...

Badly need a 4, Ingram ate us alive.

blist said...

There's potential there - Robinson looked good, Diallo too. Agree on the calls, or maybe basketball has gotten softer in recent years and I hadn't noticed (?) Too many missed shots and missed FTs in the first half, though. Nice to see a good crowd at Conte

Bravesbill said...

College basketball had gotten much softer with the fairly new hand check rules. Basically just gives the refs an opening to call a foul whenever and against whomever they want.

eagleboston said...

Duke is always going to get the calls. They have a 5 point advantage before the first tip of the ball.

What was disappointing to me were the turnovers. Guys at this level who have been playing year-long AAU basketball for 10 years should not be throwing such lazy passes. They telegraphed pass after pass after pass and did not seem to learn from it. Also, I was upset with the lack of effort. Box out. There is an epidemic of college players not doing basic fundamentals. When the ball goes in the air, put a body on your man. It's not that complicated. Hustle for the loose balls. You are young men, go for it. Play with abandon. I guess that is why Duke is Duke and BC is BC. But Christian needs to emphasize fundamentals in practice so BC at least has a shot in games. With a little more effort, BC goes from a 10 win season to a 15 win season.