Friday, October 28, 2016

End of the Week rant: BC might not care about sports, but they care about fund raising

Reports of BC keeping Addazio even if he continues losing has many BC fans flipping out. But my friends, there is hope. BC might not care about Sports. Father Leahy and the Board may be slaves to their budgets and don't want to buy out Daz or hire an expensive replacement. I don't agree, but for the sake of this argument I will concede all those points. But all BC alumni and fans can take comfort in the fact that BC absolutely cares about fund raising. BC will make a make a decision on Addazio when his status becomes impossible to justify to people donating money.

Trust your cynicism. Do you think Brad Bates would be out if he was a hit on the fund raising trail? Do you think they would have shaken up the Flynn Fund/Development Office if they didn't care about fund raising? BC won't keep Daz around after another 0-8 season purely for the drain it would be on trying to raise money.

Don't worry about reports. Don't worry about gossip. Have faith in BC's desire to keep the money flowing in.


CT said...

Kinda tired of this. Poop or get off the pot. BC's embarrassing national press will drive change. I will never believe we are okay with being Northwestern in sports.

Shabby1011 said...

100% agree but what been changes have been made to Flynn Fund. They look as overmatched as Daz

knucklehead said...

You are stuck with Dazzler next year. No way they rush the exit of Bates - it sends a bad message to prospective AD's. No way they fire Dazzler, keep Bates for 6 months, and hire a new coach on their own. Then they would be responsible for the results of the new coach. It also would be completely "unfair" to hamstring a new AD with a headcoach he didn't hire(no legitimate AD would agree to take the job under those circumstances).

It is Dazzler again in '17.

Georgia Eagle said...

Knucklehead. You just presented a worse case scenario. Perish the thought.

mod34b said...

So warde manual was nuts to take Michigan AD when he inherited Jim Harbaugh and was "saddled" with him? Not.

Daz can be fired independently of Bates - But what is BC waiting for?

Maybe Bates is the one who is staying and he is getting his own selection committee together? (Better than Daz staying)

And no matter when Bates goes, BC AD is a very desirable job for many many people.

Whether the new AD gets to pick coach or not, still a great job . Heck it might be a blessing to be absolved from blame for picking a bad coach

Knucklehead said...

The AD and headcoaching jobs are going to be difficult enough to fill with competent people let alone under circumstances where candidates see that the administration doesn't support its people.

Greg Robleski said...

Huh? Bc admin if anything has been too patient with/ supportive of BB

janebc said...

You are both right. BC is too patient, but I think what he meant is that the administration does not give you the tools to get the job done.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I understand Bates' contract expires sometime in June, 2017. Not sure what the usual protocol is for the timing of an extension for an AD. But my guess is that it will be well before June when Bates will know he doesn't have a job or has an extension. If the former and he's a lame duck - they have to move him out immediately. Have to believe a decision on Bates will be made and communicated before the New Year. If so, they then will probably have a new AD in place, at the latest (assuming no advanced dialogue with potential candidates) by the spring. The new AD has to be heavily involved on Addazio's replacement. Its too close to spring football and summer camp by then - and my guess is that Daz gets another year by default. If they want to get rid of Daz for next year - he should be let go between now and the end of the season. So what makes the most sense is too have all new people in place shortly after the end of the season. No way BC is that well organized.

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