Thursday, September 22, 2016

BC-Wagner preview

This might be the worst type of game to follow up on last week's disaster. This is such a mismatch, that there is little to nothing we or the staff can learn. I don't even think the guaranteed "W" will boost the team's confidence. They know this is a purchased win. Even if we dominate and Virginia Tech will be on everyone's mind until we beat an ACC team.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Win their win last week, North Dakota State has now won six straight road games vs FBS teams. Five of the six have been Power 5 teams. I hate the annual FCS game, but thankfully our administrators know how to schedule true cupcakes. I harp on our overly soft scheduling, but I promise that I would bash the administration even more if they couldn't even schedule a guaranteed win without screwing it up.

Three Simple Keys
1. Get some confidence back in the passing game. Things looked good against UMass. There were even some bright spots at the beginning of the Virginia Tech game. Then Towles started rushing things and chucking it out of bounds. Use this game to get back to what worked.
2. Play the backups. We saw some of the backups get in during the final minutes in Blacksburg. This week needs even more. I want to see everyone who is not redshirting. You never know who will step up.
3. Bring the pressure on D. Like the Offense, I want this game to be a tune up. While I don't want BC to give away all their upcoming wrinkles, I do want them to reestablish an aggressive mindset.

Gambling Notes
-- BC has never lost to an FCS team since they started rescheduling these games in the 2000s
-- Wagner is 0-4 all time vs FBS teams
-- Addazio is 2-1 in home openers
The major sports books are not putting a line on this game.

This is only the second New York City school BC has faced in Football. Fordham is the other. I was surprised to find that even back in the day we never played Columbia or St. John's.

Scoreboard Watching
Syracuse plays UConn this weekend. Both are future opponents and most of us considered future wins. Playing each other gives us an indicator of which team we should fear more.

I hope to see...
No one get seriously hurt. The last thing we need in this game is to lose a key player.

BC is in trouble if...
BC can't be in trouble in this game. If we some how screw this up, Bates gets fired Saturday night and Addazio should be fired Sunday morning.

I expect this to be like last year's Howard game. BC will just overwhelm them with size and speed. It won't be close and it won't tell us anything.
Final Score: BC 49, Howard 7


Henry K said...

"If we some how screw this up"- now that would be an outcome. There is no upside to this scheduling disgrace. Nothing to learn, nothing to prepare for, nothing, a meaningless W. I'm embarrassed, not watching.

Georgia Eagle said...

Ditto. Part of me actually wants Wagner to win or keep it close. I'm willing to go to any measure ( short of terrorism and murder) to get rid of the bozos - BB & dazoshit.

mod34b said...

I do not care. truly.

I will not watch it.

if we win. who cares.

if we lose. bummed at first, but the silver lining will emerge: Daz is soon done for. Bates too.



Bravesbill said...

Go Wagner!

EL MIZ said...

mod - what does adzDAZ mean?

Bravesbill said...

Miz--Adz is "a tool similar to an ax with an arched blade at right angles to the handle, used for cutting or shaping large pieces of wood." Nice wordplay.

baldysheehan said...

I've been following all the comments for years and everyone seems unable to come out and say the simeple problem with BC is it has a coach who cannot coach. For a while we could expect to see BC in the top 25. Since Spaz and Daz have come along we pretend BC does not have the talent to reach those levels. We have seen it does and what has changed is the coach. Any coach that is in his fourth year and loses a game by not scoring and letting the other team score 49 points is clearly bad, as bad as one can get.

Spaz's inability to coach has made him depend on bringing in kids from other schools who have been coached by others -- those absurd fifth year players who have as much connection to BC as W.C.Fields. What decent high school kid wants to go to a college where the coach is bringing kids from other colleges to take over the playing time? Has Spaz developed any good players? We have no quarterbacks we can cheer for as they develop.

AD Bates adds to the problem. He knows he made a bad choice. The only way to hide it is to schedule weak teams. It is too bad BC High had committed to other teams on open dates or we'd be playing them. So Bates schedules U Mass, Wagner, Buffalo, which are patsies which means BC has to win only three out of nine games (33%) from teams that may be good (although Connecticut and Syracuse are dreadful).

