Sunday, May 08, 2016

Reeves could be added as 5th year

There was gossip last week that a former Ohio State player was on campus exploring a 5th year transfer. It seems that Armani Reeves confirmed via Twitter that he is that transfer. Reeves is a Massachusetts native from West Roxbury. Coming out of Catholic Memorial he earned four star ratings and never gave BC much of a thought (still during the Spaz days). He was a contributor but not a star at Ohio State and missed his final year with a medical issue reportedly related to concussions. Now with his degree, he is eligible to play immediately.

We have good depth in the defensive backfield, but Reeves would be welcome. The issue is if BC will clear him to play medically. I don't doubt that he did have a head injury, but the way the story reads, it wouldn't surprise me if Urban Meyer gave him a wink, wink, nudge, nudge to take a medical. Often times coaches at a football factory would rather free up a scholarship for another elite recruit and let someone like Reeves (who was a contributor but not a star) sit his final year. 

One other thing of note, Jim Reid recruited him to Virginia too. 

Like all 5th years, Reeves has little downslide to BC. I hope it works out for both parties. 

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