Sunday, June 19, 2016

Two more recruits for Addazio

BC had a busy weekend. Coming off of on campus camps, BC made some offers and landed some new recruits. The big name is Alec Lindstrom. He's one of the better players in Massachusetts and has a chance to play either offensive or defensive line. He's also the brother of BC's Chris Lindstrom. That aspect of his recruitment and commitment can't be overlooked. It means that players and their families still believe. Coming off a terrible season, that is not always a given.

The second player who verballed to Addazio was New York WR Noah Jordan-Williams. This is also a good sign, since Jordan-Williams held a Syracuse offer, is from Syracuse's backyard and turned down Syracuse's new pass happy offense. Those are tough recruiting hurdles.

More verbals should be coming out BC's camps and satellite efforts.


mod34b said...

Nice. Seem like decent recruits

Someone was asking about current BC Ol lindstrom's weigh (260 lb on roster) . Per article ATL linked:

"Chris Lindstrom Jr. anchored the Rams to an MIAA Division 4 Central title, he played at a mere 230 pounds. Last year, starting at right guard for BC, he had ballooned to 275. "

Joe said...

Chris enrolled early at 240, was up to 290 by spring game. His brother played last year at 190, is 230 now. He needs a RS year to get bigger and hopefully won't be needed right away like Chris was because of the gaps left by Spaziani in OL recruiting.

Joe said...

As for Williams, he played last year on a severe high ankle sprain with a qb who struggled to get him the ball, so his numbers/productivity suffered. Supposedly, Clemson and LSU were poking around but hadn't offered. Aside from Cuse, certain outlets had reported a Penn State offer as well.

mod34b said...

50 pounds in a year? Can that be done naturally?

Let drop the #blamespaz crap 4 years later. It is all on Dazoo #noexcuses

blist said...

No kidding Mod 34b. I think it's 3,500 calories equal one pound of weight (to gain or lose), so he would have had to eat an extra 3,400 calories a day to gain that much, probably much more because he's working out and playing etc. If there was a Domino's special, he was ordering it!

Guido said...

I am very concerned when an athlete enrolls early at 240lbs. and a year later is weighing in at 290 lbs. IF that statement is true (so many statistics are posted on this forum), I will once again repeat my concern. Furthermore adding 50 quick lbs. would almost definitely cut down on speed, agility and quickness - attributes necessary to carry out blocking schemes. I enjoy looking at the high level football recruiting and O-Line men are usually coming in at 285lbs and higher. They seem to have larger frames to start off their collegiate careers. Enough said - this should be an interesting year !!!! With their schedule - 7 wins would be expected even with ADDAZIO at the helm.

Joe said...

I think you are underestimating the effect of being in a college weight program and on a specific diet (in this case specifically to get bigger). 50 pounds in a year and a half at that age is nothing.

Also, like normal, Mod rushed to protect his BFF Spaz before reading the entire sentence. I said last year was a result of him being the shittiest recruiter BC has ever seen, resulting in BC having to start 2 true freshman. Last year was the effect of Spaziani taking 3 total OL in his last 2 classes (w/ 2 making it thru the program). Someone like the younger Lindstrom, who won't enroll until next year (or possibly this spring) will not have to start right away because the numbers will finally be right on the OL and Addazio will finally have covered up Mods boyfriends mess.

As for Chris Lindstrom's weight ...

- Listed at 236 on Rivals out of HS

- Listed at 270 by start of last year (Maine game)

- And if you saw him at the spring game, he looks like an entirely different person than what he did even at the end of last season.

mod34b said...

joe, protect Spaz? no he was as bad as Daz.

I think you actually know what my point is: Daz is full of shit with the Daz excuses. Daz knew from Dec 2012 that he had an OL problem. He patched in 2013 with Patchan, he patched in 2014 with Silberman. Last year no patch. This year Lowry....a maybe.

But what Daz did not do was try to get more OL in the 2 months he had after being hired or enough in his first full year, the 2014 class.

2010 - Spaz recruits 6 good quality OL
2011 - Spaz recruits 5 good quality OL
2012 - Spaz recruits 3 ok quality
2013 - A transition year, but clearly under Daz's watch as of signing day, 0 OL; Daz makes no efforts to get more recruits. Does zip.
2014 - Daz knows he has a deficit and yet only brings in 3 OL. He really needs 6 or 7+. He offers some 50+ lineman, and can't close the deal. His recruiting of OL, it turns out, blows. He has just dug his hole deeper.

Daz goes to plan B - continue to blame Spaz for Daz's inability to bring in one more OL in 2013 or bring in more OL in 2014 and starts Yapping about a 5 year plan.. Daz is to blame - Not Spaz 4 years later.

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