Saturday, November 19, 2016

How it should be

Great day for the seniors and for BC overall. It was probably the best effort of the season and probably what Addazio had in mind earlier in the year.

Now they have to build on it next week.

I will have grades up late Sunday night.


Mario Rigatoni said...

That's probably why UConn was scheduled as our last home game. Maybe?!

"30-0? Do you realize what this means? Daz finally knows what he's doing! Did you see
Those passes from Towles even though they ended up as field goals?! We still scored! And now we have 5 wins! Omg" *hugs pillow*

Glad he'll be back next year. It will be misery again.

Guido said...

Great coaching job by Addazio and staff. !!! He is proving to be correct - young O-Line starting to mature etc etc . Now on to Wake Forest and a bowl eligible win !!!!Even if we lose , there is much to look forward to next year. Addazio has turned the corner and we will be fine next year !!! Ever to Excel !!!!

Meursault said...

Guido-are you related to Addazio? Serious question.

Max said...

First-I am glad the seniors had a win for their last home game. It is a long haul to play D1 football and they should take the time to enjoy it.
Second- just because Daz beat UConn (seriously we are talking UConn) does not mean he has turned the corner. He needs to be replaced and the entire staff, administration and BOT needs to think hard about what they want BC to mean. I believe it should be much more than mediocre wins against patsies in your schedule. Who the hell wants to train 350 days a year to play Wagner, UMass, UConn, etc.
JFC challenge yourself and the kids your recruit.
My coach at BC said to shoot high you have to aim high. My feelings for BC football currently mirror what I see in this country; a sense of entitlement that begs for the hard work of being a productive adult in this society.

mod34b said...

nice win, but let's get serious about what it means.

UConn is ranked #111 in Sagarin ratings and #100 in CBS ranks. UConn is close in rank to woeful UMass and Buffalo (CBS #123 and 125). BC is actually much more talented than UConn. The difference in speed in quickness showed today. No real pass rush by UConn. Conn DB 1/2 step slower than ACC players. Towles had time and reason to be confident. OL looked good against weak competition. Think about theirOL and QB ACC play. Not good. Not ACC competitive.

sure a win is nice, but it does not indicated Daz is a good coach. He sucks and still should be fired for being uncompetitive in ACC- regardless of next week.

Guido, "Addazio has turned the corner and we will be fine next year" WTF?? r u joking??

This is about as meaningful as beating UMass and Buffalo. UConn is a crap team.

eagleboston said...

The Georgia Tech and Syracuse losses are looking brutal right now. Wish we could get those games back.

We lose 16 seniors but only 10 were major contributors. This is a very young team but I just don't know that this coaching staff can get it done next season. Bowl or no bowl, it's looking more and more like Addazio is back next season.

Max said...

A very young team. Where have I heard that before? The only issue to discuss is - you can play football or not. You can coach football or not.
Daz needs to be fired. Bates needs to be fired. The players need to look hard st themselves and decide what they want to be. No ACC wins is a sad legacy. Maybe we should award "participation" ribbons. If this were the real world they would all be collecting unemployment.

Max said...

Oh gosh. Was I mean spirited? Everyone with the program needs to up their game or get the F out. Find a coach that can actually coach, manage talent and a game clock, and get more recruits that think they are not Gods gift to the planet.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

This team is weak offensively. They have no leadership on the field on offense. There is literally nobody on the offense that plays with any sense of enthusiasm, except Javon Jones(he only started playing 3-4 weeks ago). I don't think any of them have confidence in their ability especially against ranked teams.

Wake Forest always play us tough. It will be interesting to see if the offense brings some confidence to their last game. They ought to feel some freedom given it is their last game of the season(bowl?) and they are a year older in the program that is giving them the opportunity to play college football and contribute to a very good university.

Do they care?

Guido said...

I was only "kidding". Just my attempt at really "Sick" humor and I apologize to the entire group of posters on this Board. I am happy for the Seniors in their last home game. I HAVE THOUGHT ADDAZIO WAS A STIFF A LONG TIME AGO WHEN HE FIRST SPOKE AT THE GRIDIRON CLUB (had bad feelings) !!!! My opinion remains, however , that even if Wake Forest beats us - Addazio will remain the coach. The action that needs to be initiated is for the BOARD to tell Father Leahy to "Step Down". With his continued presence , athletics will be an afterthought !!!!Have a great Thanksgiving .

Big Jack Krack said...

No need to apologize, Guido. The humor/satire wasn't that hard to pick up.

The one guy is touching himself front and back with a reverse curl, degree of difficulty zero.

Bravesbill said...

Yeah I picked up on it right away too Guido. And sadly your prediction about him coming back is correct too.

Knucklehead said...

Clemson folks have taken over Wake.

