Saturday, August 13, 2016

Scrimmage providing some answers

BC held its first scrimmage of the summer Saturday. Media attended so there are reports leaking out and plenty of good news. Right now -- despite what Addazio is saying -- Towles is the starting QB. He took all the first team snaps. This follows a week where he took the vast majority of snaps in practice. BCI's Hoffses says he looked good, so barring some sudden downturn in play, I think he will be named the starter.

Addazio seems happy with Wade too. All the running backs looked good. Let's hope the OLine can give them some holes. According to Hoffses, this is the group that started up front: LT-Schmal, LG-Cashman, C-Baker, RG-Lindstrom, RT-Lowery. I don't think that mix is as solid as Towles. Expect Addazio to keep tweaking the mix until they look good.

The interesting development on the Defensive side is the use of more zone. How much of that is Reid or Addazio or simply talent, I don't know. But the DBs remain really talented. Now that we finally have guys that can run with anyone, I would hate to play less man coverage. Addazio explains it that we can play more zone because he expects the front four to generate more pressure. I still have trust in Reid based purely on how aggressive he was in his first stint at BC.


JBQ said...

Three weeks and counting to Dublin.

Georgia Eagle said...

GT will be a good test of how far we have regrouped after last year's disaster.

mod34b said...

Here is the BC OL depth chart of the last games of 2015 - Syracuse & ND. The QB got some yards, but the RB’s did not do well by this line. I recall the Schmal and Cashman both were noticeably bad in many games.

The new improved line chart is below. Basically, the same group, with one new guy - MACster Jimmy Lowrey

Daz is already on record saying this OL is not quite up to snuff (which is quite a statement for him)

So the GT game will be big - very big. Are these guys markedly better? They need to be, hope so.

We shall find out.

2015 depth chart vs ND, and Syracuse


67 Aaron Monteiro 6-7 336 Fr.
73 Sam Schmal 6-6 294 R-Fr.


77 Harris Williams 6-3 296 Sr.
72 Jim Cashman 6-7 302 Jr.


77 Jon Baker 6-3 290 So.
50 Frank Taylor 6-3 289 Jr.


75 Chris Lindstrom 6-4 260 Fr.
69 Austin Stevens 6-3 270 R- Fr.


74 Dave Bowen 6-7 289 Sr.
58 James Hendren 6-7 293 R-Fr.

2016 starters?

LT - 73 Sam Schmal 6-7 309, So. (+ 15 lb)

LG 72 Jim Cashman 6-7 302 Sr. (+0)

C 77 Jon Baker 6-3 298 Jr. (+8)

RG 75 Chris Lindstrom 6-4 298 So. (+38)

RT 74 Jimmy Lowrey 6-4 290 Gr. (new)

mod34b said...

OL not pass blocking vs FSU ESPN VIDEO of WADE INJURY

Channing jhon said...

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