Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Can Florida competition validate Mass QB?

BC offered QB prospect Austin Burton Monday after camp. Focusing on a second QB in this class is noteworthy, but what I find more interesting about Burton is his geographic background. He's from Massachusetts and played at Newton South, but is now playing in Florida.

BC was very familiar with Burton before he left for Florida. He's Newton Offensive Cooridnator was Darren Flutie and his father is local Boston anchor Steve Burton. Austin tranfered in an effort to raise his profile and prove his talent at a higher level. Now that he's wrapped up a BC offer, will other Power 5 schools come calling? Will they wait until he actually plays in Florida?

It will be also interesting to see how much playing in his hometown means to Austin and if he is willing to be the second QB in the class. He seems like a good prospect and assuming he plays well this fall, will bring in a different perspective than most of our New England recruits.


JBQ said...

Obviously, this young man is a quality recruit. I doubt that he will ever suit up for BC. The previous qb at West Orange is going to Auburn and his receiver is off to Michigan. He is 6 ft 4 and 215. His grandfather was a number one draft choice for the Patriots. His picture at Newton shows him throwing in the snow. In Florida, all that he has to do is stay away from the gators at Disney. He has an offer from Florida A&M as well as Florida International. It would appear that he is just stockpiling acceptance letters to build up his ego. Recruiting is a rough game. I know that Addazio was the o.c. at Florida on a national championship squad. Once this kid has seen the ocean and its proliferation of beach bunnies, there is just no way. The effort by Addazio should be commended. Chase Rettig came from California so "hope springs eternal".

Anonymous said...


You underestimate the appeal of going to Boston for college. I think California is the #1 state for incoming Freshman now.

That being said, this guy grew up in Boston so it's a different situation.

Lenny Sienko said...

I'm still fascinated by what appears to be a Twitter template used by those who receive BC offers:

"Blessed to receive an offer from Boston College".

It certainly doesn't sound like a kid's actual tweet. Anybody know what's up with that?

Knucklehead said...

Odd Northwestern isn't involved with him, given the family background

JBQ said...

@Miguelito: We are both on the same train. However once you "see the lights on Broadway", all bets are off. I would go to school in Boston. However, the world has turned upside down just like in 1776. I would call it decadence and sensual fulfillment. You might call it with Francis, the light of social justice. I hope and pray that the good red headed ref figures it out before the liberal establishment buries him on "boot hill".