Tuesday, August 02, 2016

BC makes non-conference basketball schedule official

BC released its non-conference basketball schedule Tuesday. No real surprises. The one thing drawing attention is that BC plays no true road games. There are some quality opponents, but all of those games are either at Conte or a neutral site. Even regional games and traditional rivals are home this year (Providence and Harvard to name two).

If BC were planning on a big season, this would be a big deal. But in a rebuilding year it is not. RPI and tournament resumes factor in true road games, but does anyone think BC will even be in that conversation?

A few years ago Steve Donahue scheduled himself out of a job. I hope Jim Christian realizes what a gift this season is and scheduled himself some Ws and goodwill.


Hoib said...

Only the league schedule matters. When we're competitive there, which could be quite a while, will there be any meaning to the season. Who cares if we beat a bunch of cupcakes.

mod34b said...

true -- only acc W's matter

but really .... this OOC schedule is not even remotely interesting.