Looks like the Wake jackoffs sold their tickets and are sitting on the fucking hills behind the endzone. Shmucks.

At least BC fans blew the game off.

TGS said...

I missed the game but based upon the final score I assume BC's defense recorded 15 safeties.

The Daz must Go!!!!!

CT said...

It's football. It's UConn. Give me a break. Higher expectations, people.

1661_Comm said...

Guido, It was not hard to sense the sarcasm in your post, no need to apologize to the dullards.

Geezer eagle said...

A win over Wake Forest saves this terrible coaches job and sends BC bowling? Omg !!

Unknown said...

What ever happened to Alex Amidon? Did he go into the military? Navy Seal or not?

mod34b said...

Despite having just one win in ACC play against a winning ACC team in 4 seasons, despite 4 blow out ACC losses this year, Daz is crowing about besting #111, hapless UConn:

"You know, we're building something and that something has got a great future to it with a bunch of young kids that love football, love each other, and I'm excited for them." Daz yesterday

I agree with you Georgia Eagle and others: How depressing to think this fool is likely coming back

BC BOT will do nothing. Their level of mismanagement of the sports programs make me wonder about their ability to manage BC as a whole

TGS said...

This stiff has 5 wins with 4 if them over Umass, Wagner, Buffalo and UConn and certain BC tools here are optimistic???
This blog needs an enena.
The Daz must go!!!

Geezer eagle said...

Right on, TGS.

EL MIZ said...

happy for the seniors, who have gone through a wild ride at BC with the coaching changes and the ups and downs. for guys like Rouse, Willis, Johnson, Milano, Kavalec and Gutapfel, they overcame the program adversity and seemed, from the outside at least, to always work hard, never complain about Coach Thinskin, and not make excuses. happy for them and its been fun to see them over the years all develop.

for whatever its worth I always thought Willis was underutilized. would have loved to see him as the lead back but maybe it just wasn't meant to be. he led all RB in yards per carry this year and in 2014 as well.

BC doesn't have the stones or the coordination among the BOT/AD to pull off firing both AD and Daz in the same year. too many moving pieces, so its always seemed like unless Daz was disgracing the university off the field they'd stick with him and give an AD a year to "review" him.

let's be clear that this win means nothing. UCONN is a trash program and as mod pointed out on the level of UMASS and Maine. reminder - THIS ISNT AN ACC TEAM even though Daz will treat it as such. this is not a power 5 win either. in the last two calendar years we are 2-17 against power 5 opponents.

we will lose Willis and Rouse from the offense and special teams. we will lose Towles (btw - up by 3 TD and with the game clearly in command, Towles is still coming out running the offense. Wade must be that bad). we'll lose Milano and Gutapefl and Kavalec from the front 7 and Johnson from the secondary. that is it. everyone else either didn't contribute or is imminently replaceable.

they should announce that Bates isn't coming back as soon as possible. the guy gets paid a lot of money and will be an AD again, he has a lot riding on being an adult and a professional and doing his job even after being told his contract won't be renewed. as a fanbase we deserve to know that a search is starting for a new AD and this ship is headed in a new direction.

i don't think Daz is a good coach or the right guy for the program, but i still root for the players and the school and hopefully we can beat Wake and make a bowl.

i would like to see Wade at QB. i would like to see Palazzolo or Schmal at RT over Lowery (who stinks). we have played the mercenaries enough for it not to hurt us in recruiting future 5th years, but we should also be mindful of the fact that we have a season next year and this game experience would be helpful. it won't happen - it deprives Coach Excuse of an excuse for next year ("we're breaking in a redshirt QB and there are gonna be some struggles OK? that's why we run the rock straight up da gut ok?")

looking forward to assessing the candidates for AD. FIRE BATES TODAY

NEDofSavinHill said...

Nice ceremony for Matt Ryan. Crowd was enthusiastic. Also gave a great reception to TOB. The fans, unlike some on this site, can differentiate between a ten win coach and a 1-14 ACC record that Daz has produced. Daz has to exit. Or as Cromwell said " Go in the name of Almighty God go"

1661_Comm said...

How can BOT not notice the impact that DAZ has had on the program, and the school. And the school's finances. Athletic donors give to the college, not just Athletics.

Attendance stat from BC Interruption article....alums and formerly loyal fans HAVE LOST INTEREST.

In the Buffalo game, Guess The Attendance article, it was noted that BC had only drawn a crowd of under 30,000 ten times since the stadium was expanded to 44,500 from 32,000 in 1994.

7 OF THOSE 10 GAMES have come under Addazio's watch since 2014 !!

THEY MUST AND THEY WILL do something soon. AD first is logical option, since they won't need a buyout and finances are a factor. Unfortuantely, they will use that as an excuse to give another a year for Addazio, not because they want him, only so that they can reduce the buyout.

