Saturday, October 22, 2016

The wrong streak continues as BC drops another ACC game to Syracuse

Syracuse is not a good team. BC is clearly worse. Both teams took part in a sloppy, weird, ugly game. Syracuse won. They won for a lot of reasons, but a big part of their victory was the aggressiveness and game management of their coach. I had to listen to much of the game on radio and you know that when Meter and Cronin are complaining about predictability and BC's inability to adjust -- even after an extra week of practice -- you know that BC has coaching problems. When guys like Matt Hasselbeck are dumbfounded by Addazio wasting a possession before the half, you know that BC has coaching problems. Even as BC was driving late to potentially tie the game, Addazio seemed oblivious to time. We still huddled and didn't seem to care that we might need the ball again (on the chance we missed the two-point conversion).

BC remains winless in ACC play. That was our best chance to win an ACC game this year. If Addazio is still calling the shots, I don't know if he will adjust enough for us to win anything.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday night.


CT said...

The worst part of ur hobby: watching these games again.

Time off from purgatory.

Big Jack Krack said...

I watched a recording of the game and sped through.

In order to play Addazio's game, we need much better players. Addazio is unable to adapt to what he has.

This is not an attack on the individual, but Callinan perhaps could have made that catch. If he did, of course we would have needed a 2 point conversion. I think Wade put it about where he had to while under pressure, etc.

And then Syracuse would have had a minute to get into FG range.

We needed that score when #3 juggled the pass and it was picked off. Syracuse then drove to a TD - a 14 point turnaround.

I'll be at the Wake Game and we'll be looking to win #1 in the ACC in our last game or go 0-16. Has this ever been done? I'll have my paper grocery bag ready for my head.

At this point, UConn-BC will be a Pickem - leaning towards favoring the Huskies.


Navillus said...

Two weeks to prepare and the ineptitude continues. Last year was not an aberration. Bates and Daz are incompetent while continuing to rob the school without a gun.

BC sports are an embarrassment.

Spaziani, Gene D., Bates, Daz and Christian. For such a solid academic institution, I am stupfied by the idiotic, amateur hour decisions that are made when it comes to athletics.

Crap or get off the pot and hire competent people.

Fire Bates and Daz NOW!!!

Navillus said...
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Big Jack Krack said...

I like these statistics:

Dungey 32 of 38 for 433 yards and a QB rating of 200.7 (11.4 yards avg per pass)

Towles 4 of 14 for 45 yards and a QB rating of 41.3

Thank goodness it was raining for the first half anyway, because he could have thrown for over 500 yards, like Louisville will do in 2 weeks.

Guido said...

Brad Bates was not at the game and the presentation of the Jersey to Kuechly was made by one of DeFilippo's former minions - Jamie DiLoreto - Assoc. Athletic Dir. in charge of Marketing and Fan Engagement. Imagine that title - do we actually do any marketing and what evidence exists of promoting " Fan Engagement". BC IS A TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT. Hire a firm to evaluate all the stiffs and their job descriptions working in the Athletic Department (I am serious !!!! ). If it were not so sad , it would be f-----g hilarious !!!!!

Big Jack Krack said...

If Bates is renewed I'll be shocked and furious.

John said...

Why do I have season tix, why do I go to the games, why do I care?

baldysheehan said...

I sat down to watch game on TV. Usually really look forward to the game. Embarrassed seeing the empty seats. Doesn't that send a message to BC that it's product is awful. Watched a few minutes
. Seeing the BC coach and thinking what he has done to my fall enjoyment got me upset. Said to myself: "Why am I wasting my time on this?". The worst thing that could happen is for BC to win and we'll be mired in mediocrity forever. Where is the excitement. Where has the good feeling gone looking forward to see BC moving up in the top twenty rankings when they come out.

It was obvious from the git go Addazio was a lousy coach. His experience at Temple showed that. Why was he ever hired? Time to clean house. Today!

Problem is chairman of trustees is not even a BC guy He's there because he's rich. No one who really cared for BC could have let it's sports program sink so much.

I shut off the TV. Picked up a play I just borrowed from library "The Front Page". Read a little to finish first act; then went to fish store to buy some fresh scrod; driving home and listened to last few minutes. Glad I did not waste day watching them. Really glad I did not go to game. Woe is me cheering for BC.

JBQ said...

The jersey presentation to Kuechly is am embarrassment. Bates couldn't do it? Where was he? I presume that he was "at the dentist". ESPN3 had a nice interview with Luke up in the booth. Flutie was everywhere shaking hands. Marketing is pretty bad when you send a fifth stringer for a task.

Anonymous said...

we have to start over (again)

Lenny Sienko said...
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Lenny Sienko said...

Lets hope Bates was at a job interview.

