Sunday, August 07, 2016

Thanks to Chris Cameron

Chris Cameron is about to leave Boston College for other opportunities. For those who don't know, Chris has spent 18 years leading the BC Sports Information team. As I have written before, if you appreciate how Boston College comes across in the media, you owe a debt of gratitude to Chris and his colleagues. While there have been moments the past two decades when our coaches and administrators looked like jerks in front of the media, I can't think of a single athlete who was exposed, hung out to dry or said something stupid. That is because they were all well prepared (and protected) when called upon. That job is much harder than you think.

Aside from the image of BC that Chris helped shape to the media, his team also did and does countless work making the media look good. Those facts and figures that the broadcasters and writers work into their coverage or the quick little anecdote about a player most likely came from Sports Information. Sports Information sometimes knows the players better than they know themselves.

My time as a student broadcaster predated Chris, so I didn't get to know him in the day to day setting like I did with Dick Kelley and Reid Oslin. I was just a blogger in another part of the country. However, he was always very helpful and accommodating, especially in the early days when he certainly didn't have to be. I wish him luck and thanks for his long commitment to BC.


mod34b said...

A guy in his mid 50s spends 35 years in college Athletics and suddenly leaves for "other opportunities"

Hmm. What would that be? Another University? Consulting?

According to his Linked In, he is now a local real estste agent .

"Communications, Media Relations, Crisis Management professional and advocate for college sports.

Son, brother, animal lover, caregiver and friend.

Licensed realtor with a passion for all things real estate. Affiliated with Success! Real Estate in Canton, Mass. Wanna' buy a house?"

Is there more to the story about the goings on in the Bates regime?

bceagle91 said...

Mod, if there is, that's really bad. Chris was a very loyal employee. The fact that our student-athletes always present themselves well in the media is largely to their credit, but they're clearly well prepared and that's Chris and those that work with him. When you hear those from other schools, it makes you appreciate our kids all the more.

I hope Chris finds great success in real estate, but it's hard to see he'd make a major career change without being forced at this point in life.

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Wasn't aware of the good work Chris did. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.