Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More ACC preview stuff

CFN put out more of their ACC previews, this time with an overview of the conference. Like the past few years, they expect Florida State and Clemson to be at the top. While it sucks to have the two powers in our division, this is actually not a bad thing for BC. We are in rebuilding mode and unlikely to challenge for the ACC Championship. Ideally when we are peaking in a season or two, something will have happened to FSU or Clemson (or both) like a coaching change or scandal, that can make BC's rise a little faster.

BC did get mentioned in certain categories like Hot Seat. I don't think there is an appetite to replace Addazio yet. Barring another winless ACC season, I think he's back in 2017.

CFN still doesn't think much of our QB situation.


mod34b said...

Pathetic that Daz going 2-6 ACC and 6-6 overall is considered acceptable. Mediocrity is the new excellent. Raise your expectations of success ATL. Demanding a winning ACC season (5 -3) should be a minimum.


How is our 2016 OL going to be? Seems to be a key issue. 2015 was not a positive for the OL Nor was 2016 Spring ball.

Kash86 said...

its amazing how uninformed you are. go obsess over rivals recruiting rankings some more.

Geezer eagle said...

Care to defend that statement, kash? Mod nailed it.

mod34b said...

Kash. Man up. Don't run and hide Little Kash

Explain your point. - that is if you can. And at least you didn't repeat your pat phrase "lazy analysis" but u did mention Rivals again (even though I never mentioned it)

Do you really investigate and follow every offer BC makes? That is a lot of work. You probably DO have some interesting insight. Ergo .......

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Putting all that aside - what do folks think is the probable OL starting line up and what are the realistic/reasonable expectations?

mod34b said...

Napolean, that is a good question.

no clear answer.

1. All the probable OL starter have many games of experience to build upon. A plus. They are not completely green.

2. The 2 big-boy tackles were getting beat by BC's defense in the Spring game. The defense was not going full speed.

3. At the gridiron dinner, Daz already started selling the idea that in 2016 the OL would not yet be mature and that 2017 was the pay off year.

4. BC is fortifying its young and not-yet-good Oline with a 5th grad transfer - Lowry. Unlike highly successful GS transfer Patchan 2 years ago, Lowry is coming from an inferior league - MAC. How will he handle the greater ACC speed?

so who knows?