Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Reading too much into Darius Wade's press

Before the Facilities announcement and another basketball loss, I meant to write about ESPN's article on Darius Wade. It was pretty standard "athlete recovering from injury" stuff. What surprised me is that BC even made Wade available. The school usually steers coverage towards high-profile players. With Patrick Towles coming in, I assumed he would dominate the coverage. Maybe this means Wade has a chance to actually win the job. Is that a good thing though?

Since the offense is changing all QBs should be equal. No one has the advantage of knowing the system or some sort of connection with Loeffler. Of the likely candidates, Towles has the most experience. Due to his injury Wade doesn't even have as much experience as Smith, Flutie or Fadule. Throw in Anthony Brown and that is a lot of guys for Wade to beat out. While he looked okay in limited play last year, nothing he did made anyone say that he's a future superstar. Yet here he is 100% healthy and getting PR support from the coaching staff.

I expect Towles to win the job this spring, but it makes sense that Addazio is still giving Wade a chance. It keeps Wade happy and provides some stability in case things fall apart again. I just hope someone steps up and ends the losing.


JBQ said...

Addazio is drowning and grasping at straws. If you want to see a similar case, watch the coach at Manchester United (Louie Van Gaal)in the English Premier League. Both have run out of ideas. Obviously with a change of offense to more of a throwing nature, Towles should be profiled. He is 6 ft 5. Wade is 6 ft. Addazio unbelievably has a "short straw" chance to ssve his rump. Actually he is worried and with good reason, that he will have a mass exodus of people of color.

Hoib said...

I'm all for playing the best guy, after an open and fair competition. It can't be dictated by off season moves. Seattle spent a ton on Flynn, but they gave Wilson a chance to compete, and he proved to be the better player. Let the games begin.

Joe said...

I think your grasping at straws here bud. You have to consider the roster gaps, it's not an excuse, it's a real issue. I agree that Towles should start, but this is no different that SA getting Murphy. He saw an opportunity and took it. Obviously we all want to see Addazio grow the qb position organically, but while he catches up on Spaziani's roster gaps, he has to be creative to be competitive

mod34b said...

joe - seriously ... roster gaps in daz's fourth season??? ha. ha. that is an excuse, a big worthless excuse

and it is b.s to blame spaz. if you must blame, blame daz for sucking as a recruiter.

Bravesbill said...

That was pretty hilarious Joe. Good one.

Joe said...

What about the fact that there should be a QB with some seniority here, from one of Spaz's later classes. What would you call that ? Thanks to Wade's injury and no seniority (from Spaz), he has to do something

Lenny Sienko said...

I fear that you are relying too much on the mention of a new offensive system. There has been no expansion on that. I suspect that DAZ does not really want to change and that change will be minimal under the offensive coordinator he has chosen, since DAZ will still be the BOSS.

I expect enough attempts at a "new" offense to "prove" that it won't work and a righteous return to the true path of Run up the middle, Run up the middle, Quarterback sack, Punt.

Joe said...

It's kind of ironic, that all you same idiots who want to FIRE CHRISTIAN NOW and want facilities NOW don't seem to want a situation to WIN NOW. What do you think puts BC in the better position to win NEXT YEAR ? Wade who started 1 real game or Towles who has plays 2 years in a P5 conference.

Joe said...

Despite what Addazio continues to say, I don't think you will see much of a change. If anything, you'll see something closer to year 1 with Rettig. Run first and a lot of play action.

Addazio has yet to establish any offensive identity to really strat from. Year 1 was more pro style with a power back. Year 2 was read option with a dynamic QB. Year 3 was a wash.

Outside of wanting to be able to complete a downfield pass, there won't be much radical change

Hoib said...

Doesn't matter what the strategy is if the line can't block.

Knucklehead said...

This is Addazio openly saying that Wade is his binkie. There is no doubt in my mind that he got this written by his connections at ESPN. There is nothing worse in life than something like this. It completely undermines the other QB's who as stated in the post have more experience than Wade. It de-incentivizes them to give their best effort. I guarantee the other players see what is going on. In an era of fairness and equity what Addazio is doing is selfish to say the least.

Frankly this is bullshit. I guarantee the team sucks again this year because it starts at the top.

If you cannot score from the 1 yard line at home against Wake Forest you should be fired the next day. If you act like a fucking asshole screaming, running around in circles and throwing university owned equipment around while not scoring you ought to be fired on the spot.

Good luck Stevie. This is the beginning of the end of your employment at Boston College.

I can hear it now at his press conference when he is announced as the Defensive Coordinator at Ohio State in two years. The standards were to high at Boston College. I couldn't get the scumbag murders in Boston College that I could get into Florida. All the excuses.

Big tough crybaby Stevie.