Sunday, January 08, 2017

ACC calls Allen kick inconclusive and other links

The ACC reviewed Grayson Allen's stray leg to Tava's crotch called the footage inconclusive. I am not worked up about it. Fortunately Tava was not hurt and the game wasn't decided by that one moment. My only regret is that Coach K wasn't around to spin his latest bull about how he and his players are above it all.

Aaron Rodgers thinks his latest Hail Mary was like Doug Flutie's pass in Miami.

Once they finally got onto the ice, BC beat Providence at Fenway.

Women's Basketball lost to Syracuse. They are now 1-2 in ACC play.


mod34b said...

Inconclusive! My foot. Err his foot.

If Tava just did a flop, Grayson might be indefinitely suspended again!!!

Duke and dirty players go together

Bravesbill said...

Looked more like a kick than a trip. Allen is a dirtier player than Paulus which is pretty hard to do.

Knucklehead said...

It is more like a mental illness or foot fetish.

Dirty is like elbowing someone on a screen or undercutting a taller player or hacking someone to keep them from scoring. All that is competitive type of dirty.

Tripping like he does is kind of like beating up an unsuspecting person. Passive aggressiveness to the nth degree.

The only way to fix that is let him outgrow it on his own or coldcock him hermit washington style.

He intended to interfere with Tava and used his body to get in his way. After all the stuff he has done his a sick fuck to do that. He cannot help himself.

Deacon Drake said...

Had there even been a stoppage (Tava not hurt, but goes to the floor), the ACC would have no choice but to intervene. I'm surprised how little bandwidth this play got considering it was like his first 5 minutes back from suspension. He's clearly nuts. That's like an MLB player coming off a steroid suspension and thinking, "I better take twice as many steroids because nobody will be expecting it." Actually, I'm pretty sure this thought went through A-Rod's head.

bceagle91 said...

Draymond Green will show how him how it's really done in the NBA.

Too bad Allen isn't as good at football as Paulus was. He could go to Syracuse for a year to play QB. Every DC in the ACC would put 11 men on the line on every play just to nail him.