Friday, October 07, 2016

Another Addazio disaster

Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. Clemson pounded BC Friday night for the worse home ACC loss of Addazio's career. There were some tough breaks and bad calls, but ultimately the Offense couldn't score and the D looked good one series and terrible the next. I keep saying that Addazio is safe, but boy is he using up every once of goodwill he has. Now it is about regrouping and trying to get back in the win column.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday night.

Also, for the first time I tried a Periscope broadcast. Thanks for your patience and support with it. Hopefully future episodes are smoother.


mod34b said...

most points allowed by BC

1. 1999 19-62 Colorado @insight bowl
2. 1988 19-59 @WV
3. 1995 29-58 @ syracuse
4. 1968 25-58 @army
5. 1981 14-56 @ UNC
6. 2016 10-56 Clemson at Alumni (most points allowed t Alumni)
7. 1942 0-55 Holy Cross at Alumni

biggest losses

1. 1950 Miss 0-54 (54 point loss)
2 2016 VT 0-49 (49 points)
3. 1992 ND 7-54 (47 points)
4. 2016 CL 56-10 (46 POINTS)
4. 2000 Mia 6-52 (46 points)
6. 1945 HC 0-45 (45 points)
7. 1971 Tx 0-44 (44 point)

mod34b said...

that sucked.

silver linings in large dark cloud:

was a little more variety on offense. At times BC was moving the ball against a good defense. So there was that. but too many dropped balls. Towles had some good moments, but not enough.

punting improved a little

Landry was good, and front 7 was good. Secondary not good at tacking or coverage

no obvious boneheaded plays by Daz.

eagle1331 said...

Addazio needs to be fired this week. Stop the excuses. Stop accepting mediocrity and excuses. Ever to Excel.

ObserverCollege said...

Once again the players and the refs let down Coach Addazio. As a game plan, Coach posted 21 points. But Towles can't punch it in on the Knoll field goal, then the refs deny Towles the end-of-half TD and Towles fumbles to boot. Then the players blow assignment after assignment. Coach won 21-20; the players lost 56-10.

Harold Landry gets it; time for his teammates to stop whining and DO. THEIR. JOBS. From the Globe (McCarthy) write up:

“There’s no magical formula on how to defend these guys,” said junior defensive end Harold Landry. “You just got to do your job, do what you’re taught, and everything will fall into place.

“Honestly I think we prepared really hard for this and they did everything we expected them to do. We just didn’t execute.”


Edward Taylor said...

I have 5 season tickets. Last night's game was $72 per ticket. That's $360 plus $10,000 for my tailgate spot to watch our football team get worse and worse under this coach. It's time to blow it up and do it right. I've lost my patience.

ReiDaDor said...

Wow Edward! Wow! You have a right to be angry!!

bceagle93 said...

Didn't even watch 2nd half. Can't remember last time I did that on a nationally televised game....

TC for AD & HC in 2017.

Geezer eagle said...

I'm at the point now where I'm simply numb and indifferent. I was actually laughing at last night's debacle. I was watching the game with friends from Rutgers. They simply don't care about Rutgers football anymore. I, too, have reached that point. If the BC administration doesn't care, why should I?

mod34b said...

You might think the following is something observer college "attributed" to Daz, but no. It is from today's Globe

“Aside from a couple big plays,” BC coach Steve Addazio said, “we were playing hard, playing fast, and right in the middle of that game.”


Knucklehead said...
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janebc said...

They are rapidly running short of people who care anymore. Gone on too long now

rgmarine said...

lets face it our coaching and talent level are not in the same universe as the clemson's, Louisville's, fla st. etc. i don't have the answer as to how this is corrected easily. Recruiting is an obvious weak point and Daz has thus far shown that he doesn't have the magic touch in this area. I feel that we must get an incoming qb that does show ability and stick with him for the long run.Unfortunately, without the talent this era of terrible football will not go away soon regardless of the coaching. However, if we do go to a new coach he must have a proven recruiting record or we will just keep in the lower depths of the acc if not the country. as an aside, jeff smith is an exciting player but he is beginning to show his inexperience as a receiver dropping more and more passes in traffic. i believe he is beginning to hear footsteps and is afraid of getting hit.

Knucklehead said...

Here is Addazio statement in the Globe in context:
"“Aside from a couple big plays,” BC coach Steve Addazio said, “we were playing hard, playing fast, and right in the middle of that game.”
Clemson scored again to take a 21-3 lead after the first quarter. This time, Watson completed a short pass to Jordan Leggett, who took off for a 56-yard touchdown.
The Tigers held the same advantage at halftime after Towles was unable to reach the end zone with a quarterback sneak at the end of the second quarter. Towles fumbled on the play and Clemson recovered."

It seems like that comment was in regards to the first half. Unless the Globe took a quote relating to the whole game and jammed it into the part of the article about the first half.
The team is not good from coaches down to players.

The Loeffler call on the 4th down goal-line fumble was one of the worst calls in recent memory. I cannot remember the last time a color commentator knocked play calling on the air. Mack Brown analyzed the hell out of the play and made sure to say he stopped calling that play on the goal-line because of the proclivity for turnovers.

Knucklehead said...

If you stop caring then you really aren't a fan.

