Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Addazio's challenges between now and spring football

Nick Saban is infamous for "hating" the Championship games because of all the time it takes away from the regular schedule. He knows that while he is preparing, other coaches are working. Steve Addazio seemed rightfully proud after BC's Bowl win in Detroit, but there is no time to rest. This team has some major short-term concerns. This is what Addazio needs to do between now and the start of Spring Ball.

1. Close out the recruiting class.
This class picked up some positive momentum in the past few weeks. In part due to how BC finished their season. The bowl game should only help that momentum. We know that BC has a few remaining needs and targets available. Let's see the staff go get them. Because there have been fewer coaching changes this year at other schools, there are fewer committed prospects to grab. But there are plenty of kids out there that might still flip. Find them.

Addazio also needs to decide if he will take any 5th years. As frustrating as Towles and Lowery were this year, that doesn't mean that 5th years are bad. BC could use veteran depth at QB, OLine, LB and even RB.

2. Get Landry and Wade to stay.
Harold Landry was the talk in the postgame. He has already put his name in for the NFL evaluation. Personally I think he should return. I don't think he has developed enough (physically nor in his technique) to go in the first round. If he comes back to BC, he would be the featured player on a loaded Defensive Line. It should only make him that much better a prospect.

Darius Wade was quietly forgotten as the season progressed. Even in his talks with the media, Addazio spent most of his time talking up Anthony Brown. If I were Wade, I would not feel good about my prospects at BC. But he is still needed. BC lacks depth and experience at QB and even if Brown is a huge talent, there is no guarantee he can stay healthy. Addazio's pitch should be simple enough: return, compete and get your degree. If he still doesn't play next year, he is free to go anywhere as 5th year. If he transfers right now, he will have to sit next year anyway. I don't know what Wade is thinking, but the smart -- albeit frustrating -- move is to come back to BC.

3. Make staff decisions.

Last season's losses and the departure of Don Brown forced Addazio to shake up his staff. This year doesn't require the same sort of house cleaning. The only issue might be what to do with the Defensive Coordinator situation. Jim Reid had some health issues during the season and there was some gossip that Pasqualoni took over play calling duties. Reid and Pasqualoni are both veteran guys who came to BC as their last stop. I am sure any issues can be worked out. Maybe Reid leaves (but I doubt it). Pasqualoni isn't going anywhere.

4. Make some philosophical decisions about BC's offense.

BC had a new QB and new OC, yet still had major issues scoring points. Some of the challenges were talent based, but other aspects are clearly on the coaching. You saw BC use uptempo a bit in the bowl and it worked. However, it is not as simple as going no huddle. When you struggle like BC does -- often times with simple things -- you are not preparing well. There is no true system. We spend time installing gimmicks and trick plays (Smith at the Wildcat, Jones throwing TDs) but don't so the basics well. There are many ways Addazio can go with things. I don't object to a run-based pro-style system, but I do think it has to be simplified so that the team can get better at it. BC should be able to plug any player within the system into his respective position when needed. BC also needs to improve execution so that the line is better, the QB play is better and BC can mix up tempo whenever they see the need.


mod34b said...

daz's biggest challenge is himself.

witness the second half of the bowl. Daz once again let's his fears rule, and shuts down. How many times have we seen this pathetic behavior form Daz. too many times. colorado games especially comes to mind. GT game is another example... Wake 2015....

where did Daz learn this crap? the reality is that despite all his talk and bluster, Daz lacks confidence in his coaching ability, his team's ability, and his ability to play to win.... he is scared.... so he turtles and avoids risk. every single game he did this, save maybe the chumps. He simply cannot succeed as a HC and should be fired. BC will not improve under Daz.

This behavior invigorates competitors... just makes them want to attack. and they do attack as Daz turtles..

Matt said...

mod34b I partially agree with you. But let's also not kid ourselves BC football is in a much better spot than it was 4 years ago. Addazio at least went for it with the clock winding down at the end of the half...and we scored. We all know Spaz would have been content with the lead into the half and taken a knee ultimately costing us the entire game.

I don't know of a good comparison to Addazio. He's certainly no Spaz (who had stacked talent and absolutely failed) but he's also not a great coach.

