Monday, September 12, 2016

Wagner game marks BC's debut on ACC Network Plus

BC announced the kickoff for the Wagner game in two weeks. It will be at 1 PM. The game itself is not a big deal. And the kickoff time isn't much of a big deal either (although tailgaters prefer the 1 PM games to the noon games). The big deal is that this will be the first BC Football game shown on the new ACC Network Plus.

The Plus is basically ESPN3 but with ACC branding. It is an over-the-top version of the upcoming real ACC Network. What will be important is seeing what, if anything, ESPN adds to the production. The branding is an easy thing to do. I hope they are investing something more. Either better announcers. Better production values. Maybe more camera angles. There should also be a dedicated ACC halftime show.

If ESPN doesn't do anything special, then I fear for the real ACC Network. If they are not investing in the conference now, what makes us think they will break new ground when the network launches in two years?


Big Jack Krack said...

They will be happy to share the experience with Brad Bates and the 12,000 to 15,000 in attendance.

BTW - at what point does the AD get fired simply for the fall off in attendance and revenue on his watch?

You and I would be long gone from our jobs with comparable performance in our area of expertise.

Howard, Wagner, Buffalo - 😊

Did you folks see how UCONN mismanaged the clock at the end of the game against Navy? Should be a good match-up of clock stooges this year.

Georgia Eagle said...

They are giving the Wagner game TV coverage? OMG, how embarrassing.

knucklehead said...

Attendance is a problem everywhere. Florida was about 80% capacity for their game against KY Saturday.

mod34b said...

with u g.eagle. the wagner mess should be radio only!!

Wagner is #236 rank on Sagarin. They just beat St. Anselm and Concordia (who??) .

with u too BJK, I would luv to see the lowest attendance at Alumni ever for this ridiculous game.

should Brad Bates 'accomplish' this goal perhaps we can make him a plaque, perhaps supported by a Go Fund Me page!

BC is #49 on Sagarin and VT is #50. They think BC is better than VT? I guess we'll see.

janebc said...

Every team needs cupcakes to pad the schedule. This is the bottom of the barrel. We could show a little more pride.

bceagle91 said...

Knucklehead, good point about Florida drawing 80% against KY, as they used to sell out every game. That said, I'm pretty sure BC would be thrilled with 80% capacity crowds against most of our opponents.

TheFive said...

As a bad 1-AA team, Wagner receives a much smaller payout than a good 1-AA team (eg, UNH) would receive for coming to Chestnut Hill. So, playing Wagner actually is a $-driven decision -- just as playing Howard was last year.

It's ironic that Fr Leahy, who (I think rightly) has serious questions about the ethics surrounding big time college sports ... has no problem with the school saving a couple hundred grand by playing a school that has no business being on the field with us and will be putting its players at risk on every single snap.

Georgia Eagle said...
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Georgia Eagle said...

Excellent point, Five.

blist said...
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Boston said...

Just a small point, but the game isn't actually on TV, but rather on the internet. I'm pretty sure you can get any game online these days.

blist said...

Does this game actually make money for BC? Between the cost of paying Wagner, paying for the game day permit, running Alumni, paying police etc. will radio rights, "TV" rights and the 12 pretzels sold during the game to the 24 fans attending cut it?

I'm not sure Brad Bates is the right guy for BC. He gets the "ever" part (as in forever, see the extensions to Christian and Daz) but misses the "to excel" part.