Thursday, July 07, 2016

ESPN's Scouting Report on Burton

Austin Burton switched to a Florida High School to raise his profile and become a better football player. Based on this ESPN article it doesn't seem like any of that was necessary. Burton gets high praise for his arm strength and accuracy. They also think he'll be more mobile than expected.

All this talk about Burton has me feeling good, but I can only wonder how it will play out. The verbal to BC put him on other schools' radars. Playing at a higher level will also raise interest. Let's hope he continues to progress, yet doesn't give into the temptation that will come with new offers. 


mod34b said...

Hmm. He is quite ambitious. Moved to Florida to enhance his profile (not his skills)

Does he really want to be the QB in an insanely run-focused offense?

JBQ said...

BC is only a stone step in the pond. He is staying with his uncle who works at a "human performance" laboratory. He is already 6 ft 4 and 215. It is obvious that he is carrying a lot of "baby phat". The idea is to maximize his value. Once he sees those "beach bunnies", the snow of Boston will be in the rear view mirror. It also has a lot to do with the success of LeFleur. It is obvious that the Dazzler "wants to run". If he picks Wade, then you can kiss this Burton kid goodbye. Look at the what Brian Kelly did at ND. He ran with the 5 ft 11 leftie Zaire until he broke his leg. Then he switched to the 6 ft 5 Kizer and away they went with a passing offense. Sound familiar. Of course since Addazio makes triple the base salary of Kelly, he may not agree.

Kash86 said...

First, whatever happens with Wade will have absolutely nothing to do with Burton, the 2 will barely overlap in their time on campus. Im sure all the whiners like mod got their panties in a twist because the end all be all Mike Farrell hadn't rated him yet as of his commitment, only to look like a-holes when UCLA offered 30 minutes after his pledge.

mod34b said...

Oh Kash aka BCSuperfan22, always the cheap shot and no follow up. Always run and hide. Weak Dude.

I didn't mention ratings or this Farrell guy right. You made that up. Right? Kinda your MO to make up bullshit. Right?

I suggested burton cannot be serious about BC. He will dump BC for a better offer - that seems obvious.

Ya liking Daz recruiting 2017? Maybe you sing: "Daz he is our man; if he can't do it no one can"