Saturday, September 10, 2016

Defense dominates as BC snaps losing streak

I was nervous when UMass went up 7-0 early. But after that one breakdown, the D went on lockdown. The Offense started to wear on them and we even had some big special teams plays and started to pull away for the first win of the year.

While I am pleased (and relieved) with how BC played, there is still plenty to improve. The Offense is still not crisp and Towles' accuracy is still not great. But a win is a win.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday.


eagleboston said...

Defense always seems to start slow and get better as the game wears on. O-line was great in pass protection, but struggled mightily in the run game. Second week in a row with no sacks on Towles. Defensive front 7 is amazing. 8 sacks, UMass just 2-16 on third down. Backfield will get burned this season as this D is geared to stop the run. Towles and Smith give BC a deep threat, not seen since Rettig-Amidon. Towles is a deceptively good runner. He led BC in rushing. Willis averaged 7 yards per carry. Not sure why he is not getting more touches. 2 field goals! BC scored more than 20 points for the first time in 12 games. Loooong drought by the offense is over for now.

Great win but no time to celebrate as BC resumes ACC play on the road versus Va Tech.

JBQ said...

Giving the devil his due, Addazio did well. The opposition was weak. The defense was great, the kicking improved, and Towles can throw deep. Announcers have issued a caveat. Towles does not have the touch to throw short passes. Let's see what they do against real opposition. Virginia Tech will be a start. The offense needs to be way more crisp. I watched Pitt and they may not be the best team in the country but they run a crisp offense with a very good quarterback (Peterman fifth year from U. Tenn)who is up tempo and a big running back (Connor) who is back from beating cancer.

dixieagle said...

I saw much of that Pittsburgh game. They are for real and I am amazed at how strong Conner looks considering what he's been through.

Towles has an arm, for sure, but I hold my breath every time he throws. I also thought Willis looked good today and think we should see more of him. Knoll did really well. I worry about our secondary.

All in all, not bad, especially in the 2nd half. It's never easy, though.

campy said...

How interesting. BC losses are much better than wins for this blog's activity level.

mod34b said...

Watched VT vs Tenn

VT outplayed Tenn. but had 5 turnovers.

They out gained Tenn.

Going to be a real test for BC D.

O too. Towles at 50% accuracy vs Umass - with VT pressure and more talented VT secondary, 50% might be tough. and The OL not creating inside running lanes against UMass. - not a good sign for future ACC play. Nice win sure, but these are big areas of concern. Our lose to GT was against a bad team

ACC teams to come FSU. Clemson Louisville VT. Hard to see a W in that group. Leaving SYR Wake NCSU. Can we win 2 of those 3

To be very positive , I do think BC will crush Wagner. VT. Not so much.

mod34b said...

3-15 on 3rd down too.

Big Jack Krack said...

I checked play by play while here un St. Andrews, Scotland. I was glad we won and I'm hopeful that we are not opening up our playbook until next week.

However, if we play our ACC schedule with the same game plan, we're in for another season of close, low-scoring games. Can we win 3 or 4 of them (or more?).

I'm not optimistic when I see third down conversions at 3/15 vs. UMass (with all due respect to them and their D).

Go BC - beat VT.

Did you notice the attendance for the TN game at the motor speedway? 160,000. 😊

We won't get that for the entire season - no where near it!

Big Jack Krack said...

I do believe that we have the talent to win this year.

Let's go, coaches. Give our players a plan to win - they deserve it.

JBQ said...

After reading the comment by BJK, Bristol Speedway official attendance was 156,990. The previous record was 115,109 in 2013 when the "French School" went to Michigan. Hard to believe. In March, I saw Villanova beat UNC-Ashville at Barclay's in Brooklyn. I could barely see the floor. For basketball, they seat 17,700. Bruce Springsteen got over 18K. Compare this to 160K. Holy smoke.