Thursday, June 02, 2016

Athlon's Preview of BC

Athlon released their BC preview and has the Eagles at No. 65 nationally and 6th in the Division. They believe Towles will start and that the season will come down to what Loeffler can do. Overall Athlon considers Towles the 10th best QB in the conference. They consider Addazio the 12th best coach in the conference.

The most reassuring thing of all their BC coverage, is the confidence in the Defense. There is talent and good coaching on that side of the ball. As Athlon -- and everyone else is saying -- this year will come down to how the Offense performs.


mod34b said...

Athlon is a pretty bogus sports publication.

but FWIW, here is how they rank our opponents

Clem 4
Lville 18
VT 29
GT 49
Wake 64
Syr 76
UConn 77
Buff 113
Umass 124
Wagner NR

This is a very weak slate of opponents. Beating 8 chumps is certainly possible. Daz better make good this year - it will never be easier.

working rich said...

Very smart comment.

CT said...

I've never heard this perspective before. Please elucidate. Very eager to hear more. Of the same. Again.

mod34b said...

The bitch is back. Ha. Loser

Georgia Eagle said...

This soap opera blog is hilarious. I love you guys. Who needs the Comedy Channel.

Bravesbill said...

Big win by the baseball team. Putting all other BC sports to shame.

blist said...

Fun baseball team to watch. Dunn is a pro in the making

Bravesbill said...

Projected first round draft pick I believe.

Unknown said...

You can see why Bravesbill. He hits his spots, always seemed up a strike on the batter - always tossed a first pitch strike - works quickly, pitching motion looks pretty easy on the body. (please, Yankees, draft well!)

Knucklehead said...

I don't see how there are 8 chumps on that schedule when 7 of the 12 are higher ranked.

The eagles will have 4 wins going into the last two games of the season against UCONN and Wake(UMASS, Robert Wagner, Buffalo Wild Wings and the Syracuse Orange people).

Baseball is doing great and really like having success in a southern bracket. I am happy to see the team doing well as we have had great individual players over the years but only moderate team success.