Saturday, April 30, 2016

Redskins draft Daniels

The third day of the NFL Draft was good for BC. The Washington Redskins took Steven Daniels in the 7th round. While seventh rounders are expendable and often cut, this is still very good for Daniels and BC. He gets a little more money and BC gets to boast about another draft pick. I don't know if Daniels has the coverage skills to be an star at this level, but he should be very effective.

BC's other two high profile seniors didn't get drafted but both signed free agent deals quickly. Mehdi Abdesmad is headed to Tennessee and Connor Wujciak signed with Philadelphia.


mod34b said...
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Guest said...

I am sure the Washington Redskins are glad about their wins. The Steven Daniels should back up there is always room for improvement. I think the payforessay review should take this up and write more motivational article to encourage the Steven Daniels. I hope they will give out their best, I believe they can do well too.

Unknown said...

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