The BC fans are being conned. The high school kids who are decent aren't folling for it. And don't get me going on the basketball team - do you really understand how bad that coach is that Bates picked? What happened to the people who care for BC? How can this travesty continue?

One final thing - that Ned of Savin Hill - did you ever wonder if that is not Brad Bates who has assumed that name. Maybe it's Bates's kid.

I'm sick. Wagner - they should be playing Miss Gibbs Girl for Young Women - and people are going to watch that game!


mod34b said...

Thanks BB.

Miz -- adz (or adze) is a type of ax, and a fabulous scrabble word!

#axDAZ = #adzDAZ

baldy - you thing Nedof SavinHill is a bates stooge..... I'm not getting that one

mod34b said...

clemson v GT

how good is GT? Clemson?

feeneyjj said...

"Ned of Savon Hill" is not likely to have any connection to Bates. I think his moniker is a reference to an old song in the Irish language. Wikipedia: ""√Čamonn an Chnoic" ("Ned of the Hill") is a popular song in traditional Irish music." That's my guess anyhow.

dixieagle said...

Or Ned is just from Savin Hill, Dorchester.

It is terrible, but I am still half hoping that Wagner or Buffalo beats them and brings this to an end quickly. It would, wouldn't it?

mod34b said...

GT is what we thought they were: they stink

23 yard to 338 yards for Clemson in 1st half.


Georgia Eagle said...

It might. I wouldn't be surprised if our kids have already thrown-in the towel.

Unknown said...

An eagle can beat a seahawk a fight. I predict a BC win!

eagle1331 said...

I have no intentions to watch this game. It is a joke. Bates is a joke. Daz is a joke. This program has become a joke. Whomever hired these people should be fired along with them.

Go Wagner. For someones' hand to fire someone.

Never to Excel is apparently the motto we operate under these days.

It is all doom and gloom right now, they've given us no reason for hope.

Unknown said...

This game is a joke. I hate to say it, but even Gene D wouldn't have scheduled this (and Howard). Let alone the Ads who had pride (and a connection to) BC - Gladchuk and Flynn. Time to get some BC guys in charge

janebc said...

As dixie said, we all wish for a merciful end. BC can't help but win. But it is all a shame.

dixieagle said...

Realistically speaking, who is on your short list for Bates' replacement? I know several of you have mentioned bringing in Coughlin; is that just wishful thinking? What BC guys would be a good fit?

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Well - I hope they give tickets to every member of the BOT's so they can all see what a fine job the "management" of BC is doing. Leahy reports to them and serves at their pleasure. You begin to wonder if most of them think the post is nothing more than an honorarium - in which case there really is no accountability at the Heights for what we are witnessing.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

The BOT cannot stick their head in the sand re athletics - the role of the BOT:

Napolean Bonaparte said...

If you are genuinely fed up - you write to members of the BOT. Believe me - that will get the most attention and that is regardless of whether you feel your complaint or concern is properly at their level. When those concerns constantly fall on deaf ears - go to the BOT. They call the shots at BC - not Bates, not Leahy and certainly not some administrative officer involved in donations.

mod34b said...

I am trying to find email for the BOT top 3. here is an educated guess so many can write to these people

John F. Fish, Chair
President and Chief Executive Officer
Suffolk Construction Company

possible emails and

Peter K. Markell ’77, Vice Chair
Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance, CFO and Treasurer
Partners HealthCare System, Inc.
possible email

Susan Martinelli Shea ’76, Secretary
President and Founder
Dancing with the Students

possible contact (sue shea)

let me know if any of these work or if there are better email contacts

the BOT must get involved.

mod34b said...

why is Fish a non BC grad, our BOT chairman?

he is a weenie from Bowdoin

he should be sent packing with Bates, Daz and Xtian. We can order a bus for their exit.

Billy Nealon said...

I'm in CT and will be attending Cuse-UConn tomorrow. I wouldn't drive around the block to watch an Addazio shit show. It would be wonderfully ironic if UConn beats us and Bates is fired for his scheduling gaffe!

