Thursday, August 04, 2016

The blessing and course of ESPN3

The UMass game at Gillette will be on ESPN3. Because it is technically an away game, a broadcast was not guaranteed, so getting the ESPN3 feed is a good thing (it will also get a television broadcast in the New England area). It was only a few short years ago that something like this wouldn't have been picked up, so I appreciate the access. I also think the production value of ESPN3 games improves every season. However, the ubiquity of OTT solutions only drives the importance of the ACC Network.

Media presence remains a selling point in college sports. It used to be a big deal to tell kids that all their games would be on TV. Now everyone can say that. As long as mom or dad or grandma has an internet connection, he or she can watch every play. If every game is on the internet, it can't be a big deal to recruits. But saying you are on ESPN or ABC or whatever does mean something. It elevates the importance of the games. The ACC Network won't carry the same level of cache with recruits, but at least it is a dedicated network to their conference. We can also say that all of the games will be on ESPN's family of Networks (since the ACC will be part of it).

Having the ACC Network instead of streaming ESPN3 will also change perception with some of our fans. The diehards are used to streaming the games. But there is still a portion of the fanbase that would rather just turn on their TV and flip to the channel.

With the UMass game picked up, every BC game will have some sort of coverage this season.

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mod34b said...

Other than hard-core BC football fans (are there hard-core UMass fans?), who really is interested in this game? ditto Wagner; ditto Buffalo. Glad it is on TV as I would hate to make the effort to get to BC and watch this crap game.

I think the UConn game will actually generate some interest and buzz - at least regionally.