Saturday, January 09, 2016

Report: BC finalizing deal with Loeffler

Eric Hoffses is reporting that BC is closing in on a deal with Scot Loeffler. Loeffler has been the most logical, predictable, rumored and speculated name given his availability and ties with Addazio. He's not a play-calling genius nor offensive revolutionary, but Loeffler is a welcome change. Finishing last in total offense is a sign of total failure. BC's planning, practicing, approach, scheming and needed to be changed. Loeffler represents that change. His familiarity with Addazio and the ACC is an added bonus. I will have more when this all becomes official.


blist said...

Hey Bill, I've been wondering why the move back to pro-style offense for BC? I mean, I love it, we should be able to get better talent (b/c relatively few schools do pro style anymore) and I think it's more fan friendly for New England. But it's a curious move for Daz just given his history. Just curious about why you think we're doing it.
Re Loefller -- it's the off-season, hope springs eternal! This is good! 10 and 2 next year! From a recruiting standpoint, seem pretty killer to say you were Tom Brady's QB coach at Michigan.

mod34b said...
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Knucklehead said...

Brady played like 10 games at Michigan in 4 years. Jesus Christ.

Truth be told he was Brian Griese and Drew Hensons QB coach.

blist said...

Like everyone else, accentuate the positive on your resume guys. QB coach to Tom Brady: A plus.