Henry K said...

If the BOT needs letters from us in order to become aware of this problem and the associated concerns they need to go as well.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm with Henry K!

I was at the GT/Clemson game last night. Clemson is capable of/will hang 50 on us easy - especially if Watson is accurate on his long bombs.

Defensively, they ate up the GT option attack, and took away any chance of the Yellow Jackets to win the game, with their "one trick pony" coach. This idea that such an offense is difficult to prepare for was rendered a joke.

If BC wins the toss with Clemson - DO NOT DEFER!

Total plays - Clemson 82; GT 52
1st Quarter - Clemson 26; GT 10
2nd Quarter - Clemson 30; GT 10

Game over - do you see this, Addazio? Do you get the picture?

GT - 3 and out, 3 and out, 5 and out, 6 and out, 3 and out - half.

Clemson had more plays in the first half than GT had for the entire game. But at least they didn't get blown out 49 to 0.

We will. Unless we learn some important lessons in our games with Wagner and Buffalo in empty Alumni Stadium!

SaturdaysOnShea said...

This seldom happens, so I will recognize it when it does, but Mod and I agree on something. I have no idea why Fish is chairman of the board. It makes absolutely no sense to have a non-BC individual linked with the school. Does anyone know if he has kids at the school? It feels like this is just another line item on his resume to go along with the other boards and foundations he sits on. Not that he is not a successful individual and probably has some great insight, but I feel someone with emotional ties to the school, like an alum, should be the one dictating direction.

Llyonnoc of the Woods said...

Fish is president of a no Union company Suffolk construction. He is chairman because he is rich and BC hopes he will give it some dough. He cares little about football or other sports. He thinks the AD is related to a Maine college and that Addazio is part of a circus high wire act.

The trustees of BC should be BC people. The AD should also.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Sorry for all this detailed stuff - but if you want to change BC - you have to understand where the power lies and how its set up. It looks pretty tough (nearly impossible) to change the composition of the BOT - here are the by laws re appointment:


Trustees shall be elected by a majority vote of the entire Board. Each Trustee shall be elected for a term of one, two, three or four years, in accordance with these Bylaws. Terms shall be so allocated that each year one-fifth or more of the Trustees shall be elected or reelected by the Board of Trustees.


Trustees shall be eligible for reelection for a term not exceeding four years.

With the exception of the President of Boston College, no Trustee, who has served for eight consecutive years, shall be eligible for reelection until one full year has elapsed from the conclusion of the eighth year of service. No Trustee shall be eligible for election or reelection or continued membership on the Board of Trustees after completion of the fiscal year in which he has attained the age of seventy-five years. Exceptions to the policies expressed in this paragraph may be made on the basis of a two-thirds vote.


Any Trustee may resign his office at any time by submitting a written resignation to the Chairman or Secretary of the Board of Trustees.


Any Trustee may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the entire Board of Trustees whenever, in their judgment, he shall have become incapable or ineligible by age or otherwise to discharge the duties of his office, or shall neglect or refuse to perform the same.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Basically, the BOT controls everything and themselves. Its comprised of many wealthy individuals who are usually at the CEO/Managing Director level in another organization. The majority of appointments seem to have BC degrees. Some of these have given huge donations to the school. T.J. Maloney, for example, had a building named after him. As a practical matter, the Executive Committee (not just the Chairman) of the BOT's is the main power and to whom any concerns should be directed. But I cannot determine who makes up the entire EC currently. But here is their official role:

"Subject to the General Laws of the Commonwealth, the Charter of the Corporation, the Bylaws of the Corporation, and the paramount legal authority and responsibility of the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees shall have, between the meetings of the Board of Trustees, all necessary and convenient powers to manage the ordinary business and affairs of the University; provided, however, that, unless expressly authorized to do so by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees, and unless it is an important matter which should not be deferred, the Committee shall not exercise any of those specific powers of the Board of Trustees enumerated above in Article II, Section 12, subparagraphs a through 8. The Executive Committee acts for and is immediately responsible to the Board of Trustees. The Executive Committee shall have power to recommend policies, programs and actions to the Board of Trustees."