Tuesday, November 01, 2016

A USA Today connection and other links

Last week, Dan Wolken of USA Today reported that Addazio was probably safe. We all wondered how Wolken would know anything about BC's situation. Now -- a week later -- Addazio is featured in a long USA Today article on the Jones' touchdown throw. It could all be coincidence, but I doubt it. In my opinion, one of two things explains away the surprising access for a national media outlet. Either Daz (and/or his agents) does have a connection to USA Today and he's using them to help himself and the program. Or USA Today got the feature as a "thank you" for the positive press last week. None of this really has much to do with what happens on the field, but it is interesting to follow where and how BC news breaks.

Jerone Robinson is one of many basketball players heading in the season as optimistic. Listen to his interview here.

BC didn't do enough to change the public's perception of us, so therefore Louisville opened up as a 24.5 favorite.

People back in Naples are still rooting for Mike Walker.

BCI pointed out that we've owned NC State of late and historically.


knucklehead said...

Very similar to the patriots. Local media plays along with the patriot way and the national people break the news.

They probably have market research saying locals don't read national media as much.

knucklehead said...

Virgina spread was 33. Noon road game might keep this from being a national embarrassment.

Towles has been more accurate in good weather. Weather as of yesterday was forecasted to be good.

knucklehead said...

I should say the receivers, except for father charlie, have been better in the good weather.

knucklehead said...

Atl, can you say not suitable for work when you link to the gambling websites. Cannot wait to get canned over that.

ObserverCollege said...

That was an awesome USA Today piece on so many levels:

1. It highlights Coach Addazio's brilliant game planning and management. The "adding pepper to soup" metaphor was perfect.

2. Coach underscored exactly how unreliable his players are, and how he can't be blamed for that. Note Jones needing four weeks to learn how to act. The danger of Jones forcing it. Jones not even able to throw a spiral. Sweeney's confusion on whether to block the defender before going out for the pass. Former player and Spaz holdover Al Washington's special teams players allowing a 60-yard kickoff return. The defense allowing a long pass, and then the players committing penalties to give NC State six shots at a score.

3. Coach then shows how he rises above it all, and how the team draws on each other and their hard, hard work.

4. Does Tommy Sweeney get to chat with USA Today if not for Coach Addazio? Uh, no. Did Davon Jones get to chat with the reporter? Wait, he didn't? Exactly. Coach Addazio is the gatekeeper. If you can't be trusted, you don't get to talk with reporters. Sweeney managed to catch the ball and he toes the line in the locker room, so he gets to chat.

5. BC player, you better understand that if you fail, it's gonna be on you. USA Today says Coach is safe. USA Today pumps up Coach Addazio. USA Today only talks to players who Coach Addazio identifies. Nobody pays attention to message board posters in boxer shorts complaining about challenging holding calls and when timeouts are used. At BC, in this market, it's the coach who controls the message. So BC player, you better check yourself.

mod34b said...

Daz also served notice in the article that he is on a ONE-GAME WINNING steak and better that his blog critics (no one else is talking about Daz and BC so it has got to be a reference to BC sports bloggers)

All these blog comments are really in in coach Thin-skin's head

"“In this world we're in, to me, there's a lot of people that feed off of negativity and tearing things down. We really wanted to be about lifting each other up. I think it was a real triumph to overcome all of the stuff — It'd been a while, and all that kind of stuff. Just to come together and kind of say, ‘You know what, what matters is what's right here in this room right now together. Together, we handled this together.’ That’s a great feeling, and a great life lesson.”

Our very own $3,000,000 idiot

mod34b said...


CT said...

Well, to the program's credit, Wagner is 4-4 in the FCS, and Buffalo is 2-6, so it is clear to the know-nothing commentariat that the program is trending upward and after this past week all criticism has been proven wrong.

I will cheerfully be as positive as can be if we are competitive into the fourth quarter with UL. However, I am not of the opinion that one win changes the narrative in this case. He must get a program-changing QB in the system for multiple seasons. OLine is worrisome but easier to fix. Stay aggressive.

ReiDaDor said...

Is that not an accurate statement Mod? Check this blog on any given day and it's full of bitching, complaining and negativity! Obviously a lot to be upset about but the negativity towards the entire program, players included is endless....I actually think it's a very accurate statement and if you don't think players, coaches, etc aren't aware of the negativity than you are the idiot...

Unknown said...

Is the negativity a surprise? Shouldn't people be negative? What is there to be positive about?

mod34b said...
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