I was impressed with the clash of systems. SU deployed its "no huddle", quick passing offense with nearly 500 yards gained (for the 2nd week in a row). BC kept at its "rush first" offense with less than 100 yards passing. Our starting QB was 4 for 14...Did we have a completion in the 1st half?

SU is in its first season of the new system. BC is in the 4th year of the DAZ system. SU is trending up. BC is trending down

I, for one, look forward very soon now to our Jesuit Overlords naming a new Athletic Director, whose first real business will be to negotiate DAZ's buyout and start the hiring process for a new Head Football Coach.

If they decide to pull the trigger sooner (doubtful), I think Coach P. is a perfect choice for interim, allowing no one an incumbent advantage.

This time lets have a real job search and pay attention to the recommendations of the Athletic Advisory Board. Please, no religious test for the position--either direct or indirect. Attending Daily Mass may be an indication of personal character; but it says nothing about success at football. (Hockey may be a different matter [grin]).

Big Jack Krack said...

I would have much preferred a coach who was an aggressive risk taker who fell short, than a plodding, boring, hard-headed coach is falls short and is a failure.

A coach who could finesse and put some points on the board.

Except for Towles' 75 yard TD run and Willis' kick return for a TD, what was our offense? Not much.

If you are plodding, boring and hard-headed - and lose every game, you lose your loyal fan base.

I could not believe the time out and punt at the end of the first half! Take a shot into the end zone, for goodness sake. What a sorry decision that was. You play to win the game - that's why you play and keep score.

I feel bad for our players.

Big Jack Krack said...

Attendance - 34,647.

They must have multiplied the 3,464 who actually attended by 10.

BC Eagle for Life said...

Fire Bates ASAP and postpone the ceremony for Matt Ryan. Luke Kuechly and BC fans deserve an apology for this failed marketing ploy. I am disgusted with Brad Bates.

@MrNASAgang said...

This was tough to watch for so many reasons. As Spaz would tell us when he was D Coordinator.. "You have to play with Fire in the belly." These guys lack overall team passion x accountability.

Geezer eagle said...

What more can be said at this point? We all know what must be done. Does the administration?

Grace2Yu said...

That was it for me...#fireDaz!

Shabby1011 said...

Have heard from players parents that Daz is stongly disliked by players. He is what he you would think, a complete bully. Treats the players and staff horribly. Team has already quit on him and don't blame them. Amazing Bates only calling card is student athlete welfare and the most important sport the players are treated horribly.
Obviously with Bates not even being at ceremony today he is already fired. However there should be a full investigation into Leahy, athletic admin and faculty associated with athletics that are in the know of this behavior.
Daz and Bates should be fired tomorrow morning. Leahy should announce his retirement this month.

Geezer eagle said...

In complete agreement. It's almost unanimous in this blog and probably the entire BC community.

John said...

Hate to hear that players have quit, but I understand completely. If the coach is a real AH away from the public eye, he needs to go-period.

Why tolerate a loser who is also an AH? The HR people and attorneys should find a reason to fire him "for cause" so we don't have to pay him - eff him,feed him beans!

eagleboston said...

Would you run through a brick wall for that clown? He is terrible at gameday strategy, yells at his players instead of coaching them, and is immensely unlikable. Plus, has he ever called a fake punt or fake field goal? His tendencies are so predictable that a half-wit D-coordinator can figure him out. He is literally Spaz 2.0. If he had any dignity, he would resign so BC had the resources to rebuild. But, like Spaz, he is a me-me guy. He could care less about BC and he's just going through the motions to amass his millions. Even if he is fired, he can't lose. I despise this man.

We need the former BC players to band together and help BC find the right fit for this coaching position. There are a lot of proud alumni who worked hard in the 80's and Oughts to build a competitive BC program. They need to make their voices heard to bring dignity back to our football program.

John said...

By the UConn game, fans should take a page from BJK and bring bags.

Teams have white-outs and black-outs and so forth.

BC needs a paper bag over the head "Brown Out" to say goodbye to the big a%$h*le.

Trouble is there will be just as many blue fans there, so we'll settle for a half Brown Out with paper grocery bags.

Volunteers can pass them out at the gates.

eagleboston said...

And if it is true that player's parents are openly complaining about this guy, BC has a fiduciary responsibility to get rid of him. Great leaders are teachers first. They are not bullies. They are humble and patient. They celebrate the small victories and are servants to their players. We have seen it in business and politics. Autocratic, bullying, me-first leaders rarely build long-term, sustainable success.

Reading about this on a sports blog does not make these rumors true. But it should be easy for the BC administration to figure it out. I'm skeptical. However, if these accusations are true, he needs to be fired immediately.

Shabby1011 said...

