Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The national media starts including Daz in Coaching Carousel talk

It feels like all the we've been talking about Addazio's future at BC for most of the season. But like many things BC-related, the national media has not been paying attention...until now. The Big Lead focused on the big programs in this article on Hot Seats, but wraps up with BC

They suggest that the uncertainty with Brad Bates will help Addazio and give him another year. I think Addazio could have another year, however, it would be independent of what BC does with Brad Bates. I will repeat my belief that six wins assures him another year and five might also be enough. 

Friday's game against Florida State will also be very telling. If we see another blowout, it will just provide more justification for BC to make a change. But like I wrote earlier in the week, the final two games could give Addazio a chance to makeup for all the blowouts. He can take control of the "narrative" even with an ugly game in Tallahassee.

But another embarrassment on national TV will also invite more speculation from the national media. Local criticism has struck a cord with the coach. I can't imagine he will take the high-profile talking heads talking about him. 


NYCeagle said...

ATL, I think there's a few typos in your post. I especially had trouble with the first couple sentences.

EL MIZ said...

52-5 is the average score of BC vs. an above average team this year (Clemson, Louisville, Va Tech).

i won't be holding my breath for a close game. hopefully addazio is canned by the Heisman ceremony.

notfadeaway said...

That would be 2 ACC wins in 2 seasons. How can this possibly be justified by anyone with even half a brain? Disgusting. Disaster. This is a joke.

bceagle93 said...

How do we solve a problem like Daz and Bates?

TC for AD and HC in 2017