Sunday, September 18, 2016

Second viewing thoughts and grades: Virginia Tech

During the game it felt like the Offense was the big problem and everything else fell apart later. That wasn't the case. The D was making mistakes from the start and had no answer for VT's new offense. There was no pressure and they made us do things we don't do well (zone). I don't feel good about the team right now. Mostly because of the coaching, but also because of how the players reacted during the game.

Offense: F

Towles looked terrible. His passing was rough and his decision making worse. He gave up on plays way too early. Why is he so quick to throw it out of bounds? If the guys are not open, tuck it and run! We actually moved the ball a bit when he was outside the pocket. Wade got his first real ACC action of the year. He wasn't allowed to do much and what he did, didn't impress. He's not a great runner.

VT was waiting on the run, but Hilliman has got to make at least one guy miss. Or run over a guy or two. When he doesn't break something, his touches become worthless. Rouse and Willis weren't given much to do within the Offense.

The OLine wasn't the problem, but they weren't good. Too many penalties and too many mistakes. The guys who struggled were Schmal, Lowery and Montiero.

The WRs had a rough day. Walker's fumble was huge and in replay you saw that it wasn't some big hit. There was a glancing blow and the ball got loose. Smith didn't make enough plays. Sweeney dropped a near TD. As a group their blocking wasn't great either.

Things looked okay early. Loeffler spread things about and got Towles on the move. But as BC fell behind, we seemed to abandon that idea and go through an awkward mix of big and spread. None of it worked. When things are falling apart like that, I pray that the OC can put some simple series of plays in to calm the team and move the ball just a bit. Clearly Loeffler doesn't think like me. We had nothing that we could execute under pressure.

Defense: F

The problems on defense started up front. Virginia Tech ran to the edges and negated much of our strength inside. But as a group these guys did not control the line. Where was Gutapfel? He usually gets good penetration. Landry lost contain a few times on scoring drives. Kavalec was very active but also got pushed around on the line. Ray made a play, but also missed some tackles.

This was the worst game of Milano's time at BC. He missed too many tackles, looked less aggressive and struggled covering their slot guys and RBs in the passing game. Strachan and Schwab were not great either. None of the guys made plays or disrupted like they did the first two weeks. Because of the score Bletzer got more playing time and looked ok.

McClary got called for Pass Interference twice, but I thought he played better than most of the DBs. He made the play on balls, he just got too handsy with their WRs. Johnson and Harris missed some tackles. Moore and Yiadom -- who were both great last year -- struggled in coverage.

Beyond the missed tackles, we had some scheme issues. BC rarely blitzed and couldn't get pressure with the front four. We played a lot of zone and they picked it apart. They also really made our LBs look bad in coverage. Maybe the UMass and Georgia Tech gave the staff a false sense of what the team can do. We need to start blitzing more soon. IT is what this program was built to do.

Special Teams: C

I felt bad for Max Richardson being called for a block in the back on Willis' return. It was a borderline call and would have changed the mood of the game.

The punts were decent and the coverage was okay considering how many times BC kicked it away!

Overall: F

Good programs and good coaches are occasionally on the wrong end of an ass kicking. Look at Florida State this weekend. When I went back through BC's history, Notre Dame pounding Coughlin nears the top of the list of worst defeats. It is forgivable. But how you handle it in the game and after is what really matters.

I thought Addazio should have done more during the game. Why not try to score on fourth down? Why not go with Wade earlier? Why not air it out? Find a spark. Find a new answer. Don't just mail in the game. That sort of attitude teaches the team nothing and provides no helpful data to the coaches.

I don't think this team is as bad as the score. But I think the Addazio version of BC Football is on life support. If he is truly going to build a winner here, he needs to salvage this season and avoid further embarrassment. He's let games slip away, but at least BC fought in those games. If BC can't even keep things close, then we've entered lame duck mode.


mod34b said...

I think you need a category for coaching: F

F for getting team motivated, confident and ready.

Surpringky, Loeffler did not follow Daz's usual insanity of running into line all day.

BC had a balanced attack. 29 pass attempts and 28 runs. Runs distributed to several backs and we ran inside and outside. Passes were varied.

But it all failed. Our rushing game averaged 1.6 yards per carry

Towles is a real concern. He is awful. Really inaccurate. Prone to picks. Makes crappy decisions.

Hope Wade gets lots of reps next 2 games at least. Might as well see what he can do.

Dramatic fall off of D shocking too

bceagle91 said...

Sometimes, you give an F because you can't give an F-.

Mod, I wonder if the D is discouraged or just plain exhausted by halftime. With the offense going three and out a lot, it seems the D is always on the field. The Eagles managed just 124 yards of "offense" and had 13 punts along with 1 interception so they certainly weren't on the field long. I can understand their feeling discouraged given the crapfest that is our offense.

VT lost decisively to a good Tennessee team on the road and they were at home, but good gosh, they're unranked and the Eagles made them look like the Crimson Tide. Imagine how bad the Louisville game could get. Can we start praying for rain now to hold the score down?