Not rumors..truth. Problem is like current government situation, you can't speak the truth but if anyone where to open there eyes it is clear as day. Daz is and has been a complete bully since day 1. You can see it when he speaks to the media.
To be honest if he was a hard nosed but really good coach and leader you could deal with it.
He is classic bully, talks tough but 4th and 1 at midfield at the 50 he punts. If I was a player I would think he is an idiot.

eagleboston said...

Shabby, I'm not questioning whether this is true or not, I just need more proof than a post on a sports blog. To my knowledge, no former players, such as Andre Williams, have complained about Addazio. Further, he has recruited several players from schools he used to coach. If he is truly as bad as you say, why would they follow him to BC? You claim to have heard from players' parents. How many? I have 150 employees. If you asked 140 of them, they would say it is a great place to work. 10 of them who are not aligned with our vision would say otherwise. If one set of parents out of 90 players complained to you, that is not a representative sample. If 5 of 6 complained to you, we are starting to see a pattern. If you hear this from a friend of a friend of a friend and not directly from the parents, that makes me even more skeptical.

Looking from afar, what you claim appears to match what I am seeing. But we have to be very careful about accusations without solid proof.

MattBC03 said...

Who's a bigger bum, Spaz or Daz?

MattBC03 said...

Daz told someone that he's lost the team. And that was very early on in the season.

eagleboston said...

I still say Spaz as he took a 10-win team and destroyed it. They are both horrific.

BC fan since the 1960s said...

I keep thinking about the play yesterday when Syracuse was first and goal at the BC five. On the next play BC sacked the QB for about a 10 yard loss. Syracuse also was called for holding. Decline the penalty and it's second and goal from the 15. Take the penalty and its first and goal from the 15. THEY TAKE THE PENALTY!!!. WHO DID THAT??? WOW, WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!! The ref even publicly announces they took the penalty and the BC sideline STILL says nothing. Syracuse then has a false start before the next play was run. Now it is first and 20. At this point the BC sideline seemed to realize that it is first and 20 and not second and 20. Announcers were oblivious TO THIS (ANOTHER MIND BLOWING THING) as the TV shows the BC coach arguing with the refs presumably about the down. He finally woke up but to what happened but too late to do anything. He then seemed to start yelling at people on the sidelines after the ref left. Watch the tape. Syracuse then has third and goal from the seven which should have been fourth down and they would have had to kick a FG. But since it was third down they run another play and score a TD. The head coach might be clueless despite his $2.5 million salary and this is just another example of that - but wasn't there even one assistant coach or player who could have SAID SOMETHING before it was too late to fix the problem and accept the penalty? In all my years I have never seen such an airhead thing done by a coach. Perhaps the end of last year's game with Wake was close when BC had first and goal at the one with 30 seconds left and a chance to win the game but managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by running just one play into the line for no gain and being incapable of getting another play off.

eddierock said...

My only thought watching the game was this: two teams heading in very different directions. Syracuse has a real offense led by a talented, dynamic quarterback. Their defense is good, maybe not great, but good enough. Meanwhile, BC is pathetic. We cannot generate any offense, other than picking up yards on the occasional blown coverage or mistake by the defense. We have a quarterback who holds the ball too long, on virtually every pass play. Run game is entirely predictable and therefore gets stuffed. Our defense is fine against the run, but we get shredded every time by a QB that can throw. The scoreboard was very misleading, look at the game stats, the difference between the teams is all right there. We need changes at AD and head coaches of both revenue sports now. We have become a national embarrassment. There is no reason for it.

AlbanyEagle said...

Excellent point, BC fan. My son and I were dumbfounded watching from the stands. Could not imagine the reasoning. Then we saw Daz pleading with the ref only after the NEXT penalty. Too late, idiot. You already blew it.

Only 4 specific moments combined to make this game appear much more competitive than it really was:
1) the early INT, which was just a horrible mistake of a bad pass. Credit to the D for making it, but it was really a gift
2) fumbled SU snap turnover
3) kick return for TD
4) fluke 75yd run by Towles

I know this seems unfair to say, as credit needs to be given, and every game turns on dozens of plays. On each of these plays our guys did some good things. Willis made a good cut and showed great speed. Towles just pulled away from SU secondary on the run.

But let's face it, a 75yd TD run by our QB is not an expected outcome of this offensive plan. Towles can run, but he's no Tyler Murphy. It was fun to see, but will never happen again. Other than that play, our offense could only score 2 FG. Towles (4 for 14, 45 passing yards, 41.3 rating) made a bunch of bad decisions, due at least in part to an O-line that gives him no time. Receivers can't catch balls. Even Walker, who I think is one of the fastest and best pass-catchers on the team, effectively torpedoed hopes of a win in the 2nd half, inexplicably handing over the INT when he would at least have had a 1st down if not a TD had he made the catch.