He's compiled winning records 3 of his four years. Although this year's ooc schedule was weak...this was an extremely strong in conference schedule. People aren't talking about it but the ACC was particularly good this year. Look at Wake crushing Vandy--an SEC team that had only two blowout losses both to mid-level ACC teams. The problem is I don't see us ever getting to the level Jags took BC. I'm concerned Addazio's ceiling is probably 8 wins. Unless we pony up and pay for a good head coach we might as well keep Addazio. Remember the terrible pool of HC candidates last time around? They probably all would have done the same or worse at BC than Addazio.

BC definitely needs to invest more in athletics both with the facilities and coaching hires. Absolutely crucial if BC wants to compete nationally.

mod34b said...

Matt - Daz "compiled winning records". Cmon. And there are coaches to be had. Look at lists of UConn candidates. Look at the Purdue hire. Baylor hire.

Sadly, Spaz was a better coach and recruiter than Daz - and make no mistake about this: Spaz was horrible.

Daz is like school he represents: he just is unable to believe in himself. He is a man without true confidence. Mentally, a weakling.

Look at our blow out loses this year - BC can't compete

Look at Daz .500 record overall

Look at his ACC record. His record vs winning teams. His record vs P5 teams. His recruiting rankings.

It's all rotten. You can put lipstick on a pig, but he is still a pig , except freakier.

JERZeagle said...

Steve "The Compiler" Addazio.

Knucklehead said...

Again. The issue with this team is the offensive line, personnel and coaching. That has not been addressed for 4 years and doesn't seem like it will be going forward. Sad when personal relationships get in the way of business(Dazzler won't cut the cord with Frye).

Harold Landry's "technique" as a pass rusher is off the chart. His glaring weakness is stopping the run. Maryland got its high yardage runs by going right at him. Pasqualoni started moving him into different positions after those runs. The coaching there was difference in the game.

Darius Wade is not going to make a difference either way. Not sure what the infatuation is with him here.

Bravesbill said...

There's no way Daz brings in a 5th year QB. If he brings in a 5th year and BC struggles next year (like they inevitably will), he will have sealed his fate. There will be no excuses. He is going to milk the whole young, inexperienced QB excuse for what it's worth for the next 2 years. A 5 year rebuilding project will morph into a 7+ year rebuilding project. If Daz is better than most coaches at something, it's saving his own ass.

Max said...

I am looking forward to Daz "the Turtle" in 2017. I have already put big money on "elite" games on the Over. It will be a new year with old results. I really hate Daz and that he represents BC.

EL MIZ said...

against Power 5 opponents this year BC was outscored 302-135, or an average game of 34-15.

against Power 5 opponents over the past 2 full seasons BC was outscored 468-224, or an average game of 26-12. we have scored over 21 points one time in the past 18 games against Power 5 opponents - the most recent bowl game, for which we had basically a month to prepare.

over 6 full seasons as a head coach Daz is 37-38, a record vastly inflated by filling the schedule with patsies. looking just at conference record, Daz is 17-30 against his peers. the fan bases of his prior two employers (Temple and Florida) both rejoiced with glee when news came that he was leaving.

lots of things can happen in any one season or over the course of a couple seasons, but after 6 full seasons as a head coach Daz is what his record says he is. it is hard to look at the above facts and conclude he is an even mediocre ACC coach.

i'm all for staying positive and i really hope that Brown is as good as his hype man Daz says he is, but i have a pretty good feeling we're headed towards another .500 season at best.

mod34b said...

i luv your stats Miz, and your points.

sadly, i think .500 in 2017 will meet the minimal expectation of team Leahy. i can't root against BC, but i think .500 is actually optimistic. is 5-7 enough to can the man? can't see BC lighting up the ACC with a RS FR Qb.

Let's hope the new AD is like the UConn AD (that is to say, if there really is a new AD to be)

as for Brown, he is a "dual threat QB" -- what Offense is Daz running? Towles had running ability that was not used to much. Brown is untested and had a lot of low level schools after him. But he did have an offer from VT, Syr ,Wake and Northwestern

Guido said...

If I were to advise Wade , I would have him explore the potential of transferring to say - Villanova or Delaware etc.(would not have to sit out a year also) It would appear that he has no shot at being the starter here at BC. Addazio has all but stated that fact with his effusive praise of Brown. No one knows what talent level that Wade may have at this level (not even Wade himself) - and without leaving BC , he may never play another down without a chance to know/show his true potential.

And to Matt : you talk about the super talent in the ACC this year - Clemson , Louisville etc. - Do you think that scenario is going to change next year. In addition, Wake and NC State etc. may all improve substantially next year.

