Friday, April 08, 2016

NCAA bans satellite camps before BC even considers trying one

Score another win for the SEC as they somehow rallied enough support to ban satellite camps. The move was really about keeping Big Ten coaches like Harbaugh and Franklin from reaching the masses in the deep talent pools in the south.

Because the Big XII,  Pac 12 and ACC all have pockets of talent too, they were more than happy to keep Harbaugh out of Texas,  California and Florida. I don't know how BC felt but the ACC put up a united front. It is a shame too because I feel like Addazio and BC could have been great in this sort of touring camp.

As I've written before a few camps on Jesuit campuses in California, Texas and Ohio might have been perfect for BC. I don't think we would have pulled in five stars, but could have found more good fits for our roster.

I am sure Harbaugh is not done and will find another loop hole. When he does, I hope Addazio copies it instead of standing by as things are shut down.


JBQ said...

"If you build it, they will come", (Field of Dreams) You can't put the cart before the horse. Before you are able to recruit, you need a stable program. Michigan was in disarray. Barnum and Bailey came in with Harbaugh. It will be seen quickly if Addazio can right the ship. Righting a ship still does not indicate a healthy program. The problem is that Addazio is a lousy coach. When something doesn't work, he just throws away the failed parts. He cannot coach in a game situation. He needs to delegate authority to his coordinators which he doesn't seem to be able to do. The defense was great so Michigan did the right thing and hired the author. The new offensive coordinator looks good and Towles looks promising. The previous offense was lousy and indicative of someone who just did not know what he was doing. Unfortunately, Wade is being built up and he just does not have the height. Actually, the kid that was moved to wide receiver last year appeared to have the credentials. Addazio doesn't appear to be able to evaluate talent. Is it any wonder that his recruiting is in a shambles? I hope that Bates is already looking for a young and aggressive wonder to take his place. In the same vein, I hope that Leahy is looking for a new athletic director before the reformers move him into retirement.

Unknown said...

BC should set up an actual satellite campus in South Florida. Let the football team take courses down there and train for at least part of the Spring semester as well as regular BC students. Would not be a temporary "camp," but an actual part of the school's academic program. There are plenty of transplants down there and talent. Nothing should be "crazy" or off limits anymore.

FakeShalomTfree said...

This is great news for BC, as it keeps the SEC out of talent-rich New England. I heard Nick Saban was planning a camp in Newton and Urban Meyer was planning one in Brookline. This will only help solidify our fence around Massachusetts!

mod34b said...
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CT said...

Ha. Kirby Smart is dying to get a camp in Worcester.