Monday, April 11, 2016

More Simmons news and other links

If you base things purely on media coverage, then Justin Simmons is rising up draft boards. The Lions are looking at him and in a thin class of Safeties, Simmons' experience and versatility could be an asset to many teams.

BC offered Virginia athlete Chris Pierce. He already has offers from Old Dominion and Virginia.

Baseball won their weekend series with UVA.

In case you missed it, the Globe had a great article on BC Janitor Fred Vautour and his five children. All are BC grads. I used to wait in line at Lower for Fred's chicken sandwiches back in the '90s. Even then you could tell he loved BC and took great pride in his work.


mod34b said...
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JBQ said...

Great article on Fred Valtour. How about thanking the Globe (

EL MIZ said...

Bill - why was Fred Valtour, graveyard janitor at Robsham, making you chicken sandwiches?

eagleboston said...

That is impressive that all 5 kids were accepted into BC. My youngest may not even graduate from high school.

CMMEagle08 said...

EL MIZ - this excerpt from the article explains:

That’s when he heard that BC was looking for a cook. In 1994, he landed the job, which gave him vacation and sick days for the first time in his life.

He would bring his children for bacon and eggs before his shift started at Corcoran Commons. At lunchtime, students lined up for his barbecued chicken sandwiches and called him “Fred the Chicken Man.” It was not easy work.

“I went from à la carte to cooking for 2,300 at a sitting,” Vautour said. “You’re go-go-go. I started to get carpal tunnel, and my back was killing me.”

So he became a nighttime custodian, which gave him better pay and allowed him to work alone, mopping, vacuuming, and sweeping Robsham Theater, which includes a 567-seat main stage as well as classrooms, a black box theater, and a dance studio.