Stop giving those assholes your money but don't stop caring.

Knucklehead said...

The dropped passes by Jeff Smith were pathetic. He does not care either.

If you are 19, playing Clemson on national television, drop 2-3 passes that are perfectly placed and show no emotion then you ought to go the way of Colt Lichtenberger.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Aside from the iceberg the Titanic was an enjoyable voyage. R. Reagan gave a famous speech on behalf of Goldwater in 1964. It was called a Time for Choosing. BC is in that spot today. Last year they averaged an historically bad nine points a game in ACC play. This year they are being outscored 122=24. On average 41-8 in conference play. Daz has proven with his recruits, his system and his coaching BC can't win. He can't put out a competitive product. He is a total failure. The time is ripe for a change. Daz should be canned no later than Monday. 2. Interesting to note all the BC coaches in white. Were they waiving the white flag of surrender even before the game started? What was seen in a scrimmage this summer, nine pass attempts. one completion, five run plays for no gain. was an indication of what was to come. Don't fall for the nonsense of being young or the praise Daz's friends in the media lavish on him. Fr. Leahy, Bates and the Administration are cheating the players, students and fans by permitting this gross incompetent to remain in his position. They are now 0-13 in their last 13 Power 5 contests. It is a time for choosing.

mod34b said...

Gee Knucklehead, maybe you are a Daz apologist. - minimizing Daz''s quote by "putting it in" context. We were never in the game. Does not matter what period of time

El Miz saw that trait first.

Knucklehead said...

The coach is not good. I cannot demand he be fired until I see how the team does against more "like" competition. GT was a tough one - still shake my head thinking about that one.

If he loses to Syracuse after 2 weeks to prepare then Leahy/Bates ought to put him on notice. If he goes on and loses to Wake and UCONN he should be let go(I have no expectation of wins against NCS,LVILLE etc).

Knucklehead said...

Nope. Making sure the comment is put into context. Nobody would make that comment in relation into the entire game. It is " kind of" understandable in relation to the first half - which was fairly competitive.

Knucklehead said...

When we had good teams we would have trouble with Clemson. Who in their right mind had any expectations going into this game that anything other than what happended would happen.

I fucking called the final score yesterday afternoon 56-6(was 56-10).

Not apologizing we suck.

Geezer eagle said...

How many more crushing defeat before the players throw-in the towel for the season?

mod34b said...

"Making sure the comment is put into context"


"I am personally Making sure - Because who else will - my boy Daz is put in the best light"

Recalling your defense of Daz from GT - it was players' fault. Almost same as observer college spoof


Syracuse can throw the ball. Will be a big problem

Knucklehead said...

More about fairness than your bullshit . . "my boy Daz is put in the best light"

I had to put it into context because you misrepresented what was written.

Don't be a horses-ass.

Guido said...

It is ridiculous to even discuss BC's performance - we do not have any depth on the roster. There are a few talented players , but I reiterate - a few good players. Moreover , just look at the quality of next year's incoming class which was rated at about 55th by rivals. Addazio is not recruiting and that was one of his strong points ??? -- who the hell made that evaluation or claim. As I watched most of last night's game at home , I was ecstatic that I had not spent two hours driving to the "Heights" to watch a game that BC had no chance of winning. And Clemson was not playing at their usual level of efficiency. In addition , it made me more convinced than ever that things will never change and giving up my season tickets was the correct move. I am amazed (but I do not know for sure )that former players are not storming the Athletic office demanding to speak to Brad Bates or even requesting an appointment with Father Leahy. If I were a generous donor , I would simply state that "Ever to excel" should be the mantra of all activity at BC, including athletics and I would not be opening the checkbook again until I saw definite progress on the athletic scene.

2009alum said...

Not watching anymore of this season after the vtech blow out and neither should you. Simple fact is if BC is lucky we win 1 ACC game. Daz will hey fitted either end of this year or next. Very interesting at the scholarship luncheon this year they had no mention of him but instead had the d line coach who is a BC alum. Previous years they had him give a rah rah speech. Looks like we are in for some lean years for a while.

2009alum said...

Be fired* stupid phone changing words

nceaglefan said...

Who would be likely candidates? I think time is obviously here to start the conversation.

nceaglefan said...

Who would be likely candidates? I think time is obviously here to start the conversation.

Speedie said...

Can anyone give me insight on why Clemson was in the locker room during the National Anthem?

mod34b said...

Using BC logic, here is a list of head coach candidates :-)

Todd Fitch
Gary tranquil
Doug martin
Ryan Day
Scott loeffler
Jim Reid
Jeff jagdzinski

Knucklehead said...

Jack Bicknell Jr.

Pete Carmichael

Speedie said...

As "sour" as I am about last night, there's a silver lining. We have a better record than the golden domers

Bravesbill said...

Two questions remain for the season. 1) Who will win more games this year? BC actually had a decent chance. 2). Who gets fired first, Daz or Kelly?

janebc said...

Haha I wish that was really funny, Mod! Too close for comfort!

mod34b said...

i can't see Kelly getting fired. but what do i know.

Daz only goes if he is 0-8 in ACC - which is very possible

VT and Miami rising.... each got a very good coach and its show immediately