Friday, November 04, 2016

End of the Week rant: the basketball team better not suck

Jim Christian talked up this team in the offseason. On paper it looks better. Even guys I trust like Hoffses say this basketball team will be better than last year. I was getting excited. But then they had a tough time in an exhibition against Stonehill. I know it is only an exhibition. I know in this environment Christian is testing things and seeing how the new guys play together. I know there were plenty of positives. But, come on! On talent alone, a team that is supposedly going to run, should run Stonehill out of the building.

The fanbase is dying for BC basketball to be back. If this team does anything positive, people will give Christian more time. But there has to be a killer instinct that puts lower level teams away and really explodes! If we don't have intensity for a Stonehill game, how are we ever going to hold on for an ACC team?

I am not giving up just yet, but there better be noticeable improvements this year. We waited as Donahue said development would come and he wasn't worried about winning. But he never turned the corner. Now Christian needs to do something. Don't let this team go through the motions. And the players need to step up too. They came to BC to be in an elite conference. Show intensity and show your skill. Please don't let this season fall apart before it has even started.


JERZeagle said...




mod34b said...

From BC summary:

"Stonehill tied the game with 5:48 left, but Boston College responded with a 9-3 run that built a lead it kept the rest of the way."

Stonehill... omg

CT said...

If only your rants were your regular posts.

Unknown said...

I guess no one remembers Syracuse in 2009-2010? The panic that the BC fanbase goes into after stuff like this is hilarious.

Geezer eagle said...

Is it hockey season yet? ATL, why do you focus almost exclusively on BB?

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Good sign that the big guy Jeffers from Delaware could score in the paint (albeit against poor competition). We already know Robinson is very good. But the scoring from everyone else was pretty modest and the perimeter defense against the three allowed Stonehill to stay with us. Granted - this was an exhibition and a first match up - but it was against Stonehill. Expecting big things from Bowman but he is still a freshman and needs to get comfortable. The 23 year old with three years eligibility remaining from BYU (Chatman) might be a find - hope he gets more playing time. We just cannot repeat last year's performance.

bceagle91 said...

Men's hockey beat Maine 6-1 last night behind an Austin Cangelosi hat trick. The team is 7-2-1 overall and 3-0-1 in the conference. They complete a doubleheader against Maine, playing them tonight in Orono. I figured I'd put up a note about a BC team that actually wins most of the time. It's a refreshing change.

Geezer eagle said...

Thanks, Eagle 91. It's difficult to get hockey scores and information down here in Dixie.

nceaglefan said...

What did Billy Zolga and Bobby Reitz suit up for Stonehill?