Monday, March 14, 2016

Rooting Guide for NCAA Tournament

Everyone's filling out a bracket right now. Experts and idiots alike all think they know who is going to win. But who do you actually want to win? Who do you hope makes a nice run. Obviously you can't root for BC. However, this year there isn't even a good BC-related angle to the Big Dance. BC guy Mark Schmidt and his St. Bonaventure team saw their bubble burst. BC alum Bruce Pearl didn't turn Auburn around yet. No Steve Donahue or Al Skinner guys snuck in with their mid-majors. It is slim pickings. Plus all our enemies seem to be there. Duke and Notre Dame got favorable draws. Holy Cross is dancing! Teams that have knocked us out of tournaments like USC and Villanova are there. UConn too. There is nothing to like. But here is how I am looking at things.

-- Providence. The Friars remains a basketball rival, but I can't root against Ed Cooley. He did great things at BC and probably should have been hired as Head Coach. It would be nice to see him make a run.

-- All ACC teams. It is hard for me to flip the switch and go from hating to liking an ACC team just because of the tournament. But seeing our conference mates advance does help BC. It makes the conference stronger which brings in more money and excites more recruits. 

-- Gonzaga and St. Joseph's. People root for mascots or uniforms. Why not root for other Jesuits? People wonder if BC cares about sports. Seeing other Jesuit schools using the Tournament as a platform is a good thing. Who knows, maybe our future leaders are now at one of those schools and loves basketball. 


Dports1 said...

How about Ryan Anderson and Arizona?

mod34b said...
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Lenny Sienko said...

Holy Cross is always on and always will be on the "enemies list".

I remember the first weekend (1964) that damned bus from Worcester showed up at Newton College of the Sacred Heart (quonset hut) mixer and those applesauce eaters showed up to reduce the number of eligible young Catholic women to BC men.

Reasonable minds can disagree on many things; but no BC grad would ever backslide on hating our real rival.

What are they teaching you young people? Follow along now:

"Oh Holy Cross, Oh Holy Cross
All they eat is applesauce

They eat it morning, noon and night
They even eat when they're tight

Oh Holy Cross on bended knee
Kiss the ass of old BC !!"

mod34b said...
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always sunny in cleveland said...

Xavier, a Jesuit school, is actually a Final Four contender.

always sunny in cleveland said...

Xavier, a Jesuit school, is actually a Final Four contender.

George Voegele said...

I second the idea of supporting St. Joe's. They don't have football, and a few years ago their student council "adopted" BC as their football team to root for. Granted this was during the Ryan years, so it was a lot easier to support BC football from afar, but it would be nice for us to return the favor. Go Hawks!

SaturdaysOnShea said...

I'm all in on the Seton Hall bandwagon. It was great to see them grab their first Big East title in TWENTY YEARS. Would like to see them make a run.

BCballer said...

George Voegle -

I forgot about St Joe's adopting us. Christ, they got buying Enron in 2000.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

We should have hired Phil Martelli years ago. He had family at BC, loved the school and probably would have taken the job. They wouldn't talk to him as they were so enamored with Donahue and all the tournament attention given to Cornell. God what a bunch of dopes.

TGS said...

Hearing we could have had Cooley or Martelli makes me ill. Ever to Excel my ass.
As for football, 2 major bowls (1943 and 1985) in the past 73 years. Nuff said.
Trump in 16!

dixieagle said...

Lenny - I haven't heard that since 1974!!! Memories!

Ry said...

We absolutely could have had Cooley, but GDF was loathe to hire from the Al Skinner tree.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I remember writing letters in support of Martelli - who had an excellent W-L track record, totally connected basketball wise around the urban northeast and routinely beat BC even in its best years. I kept looking at Donahue's track record and shaking my head - nine years of little to no success until the tournament team. Martelli just wasn't as pretty as Donahue and cumulative experience must have been low on their list of priorities.

FakeShalomTfree said...

this March, I'm rooting for the following:
1) Fr Leahy to retire
2) an active board of trustees that supports BC athletics
3) shovels in the ground on this project
4) GDF to be removed from the hall of fame
5) new neighbors in chestnut hill
6) providence Friars

Hoib said...


I remember us both talking up Martelli. If JC bombs next year, I hope we take a run at Phil. Even when we had good teams he usually beat us.