Tuesday, January 31, 2017

BC can't hold on against Wake

BC got hot late in the second half and I thought they were going to pull it out. But then just as quickly it fell apart and BC lost to Wake Forest. The primary problem was dealing with Wake's bigs. Both Jeffers and Popovic fouled out trying to defend the post. BC went small and it created some problems for Wake, but not enough to tie the game late.

The good news is that Chatman remained hot. He is a nice compliment to Bowman and Robinson. But BC had too many bad passes from guys kicking out to the perimeter.

Even without the size mismatches, I worry about the BC defense. There are times when they look okay (like when they forced Wake into a shot clock violation). Then moments later there is confusion or no help or as easy look. I hope as the guys mature, the D gets better.

The team next takes on Louisville on Saturday.


Georgia Eagle said...

Good-old ATL, the eternal optimist. When are you going to show some outrage at this eternal losing?

TeddyE said...

I try to be optimistic. But this is year 3. There are only two power 5 teams ranked worse than us. Look at other turnarounds.Why don't we have a big to battle inside? That is due to the failure to recruit one after 3 years! Why Is defensive effort sporadic? We are not even mediocre. The attendance should be bad because we are bad. This should not be as hard as football but could be as dismal. Seems to be same reasons - we don't recruit specific to need and blame youth. God knows I want to be wrong. I agree there is improvement, but.... I cannot take it much longer. God bless Jerry and womens hockey and except for a few decent soccer, lacrosse and maybe field hockey years we are embarrassing ourselves. Oh - shout out to sailing. Will this ever end?

Craig Yeaster said...

Another fine performance from the Eagles basketball team.

Knucklehead said...

Yeast infection.

You would think it is fine.

Bravesbill said...

Good news is the BC seems to have found a third scorer and a spot up shooter who can complement Robinson's and Bowman's driving abilities. Bad news is that BC has zero big men and will continue to lose until it finds one.

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