Big Jack Krack said...

Quoting Cromwell? Wow.

There was very good reason to exhume his body at Westminster Abbey and posthumously execute the bastard.

I agree with your post, Ned - just have hated Cromwell in the historical context.

Geezer eagle said...

Cromwell was the closest thing England has had to a Hitler/Stalin dictatorship. The BC athletic department may not want a Cromwell, but they certainly could use a Patton - someone who can kick ass and take names.

Big Jack Krack said...

Translation to college football equals TC or someone like him.

Geezer eagle said...

Exactly. A disciplinarian with a military background combined with an extraordinary football mind. (Our new and improved Tom O'Brien ?)

Knucklehead said...

These are best head football coaches for Boston College this season or next(Rhule is #1 if we make a change after this season - Kelly, brown and mullen will get 1 more season):

1)Brian Kelly
2)Matt Rhule
3)Don Brown
4)Al Golden
5)Matt Pratricia - Usually against pro assistants as new college hc's but I think he would relate to young people in terms of recruiting.
5)Mullen from Mississippi St

Knucklehead said...

Brown needs to stay at M one more year. They won't let him leave after 1 year.

TGS said...

Is BC too "high and mighty" to consider Les Miles, he of the 141-55 career record compiled in the brutal SEC and Big 12?

Now let's watch the northeast superior than thou condescension begin.

Geezer eagle said...

TGS, the question may be more correctly stated, is Les Miles too high and mighty for BC?

knucklehead said...

Too afraid to say "holier?"

Les Miles makes no sense for Boston College. Father Leahy, John Fish and Les Miles in a room interviewing for the HC job at the BC Club on 1 Federal Street(that is where the high level BC meetings take place) has about as much of a chance of happening as Boston College winning the ACC next season.

Frankly it the stupidest suggestion I have ever read here.

I got an MS in Finance from LSU.

knucklehead said...

100 Federal

1661_Comm said...

Knucklehead, BC needs to target up and coming coaches, not coaches who will see this as a step back (and if successful, a stepping stone to return to their rightful place in a higher profile program).

Coughlin and TOB are examples of hires that worked out well, and they were not the profile of Mullen, Miles, Kelly; believe TC was a pro assistant, and TOB was an asst at UVA, then HC at a lower profile school (Navy?). Patricia is an interesting option, and have seen other younger offensive "whiz" coaches in smaller programs mentioned on this site the past few months that seem like they would be a better fit.

eagleboston said...

Les Miles? His offensive schemes are more antiquated that Addazio. That would be a terrible hire. The best young coach is P.J. Fleck, but he is not coming to BC. He will be up for all of the premier jobs. Unless, we could get a head start and fire Addazio next week and offer Fleck. Iowa State did that a year ago with Matt Campbell. Iowa State just obliterated Texas Tech 66-10, and they have zero offensive linemen. I'm a big fan of proven MAC coaches.

Don Brown has no head coaching experience. I fear he would be another Spaz. I've always been impressed with Kelly, but is it not concerning that he can't win at Notre Dame with all of their inherent advantages?

Knuckle's Patrica idea is outside-the-box but I like it. Rhule also makes a lot of sense.

Having said all of that, it appears Bates is not going to be let go before his contract expires. That signals Addazio is going to get another season as a new AD can't fire a coach in July and find someone remotely decent to hire at that time. Please don't misinterpret that I want Addazio back or think he is a good coach. I'm just expressing the reality of the situation.

knucklehead said...

Mullen and Kelly are new Englanders. Both will probably be available after next season. They know what BC is. They are hardnosed and fairly clean.

Les Miles is not the right person for BC. Not sure how to be more clear on that than I was with T

TC was an aberration. Everyone knew he was going to be a great HC. He just needed someone to give him a chance. He is the only college coach I have ever heard of who left college to become the GM and HC of an NFL team(Jaguars). Jacksonville didn't just hire him because what he did at Boston College.

mod34b said...

eagleboston DON BROWN has 12 years of head coaching experience

See D Brown Wiki
very successful too. not sure he was not in the conversation for HC jobs in years past.

i'd be delighted to see DB as HC.

I'm eyeing Jeff Brohm See Bohm Wiki

Guido said...

Would have no problem with Don Brown , but as someone mentioned , he has another year at Michigan. It is depressing and painful to talk about athletics at Boston College !! Why ?? With the continued presence of Father Leahy and a useless Board of Directors , any significant change is doubtful. The only chance at change would be infusion of new members to the Board of Directors who recognize that top notch academics can co-exist with successful healthy athletic programs.

BCAlum2000 said...

Always comforting to know that no matter how bad we suck, that community college in CT sucks 100x more ...

Bravesbill said...

No to Brown, yes to Brohm.