Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BC gets excited about Twitter addresses

Earlier in the week, BC teased a big announcement for Friday. The guessing among fans kicked into overdrive. New uniforms? Revamping the dreadful BC italics logo? Real progress on some of the facilities? Friday of a holiday weekend is usually a bad time to announce major news, but who cares? BC fans were getting something big! Errr, maybe not.

Maybe they teased the change too well, because this release from BC make it seem like the big announcement was about Twitter handles. Changing Twitter addresses is such a non-event, I don't know why they felt the need to promote it. All the short little rollercoaster did was raise expectations and in the aftermath raise frustration.

The only good to come of it is that the Athletic Department got a glimpse into what the people want. Perhaps they should address uniforms, or logos or other things people brought up. It would certainly excite the fanbase more than Twitter tweaks.


mod34b said...

"From the Athletic Department's point of view, the new @BCEagles Twitter name better aligns with our brand and who we are," Senior Associate Athletics Director JM Caparro said. "Twitter Is about engaging and coming together as a community,"

Oh , ok. Huh??

Maybe focus on #winning instead. Recall. We are still 0-for-ACC for over 365 days.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Dumb and proud of it.

diabetic tackle said...

amateur hour

blist said...

I hope they know how to switch handles without losing their followers at least.

Guido said...

The reason that BC is a non entity in Boston is due to their disconnect with fans. They do not have a clue. It is so sad !!!! Their Marketing Department has no creativity and it is the reason that they will never be able to generate a "Game Day Experience". I am now sure that I made the correct decision to give up my season tickets. I would love , however , to have a discussion with Brad Bates and to highlight the total fiasco that has occurred at the "Heights". This group is totally "PATHETIC". I wonder how many season tickets have been sold. Whatever - Wagner and Buffalo at home - another embarrassing situation. Have a great holiday week-end.

blist said...

Guido, imaging Donald Trump speaking your entry is pretty damned easy. That really means nothing other than that. Sad!