And you also talk about the lack of coaching talent out there - how do you, BC Administration and or anyone on this board know without exercising due diligence and getting input from numerous sources. Like , how about paying a guy like TC big $$$ to aid in the process.

Happy New Year !!

Knucklehead said...

Brown and Wade are not the answer. Wade is a zero. If he were good then Towles would not have been the starter. Brown is at best one full season of play from being respectable. Addazio is about self preservation, as everyone here bitches. Nobody in their "right mind" can think that he is leaving his final season to one of those two. Either Perry comes in a takes over(10% chance)or we have a 5th year/JC QB come in from the outside(90%).

$10,000 says we have a 5th year QB start the 2017 season.

Seems like, with the awesome history we have producing NFL QB's, that we should be able to recruit a standup traditional 4yr QB recruit(dual threat or pocket)

Guido said...

Knucklehead - if he brings in a 5th year transfer TO TRY OUT AT QB , then Addazio will have "Slit his own throat". The negative impact will be felt in recruiting , also . Just my humble opinion.

CT said...

These lesser bowl games are all about who really wants to be there. It's more psychological than anything else. Thank goodness MD's QB was shit. The missed throws, the fumbles.

Even with more talent, this staff has demonstrated no ability to use it well. Loeffler. Geez. No one knows anything about Brown. Wade should go FCS and do the Dominique Davis thing.

Anonymous said...

I think Harold Landry is as good as gone. Short of him not being a top 64 picks, he will likely enter the draft as he has the body, speed and pass rush skills to deliver in the next level.

With good workouts, hell I could see him sneak into the 1st round as guys like Shane Ray with Denver proved that if you have any good pass rush skills, some team will grab you right away.

Bravesbill said...

Knuckle--there's no chance Daz brings in a 5th year for QB. It's way too risky for his self preservation.

mod34b said...

BB - really? Daz is now on a one-year leash. If he fails next year, he will likely be fired and probably will not get a major coaching job again (although to my surprise Randy Edsall just rose from the dead to return to UConn).

Daz should be highly motivated to win 6+ games next year. Is he going to rely on untested dual QB anthony brown?

i do not see Daz betting his career on a kid.

I think he has every incentive to bring in a 5th year QB. His perspective is a one-season perspective -- not long term success for him or BC. In fact, each of Daz's "winning" (cough, cough) seasons featured prominently a 5th year transfer.

what's your rationale?

Bravesbill said...

Mod--read my post from 12:18. He will have zero excuses if he brings in a 5th year. BC will struggle next year based on its strength of schedule. A 5th year isn't going to get BC to .500 anyways. He will nail his coffin shut if he brings in a 5th year. However, If he uses Brown he can milk the young and experienced excuse yet again.

mod34b said...

Nah. I agree with knuckle. It is win or go home next season. ;Daz is in it for Daz. Bring on the 5th year. If Daz dies not win enough games (6?) , The youth excuse won't work. (Or will it as you suggest? Nah)

Bravesbill said...

The administration falls for it hook, line and sinker all the time. Unless there are changes at the top the young QB excuse will work.

Knucklehead said...

If the excuses worked then he would have had his contract extended. The "administration" you refer to pays Dazzler $2.5 mill a year and is paying well known/experienced assistants now to augment/support Dazzlers lack of x's and o's(It is the most expensive coaching staff in school history). They haven't fallen for Dazzler. They are however doing everything they can to help him be successful. If he is not successful next season then he is gone.

Success for the decision makers is, at a minimum, 6-6 and a bowl.

Georgia Eagle said...

Sad, we have reduced the success bar so low that everyone appears content with a 6 win season.

mod34b said...

No one is content with 6 wins - i certainly am not . But it appears Leahy would be just fine with such slop and retain Daz

Georgia Eagle said...

If Bates is retained, mediocrity will have been institutionalized.

ccw said...

Landry would be a fool to come back. What is he going to prove his senior year?

We never have talent good enough to think abou the early entry question. The CBA doesn't make a first round pick as big of a pay day relative to later picks. Been that way for years. The risk adjusted adjusted benefit of staying versus getting a 2nd or 3rd round pay day doesnt stack up. Plus he'd be getting the clock moving on a 2nd contract.

He can get stronger. So what? Why boy do that in a pro setting and get paid to do so.

BC will still be here if he wants to get a degree.

Any fan saying Landry should stay is ignorant, selfish or both.