And how is it possible for what was the best defense in the country ONE SEASON AGO to allow Syracuse to put up 434 passing yards? SYRACUSE! The secondary was so incredibly soft. It truly looked as though they were so worried about getting beat AFTER the catch that they effectively CONCEDED completions. Huge cushions off the line, massive gaps in the middle. It was like taking candy from a baby for the SU QB.

I know SU isn't good, but Dino Babers comes in and in year 1 has made changes that make me worry they will be a growing problem for BC in the coming years. NC State is better. Wake is better. Who in the ACC is NOT better? Who is the WORST team in the ACC? Who has a coach who in his FOURTH year can't even look competitive against conference opponents? We all know the answer.

This has to end. Things can always be worse but if we're not at rock bottom now it can't be far.

bceagle93 said...

Only one thing to say at this point to both Daz & Bates: Bye Felicia.

TC for AD & HC in 2017.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Other than BC announcing some kind of deemphasis on athletics, it can't really get much worse than this. I'd like to believe that men's basketball will see substantial improvement - but I'll believe that when I see it.

The only thing worth talking about anymore is the need for a top to bottom evaluation/sea change in the approach and management of athletics at BC. The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees needs an aggressive, thought out intelligent plan. And if the will is not there - then BC needs to get out, deemphasize athletics and focus its resources elsewhere. The alums neither own nor control the school. The Jesuits have no ownership or control either. Its all in the hands of the Board of Trustees - and, as a practical matter, its Executive Committee.

In that regard - does anyone have the full list of names of BC's Executive Committee members beyond Fish and presumably Leahy?

Anonymous said...

Basketball won't improve much because they are not big enough.

A few of the guys are decent but the team is NOT BIG ENOUGH

mod34b said...

Per ESPN, BC's chances to win:

@NCSU 17% chance to win

Lville 4% chance to win

@FSU 4% chance to win

@Wake 23% chance to win

3 away game and a home against Lvile.

These are BC's 4 shots to avoid 0-16

Not looking good

mod34b said...

Or best prospect of SN ACC win is a 77% chance if losing to Wake

And that is where we are!

CT said...

BC. The Emory of the northeast.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I wish BC was the Emory of the Northeast as we'd have a much better academic reputation and an endowment approaching $7 billion. But we are not ranked nearly as high. And Emory has a top drawer medical school.

All I know is that this perpetual losing in football and basketball is not good for our school. It does impact overall reputation. We are on a public stage making ourselves look completely inept. Fair or unfair - it rubs off. The Board of Trustees needs to get off its ass and take control. If they want to drop ACC level sports - fine - then take measures to greatly increase the school's academic reputation. If they want to stay in the ACC - fine - then take steps to make us highly competitive in every sport in which we choose to participate. But do not let BC continue to look inept.

Geezer eagle said...

You people blasted me when I suggested we stepdown to the MAC Conference if we didn't commit the resources to succeed in the ACC. Now you are all thinking my way. Humorous.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

GE - we are on the same page but not even Emory would want to partner itself with the likes of Toledo, Akron, Ball State, Kent State and Central Michigan. We belong in better company. Personally, I think the ACC is a perfect place for BC over the long haul, on balance, when looking at all the options. All it takes is commitment and managers who know what they are doing. While there may be a program or two that could be dropped where we have built in disadvantages, there is no reason we cannot be highly competitive in football and men's and women's basketball.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

There is no organization, no matter how strong, no matter what the potential - that cannot be brought to its knees by people (or even one person) given too much authority who are incapable and have bad judgment.

mod34b said...

GE and NB - you two are on your own private island. I do not agree that BC should step down to a lower level and I doubt anyone else agree BC should "MAC off".

NB's "either or" idea is silly too. BC has over 100 year football tradition and it will continue.

Geezer eagle said...

Mod, you're too smart and knowledgeable to miss my point. Read what I'm saying. BC needs to shit or get off the pot.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Hope you are right Mod - I just don't want that tradition to continue at a level lower than the ACC. You saying it will continue takes a lot of history for granted at other Jesuit schools. Of course I think it would be foolish - but BC is a different school with different kids and, in recent years, a very different alumni mix. I'm not sure its a given that the substantial majority of the alums, trustees and faculty care that greatly about the 100 year football tradition. Don't take anything for granted - that's all.

mod34b said...

I get your points. - shape up or ship out (a favorite phrase of my father, former USAF officer)

The new NB wrinkle is one I'd not really thought of: what if the new crowd does not respect the football tradition? Look at NFL suddenly slipping. Look at NCAAF game attendance: down all over the land

Are the times a Changin' as Robert Zimmerm aka Bob Dylan said so many years ago.

If so, BC football of all thecP5 schools does not have much staying power

So what left : the new, new,new etc Big East. Tune up gtown in football? Maybe. But maybe not. I still believe BC football can be like that game At in VT in 2007!!.... and Lane Stadium goes silent.....