Monday, March 21, 2016

TCU, Pitt, BC and Jim Christian

Is TCU Basketball a career killing job? That is the Jim Christian narrative. He bailed after four losing years for a safe return to the MAC. When BC hired him, the TCU losing was brushed off as "no one wins at TCU." Now the Horned Frogs have gone all in and hired Jamie Dixon. Maybe now with a A-List coach and good support, TCU will finally turn it around. Or Dixon might fail like Christian.

None of this will really matter to Christian. By the time Dixon turns things around, BC will already know if JC can coach. My guess is that TCU was probably a more accurate picture of Christian than Bates would ever want to admit. If JC doesn't show progress next year, maybe he will start to put out feelers for another MAC return. His third year at TCU was his worst.

I hope Pitt hires someone bad. We could use another ACC program to head into a down cycle.


mod34b said...
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TheFive said...

The idea that it's more difficult to win at TCU --- or any Power 5 school --- than it is at BC is a true laugher after 10 years of malignant neglect at the Heights. BC basketball is the worst power conference job in America --- or, at best, is tied for that distinction with Rutgers and Northwestern.

Hoib said...

Xtian won't have to put out feelers next year if he has a bad one, He'll be out, and probably Bates w/ him. Can't blame Dixon, he gets the big bucks and gets to coach in an easier league.
Al skinner should have done the same when his stock was riding high.

mod34b said...
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