Friday, December 16, 2016

More Bowl talk

Here is more related media to the bowl. What I found interesting is that the talking heads are favoring BC. I know they are only doing cursory prep, but it is still encouraging.

The final clip doesn't embed, but does breakdown the bowl with a focus on their running game vs BC's run defense.


mod34b said...

Imteresting stat about BC defense.

Against "non-winning FBS". BC is #1 against Rush and #2 0verall D


Against "winning FBS" BC is #55 against Rush and #50 0verall D

In other words our D stats are heavily padded with results against very bad teams like buffalo, UMass, Uconn, Wake

Of all BC's 2016 opponents, Feels like Maryland is most like NCSU. Or who knows what to really expect

Georgia Eagle said...

The audio sucks.

Knucklehead said...

Watching Bowl game. University of Texas San Antonio has a better o-line and QB than Boston College does.

Heni Herbal said...

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