Unknown said...

The defense played great in the first half despite the momentum constantly against them. They didn't have an answer for Hodges early, and it was the domino the caused the rest to topple. It really looked like that was going to go the way of the BC/FSU game from last season, until right before the half. The back broke and nobody came out for the second. Fortunately, it really showed the administration how far Daz has lost the locker room. They didn't flatline because they were already embalmed and buried. Inspired D1-A teams, no matter how little talent, show up and finish the game.

Having been to Lane Stadium, I know it is a tough road trip. The travel down there sucks, you never know what the weather is going to do, and it's a loud, raucous environment. But the secret is that, k'now, Virginia Tech isn't really that good... we may just really be that bad.

BCAlum2000 said...

F across the board. Simple as that. The coaches suck. The AD who hired the head coach sucks. And hate to say it, but the players suck as well ... even defensively now. VT is NOT good. Just imagine what Clemson, Louisville and FSU are going to do to this team. They do not have the talent to compete with the Syracuse's and Wake Forest's of the division, let alone the big boys. Shocking just how far this program has fallen.


Flexman said...

Looking at 3-9 this year. ...maybe 4-9 if you count the off week as a win.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Agree with most of the sentiment here but have to believe the D was worn down physically and mentally by the constant 3 and outs from the offense - which made it feel like the game was over as soon as it began. If our offense was able to score and keep it close - I have to believe our D would have played better with a little more adrenaline.

Jesus - we are in a tough spot here. And we have basketball around the corner. Bates may be a very decent fellow personally - but he has to go. I remember looking at his Miami track record (especially his hires) when we hired him and wondering whether anyone at BC did any homework on this guy. Then he comes in and does all this student development touchy feely shit - and I started cringing whether he knew anything about the need to win. And when he said earlier this year that "I believe winning is important because it is developmentally meaningful" I knew for sure that he had his head up his academician's ass. We need to hire a determined tough son of a bitch as AD who knows that fielding highly competitive teams is as much a given as staying within the rules and behaving honorably.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I wish I was his boss after hearing that comment - I would have calmly said with a smile "gee Brad I don't really give a flying fuck about whether winning is developmentally meaningful - all I know is that I'm paying you close to a million dollars a year of rolled up salary and benefits and you haven't done jack shit - so get off your fucking ass, ride herd on these programs, make changes, demand and obtain results and give our students and alums something to feel proud about - or you are going to be out on your developmental ass."

Big Jack Krack said...

Bring in Brian Toal's dad. 😊

Was this the worst offensive performance in school history? Probably in the Top 5. And VT, while very good, is unranked.

I perused Fuente's post game comments and he said something like the BC defense got tired. What he didn't say was that they got so discouraged, maybe they collectively mailed it in.

The offense needs a major shake up. Promote Towles to Graduate Assistant to the coaching staff, and give the reigns to Mr. Wade.

Let's see more of any speedsters on the offense - Glines, Borgerson, etc.

Open it up, Addazio, or you will be fired "for cause", because you have steadfastly refused to perform the duties of your contract.

The players need hope - they certainly don't believe in you and your long time coaching buddies.

Prove me wrong.

BCAlum2000 said...

Brian Toal's dad, if still coach of Don Bosco in NJ, would turn down the BC job to remain there at this point. He has more talent there after all ...

BCAlum2000 said...

As for Bates, again, maybe a fine person, but a bad AD. Regarding calling him an academic, seeing as how he played football for Michigan, I tend to doubt that. That language regarding development sounds like it could have come straight from Leahy ...

notfadeaway said...

You had me until the last paragraph. If Addazio is going to build a winner? The Addazio project has failed. Not just a little. He's failed in an epic fashion worse than anyone could have ever predicted. It is sad what has happened to the program and it unfortunately does become a front and center reaction for all alumni and students. If you tell someone you went to Boston College, a not uncommon reaction is "What happened to your football program?". Steve Addazio happened.

mod34b said...

We all wonder what fuck up Daz will make at the end of each half. I've yet to seem him hurry up and go for a strike. Not in his DNA to do so.

We saw in the first half vs VT, Daz got he ball with 2 minutes left, and was down 14-0. Still close. Daz goes conservative. 3 and out. VT takes punt return 30 yards, and then with in strike gets a TD.

I think the BC will was snapped right there.

2d half BC gains 22 net yards. IN A HALF. VT gained 320 yards after BC's will snapped.

... doubles its output...

I wonder what the half time adjustments by Daz were? lay down and be beaten to bits by an unranked team??

mod34b said...

#firedaz...... not yet...

got to get rid of Bates.

why? consider this:

Daz given a contract extensions by Brad Bates Dec 18, 2014.

Since then: 0-12 vs P5 teams (ACC loses + ND + PSU)

0-10 vs ACC teams

2015 last in ACC recruiting and among lowest quality (avg stars) in all of P5 land
2016 - second to last in ACC recruiting and lowest quality in ACC
2016 - worst BC loss in league play ever. Worst BC loss in 66 years.

