Thursday, June 16, 2016

Athlon doesn't think much of BC's talent

One of the things I dislike about College Football is how much perception matters. Rankings and recruiting are directly impacted by coverage and reputation. That is why BC's disastrous season will have a carry over until BC wins again. Take Athlon's preseason All ACC teams. There are no BC guys on the first team. Only two on the second team. One on the third and three on the fourth team. We all know that on the defensive side alone, we have more talent than that.

The guys who were named: Landry (Second Team), Milano (Second Team), Walker (Third Team), Hilliman (Fourth Team), Baker (Fourth Team), Strachan (Fourth).

I think the most glaring snub is none of the defensive backs being named anywhere. I also think Gutapfel should have been mentioned somewhere.

This list won't impact any wins or losses this season, but it will have an impact on player awards. Many of the All ACC postseason lists will be very similar to the preseason lists. It will be interesting to see how the other preseason magazines rate individual players. Hopefully someone recognizes the talent and more importantly, I hope that all the players overachieve this year. 


mod34b said...

You are what your record says you are.

I think they were actually generous listing Baker and Hilliman as 4th team. No one on BC's offense deserves any accolades until they can actually win a few ACC games.

Agree secondary was unfairly snubbed. But then again Athlon Sport is a real slanted Southern rag - not very credible.

JBQ said...

BCs defense is the Fourth Musketeer. All for one and one for all. Individually, they are just not that good. For instance, Landry has loads of talent and leaves most of it in the dressing room. Milano and Gutapfel could go ashore on Iwo Jima any time and not lose their head. Until the same attitude catches on with the offense and there is a little leadership on the sideline (hopefully from LeFleur), they will spin their wheels behind the two and a half million dollar man. Let's hope that the "second honeymoon" works out. Hockey has the talent. Baseball and soccer did well with very good coaching and not a lot of talent. What very talented player wants to go to BC and have to go to class when they can go to the SEC and skate through life? Skinner and TOB were above average coaches. Skinner and Christian have real problems and not being able to recruit compounds the problem. Let's give both their chance at redemption. As Monk the Detective said well, "I may be wrong but I don't think so".

JBQ said...

That would be "Addazio and Christian have real problems".

Knucklehead said...

Landry and Strahan are the next Kiwanuka and Stephen Boyd(Keuchly is Keuchly).

Who is starting at QB ATL? The rest of this is bullshit.