Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bates needs to step up on ACC's Championship Game change

(I thought about avoiding this subject because the HB2 issue is bound to stir up both sides. But my point in this post is about BC AD Brad Bates.)

The ACC announced they will move the ACC Championship Game from Charlotte to another location outside the state. The Conference is following the NCAA's decision to move championships due to the state's HB2 law limiting civil rights protections for LGBT individuals. Speculation is that in the short term the game will move to Orlando. I think the move from Charlotte is a missed opportunity. Instead of going to another city where people really won't care about the ACC Championship Game, the ACC should use this change to move the games on campus. Who is the man to lead the on campus movement? Brad Bates!

While the on campus game has been used by other conferences and considered by the ACC, I know it is unlikely to happen now. Some location will make it financially worthwile and the ACC will continue to play a neutral game...and half the stadium will be empty. That is why I prefer an on campus game. If any ACC team hosted a Championship on campus it would sell out. Even at Alumni. It would look good on TV and the crowd would be a factor. Is the little extra money from a host city worth an inferior TV product and memorable setting? With so many ACC tickets unsold or given away, I think financially a home game could come close to the gate revenue in Charlotte.

If Brad Bates were a good politician, he could move the conversation that way. Because BC is a non-factor this year, his opinions wouldn't be based on benefiting his team this season. However, establishing an on campus precedent could benefit BC down the road. Our fanbase is never going to travel en-mass to an ACC Championship Game. Having it in Alumni would be different. It could potentially be the biggest moment in BC Football history. Even if this is a fool's errand, I would still like to hear that Bates is trying something among his fellow ADs. He's never listed as one of the influencers or leaders.

This is all wishful thinking on my part. The game is going to Florida and no one will really care, including BC's Athletic Department.


FakeShalomTfree said...

December is basketball season in Boston, and with our team sure to compete with the likes of Duke, Kentucky and Kansas this year no one will pay attention to the ACC championship. Also, the weather stinks in that time of year and Brad Bates is a lousy politician

Goberry said...

At the risk of being *that guy*, isn't the ACC Championship game very close to finals? i enjoy BC football as much as anyone, hence while I read this blog from Sept to Dec, but we just dropped this week from 30th to 31st in the US News rankings. No need to be pushing to have a big game on campus during or near finals.

Brian said...

On campus conference championship games don't always sell out. See also: the failed Pac-12 Football Championship Game experiment. Without the right opponents, weather conditions and date/time, it's far from a guarantee. Even with a modest 44,500 seat stadium.

mod34b said...

1. Bates is useless and certainly cannot lead any initiative. seriously, were you joking about that?
2. BC is impotent and cannot credibly take the lead on much. I don't see the catholic church taking lead on this in fact, catholic church in north carolina opposed original charlotte law , but now thinks NC legislature went somewhat too far. Why? i do not know
3. As of today, i entered a public rest stop on the Mass Pike. Mass apparently still allows bathrooms to be called "Men's" and "women's" - so i guess Mass is a bigoted state too it seems
4. ACC is feckless too. New leaders needed
5. Time to disband the NCAA
6. Keep politics and "PC" out of sports.
7. keep bathrooms out of politics .
8. flush

silver lining: ACC can now find a better format for the football championship. division champ in the divion with best inter conference record hosts, unless such state has a single bigot, then the game is cancelled.

Knucklehead said...

Have a rotation of locations from NYC,Phili, DC, NC and FL. Put it in a pro stadium each time and be done with it.

This issue exemplifies the problem with academia and the ncaa. Make a decision and move on.

JBQ said...

The contract for Bates runs out at the end of the year. I believe that he will be gone.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Mod is correct. What are the ACC and the NCAA doing in the political field? What happens if Texas, all of Dixie and the Plains and Rocky Mountain states adopt a similar law to North Carolina? Will two thirds of the country be excluded from championship games? Or will this be the demise of the NCAA and all college conferences? A very bad move. 2. Currently there are three top ten teams in the ACC and BC gets to play all three, two at home. Not a bad schedule. Plus next year ND, FSU and VT will all play at the Heights.

Unknown said...

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