Bates on Daz Dec 18, 2014:

"In just two years, Steve Addazio has done an amazing job with our football program," athletic director Brad Bates said in a release. "To lead a team to 14 wins and two consecutive bowl games during what was supposed to be a rebuilding process is a great accomplishment. Beyond winning, he has worked tirelessly to recruit top-notch student-athletes and develop lasting relationships with former players and the entire University community. He is one of the best motivators I've ever been around, and his enthusiasm is infectious. We are very fortunate to have him as our coach."

Guido said...

Napolean Bonaparte - Loved reading your comments especially "or you will be out on your " developmental ass ". Fans and Alum have to unite to hit the revenue stream to Boston College. That is the only way to get attention from the Administration , especially FATHER LEAHY. REDUCE THE $$$$ coming into the coffers. This situation is beyond disgraceful.

mod34b said...

Check it out.... Daz is moving up the list


Hario said...

Mod - are you suggesting you are comfortable with Bates making next football hire?

mod34b said...

of course not. Bates has a decades long history of being an extremely poor evaluators of coaching talent and potential -- going back to start of his Miami of Ohio tenure...

how did you get that impression, esp when I said.....

"#firedaz...... not yet...

got to get rid of Bates."

dixieagle said...

Bates has to go, Daz must go, and Leahy must somehow be made to realize that "ever to excel" means in everything.

I was hoping to get a call from BC over the weekend begging for $$$, and I was not disappointed. I told the very sweet kid on the line that we wouldn't be giving another cent until Bates was gone, Addazio was gone, and Leahy did whatever it took to bring our major sports programs back to where they should be. I had the feeling it wasn't the first time she'd heard that.

Big Jack Krack said...

I am sorry that we are in such a state. But I must say that a good Head Coach is showing positive results in years 3 and 4, if not sooner.

Why are we going backwards to the point we are a laughing stock of college football?

I don't appreciate it and I don't want any excuses. If the current administration, AD and Head Coaches can't turn this around, then they should have the common decency to resign and step aside for those who have a can- do, positive attitude.

Being stuck in the insanity of yesterday's football scheme (and basketball too, and all other sports where we come in LAST in the ACC) is resented by all BC faithful and we have had enough.

Here's a Boston expression that is appropriate - Cut the shit!

Hario said...

haha just wast sure if you were being sarcastic or not. I totally agree bates must go first.

BC fan since the 1960s said...

I have been rendered speechless by the team's ineptitude and the lack of any action being taken by the school to make changes.

All I want to do here is comment on the person who said that Virginia Tech lost to a "good" Tennessee team on the road.

Yes, VT did lose to Tennessee 45-21 and the game was on the road but let's look at the rest of the record.

Tennessee has played two other games and they were both at home.

Tennessee beat sub-division 1 Appalachian State 20-13 IN OVERTIME. To put into perspective how bad of a showing that is, Appalachian State got blown out by Miami this past weekend 45-10.

Tennessee beat Ohio (not Ohio State) but Ohio from the MAC Conference 28-19. The game was in doubt well into the fourth quarter. To put that one into perspective, previously Ohio had lost to Texas State (not the Texas Longhorns) but Texas State and they lost that game at home. For further perspective, Texas State lost to Arkansas this past weekend 42-3.

So tell me, based on their three games, how good is Tennessee?

And when you look at all those scores in relation to BC losing 49-0 to VT it makes that game look significantly worse.

mod34b said...

well TN beat VT and is currently ranked #14 in country. so there is that

BC fan since the 1960s said...

Don't delude yourself. Tennessee is not good and that will be evident when they start their SEC schedule. I saw some of their game vs App State and the only reason that even went to OT was App State missed an extra point. Impressive win for the #14,team.

Big Jack Krack said...

I remember hearing Doug Flutie once say (when talking about BC's successes during his time) "we had to finesse teams back then". He went on to say about TOB teams something like "now BC can play them straight up".

Guess what? We're back to where we have to finesse teams, but our Head Coach doesn't recognize it.

BTW - is it my imagination, or has our O-Line slipped every year (with some exceptions) since the coaches moved to a zone blocking scheme? I first remember this concept under Jags.

I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that our O-Line under TOB was huge, strong, mean and blocked in a traditional manner. I remember our first game at Clemson - when we needed it most, our O-Line simply blasted the way downfield. That was power football. Addazio is so far from that standard it's pitiful, yet he'll keep playing as though he has that level of talent.

BC fan since the 1960s said...

Look at all the O lineman that went to the NFL under TOB. Not to mention all the other players

Regarding Doug Flutie, if Addazio had been the coach in the early 1980s no one would have ever heard of Doug Flutie. Jack Bicknell to his credit took a chance and let Flutie be Flutie. He designed the offense around him. Never ever would have happened with the current coach

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I miss Jack Bicknell - guy had heart, perspective and an enormously positive attitude and seemed to get the most out of his kids. He always looked like he was enjoying every moment he was out there. I hope Flutie recognizes that if it wasn't for Bicknell, he never would have been on Dancing With the Stars.