Thursday, November 24, 2016

BC-Wake Forest preview

For the first time in a few years we are not finishing the regular season with Syracuse. I think it is a mistake. While there has been little at stake in any of the recent BC-Cuse games, playing the same time every year had the chance to turn into a tradition. Well that is that. So now we end with Wake. It is not really a must win for either team, but both could use the momentum from a positive ACC victory.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
I don't follow Wake super closely, but I rarely hear casual fans talk about their limitations like they talk about BC's. Their stadium is not on campus and not that nice. They are a small private school with a small local fanbase. They don't have a huge local talent pool. They don't compete with professional teams for attention, but they certainly compete with more popular college programs in North Carolina. My point is that at BC we should not constantly apologize for what we are and instead just focus on winning and leveraging our strengths.

Three Simple Keys
1. Get Jones and Smith touches. I want Smith getting eight touches and Jones getting 12. These are guys who can make something out of nothing. It is really simple, but sometimes simple works.
2. Use more play action. It worked well early in the year, but BC has gotten away from it. It can be a good tool to help the passing game.
3. A big day from the Linebackers. They are the best indicators. When they are making plays (sacks, INTs, tackles for losses) BC does well. When they are a step slow or missing tackles, BC struggles.

Gambling Notes
-- BC is 3-3-1 in Winston-Salem
-- Addazio is 2-1 against Wake
-- Clawson is 8-10 at home while coaching Wake
The current line is BC+3

Did you know that BC played Wake 10 times in the '40s and '50s before taking a fifty year break in the series. The teams resumed the series right before BC joined the ACC.

Scoreboard Watching
With all the talk about Addazio being safe, I could retire the coaching profile bit...but if we get blown out, there will be a change. One name who might be good is USF's head coach Willie Taggart. He would be a bit of an outsider, but has recruited the Midwest and Florida. He also coached at Stanford, so he's dealt with academic restrictions. If we are one of the few schools to make a move, Taggart will listen to what we have to say.

What I hope to see...
Harold Landry dominate. Kind of like Herzy's incredible day in Winston-Salem in 2008. I think there is a chance he could enter the Draft this offseason. I hope not and think he would be premature. But if it is his final regular season BC game, why not go out owning the game?

BC is in trouble if...
We give a TD away. Despite our various problems this year, we haven't seen defenses turn our mistakes into Pick 6s or scoop and scores. Addazio himself has said how important momentum is to this team. We can't hand them a big score.

I am hoping last week wasn't a mirage. I think Towles makes a few good passes. I think the D gives Wake a hard time and BC ends the regular season with another ACC win and earns an invite to a bowl.
Final Score: BC 21, Wake 13


Chris said...

My Prediction 20-13 Wake Forest.

Bravesbill said...

23-10 Wake.

Big Ern said...

Wish that I could generate any interest.

Georgia Eagle said...

We had an acronym in the army called DILAGAS - does it look like I give a shit?

mod34b said...

BC 24. wake 20

BC goes bowling.

Gets a MAC opponent

BC Wins.


Sickening bs myths about the coaching prowess of Daz start and don't stop. KnuckkeDaz and EagjeBoston are quite pleased with another year of Daz

2017 is abysmal

Recruiting continues to fail.

Success as defined by Daz turns out to be a nightmare

Unknown said...

I'm a BC fan and a current USF student. Coach Taggart will not leave USF for BC. He's from Bradenton and USF is a better job.

Big Jack Krack said...
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Big Jack Krack said...

Georgia - let's hope Addazio doesn't roll out his usual "SNAFU" Offensive Game Plan.

We must admit, his plans have been "FUBAR" for the past 2 years for sure.

Go BC players - beat Wake Forest. Open up your own playbook.

Play with pride and bring your A game. Wake will be ready, and this game requires your best effort in order to win and reach 6 and 6 (2 and 6).

You don't want to finish 1 and 15 for the past 2 ACC seasons.

Play with a chip on your shoulder, knowing you are better than what the coaches let you do.

Big Jack Krack said...

With all due respect to potential HC hires for BC from all over, I personally believe we'd be better off if we landed someone with the proper credentials and reputation with ties to the Northeast. These guys exist, and I have to believe we can land the right guy.

There was enough "paper" on Addazio to eliminate him from our consideration. How he made it through is baffling, really. I understand that Bates was specifically advised by the committee formed to help on the search to not hire Addazio.

The relationships with agents and search firms should be scrutinized.

Proper credentials and proper reputation!!! This isn't rocket science, but it demands everyone who is involved to put forth their best effort in landing the right coach.

We can't screw up 3 (or 4) in a row!

Go BC - beat WF.

Georgia Eagle said...

Big Jack, Daz's tenure at BC has definitely been FUBAR. ( The civilians don't have a clue what we are talking about lol)

Guido said...

BC with a reasonable game plan and a PRESSURE "D" will win this game , but then the description of the follow up so eloquently spelled out by mod34b will begin - Addazio preaches about the plan coming together with the maturation of the "Young Team" etc. It will be so nauseating to all except about 2 or 3 "BC Nation" fans who will also rejoice about the future.

Bravesbill said...

Daz really is a Blue Falcon.

CT said...

So, if Daz wasn't the guy according to the BoT, was BB responsible for hiring him? If so, doesn't that mean that "it's a collaborative process" rings hollow?

Bobinsky here at GT, before he left, always said he had the final say. I mean, if you can fire a Bobinsky did at GT (Gregory) and at Purdue, how collaborative is the hire? I'm sure Leahy gets an interview, but it strikes me as a courtesy. Especially if he doesn't care, like many seem to suggest.

dixieagle said...

Georgia, some of us do, indeed know what you're talking about, and it is a perfectly apt description of the program under Daz.

mod34b said...

GE. U didn't capture it fully.

TARFU is better.

In fact GE (and BC nation) BOHiCA

(Wiki on fubar and more

Georgia Eagle said...

Lol. Love those encrypted army acronyms.

David Kasper said...

Nothing better than support from home-town media hacks. From what school does the Herald hire its staff writers? They are so confident of their pick of WF, the writer chooses to remain anonymous. And they call this informative journalism?

TGS said...

Another round for Mod over KHead.
KHead needs to pick up his game.
Georgia spot on with DILIGAS.
Big Jack Off bores us all with yet another inane post, this time about only hiring a coach from the northeast. Leave now or face a lifetime ban from TGS.

Chris said...

That's why Chip Kelly would've been the perfect hire for BC. If the 49ers fire him, it would be nice to see BC reach out but I doubt they would. The current administration at BC appears incompetent and isn't likely to change anytime soon.

Bravesbill said...

Ironically GE, you don't hear those acronyms in the Army at all these days.

Georgia Eagle said...

I've been retired quite a while. Bill, thank Obama for his political correctness indoctrination of the military, turning warriors into girlie men.

janebc said...

I fear the Mod scenario. The sickening PR will begin. The fact that we only got to a bowl by beating the likes of UConn, Buffalo and Wagner will get lost in the spin.

knucklehead said...

Mod knows I don't like dazzler he is just being passive aggressive.

John said...

Let's hire Ed Ogeron from Louisiana and he'll do well.