Thursday, January 12, 2017

Report: UConn moving their BC home game to Fenway

According to Blauds, UConn is set to move their game this season from Rentschler Field to Fenway Park. If this comes together, it would be great news for BC.

Supposedly UConn is doing it for the money. But who cares what their motivation is? In this scenario, BC gets a guaranteed payout for a game 15 minutes from Alumni. The travel costs (with buses and hotels) are identical to a home game. BC can probably stay in their usual team hotel and keep nearly the same home game schedule. Heck, they could even do the Mass on campus and potentially the walk and STILL get to Fenway on time to warm up there. Like our game at Gillette against UMass, this is an away game to the computers, but becomes a virtual home game for us. Plus, there is a nice recruiting boost and a tiny spark to local interest in Boston.

I know plenty of people were unhappy when BC played Notre Dame at Fenway two years ago as the "road" team. I don't get the frustration. These schools are not taking over our town. Other than diehards, no one really pays attention to the fact that we are the road team. Even if the field is painted with UConn logos, the casual fan will just see a Boston team playing in Boston. Recruits don't care.

Tickets were tight when BC played Notre Dame in Fenway. I don't envision that same problem this time. If anything, more BC fans will be in attendance than would have gone to see the game in East Hartford.

I don't know who else wants to host us in Fenway, but I am all for it. As long as we get paid and don't lose a game at Alumni, it makes sense. Thanks to Fenway Sports Group and Brad Bates for making this happen.


BCMike said...

The super-negative thing about ND was that BC only got like 3k tickets or something as the away team. The home team keeps an overwhelming majority of the it made ND look like they were better supported in Boston than BC was (which may or may not be the case, but that's beside the point).

Knucklehead said...

Anything for a Dollar.

Tim said...

I am sick of football and hockey games at Fenway Park. It is no longer novel or interesting.

Shabby1011 said...

With you Tim...why don't they play at Gillette. It is a football stadium, great tailgating space, better seats/sight lines, can get seats at reasonable price etc.

Fenway will do anything for a dollar but UConn/BC isn't ND/BC and not going to get the same buzz. No place to tailgate, tickets will be way over priced, sightlines stink.

In the end, it is a win for BC. Basically a home game for them which should mean another W so its a home run. Just the entire Fenway thing is old.

Guido said...

Totally in agreement Tim and Shabby1011. The Fenway sham should be blown up !!! On Saturday , the college hockey doubleheader will have to be moved up earlier by two and one half hours to soften the conflict with the Patriots game. UConn will play hockey against Maine @ 1:30 pm and then UNH will play Northeastern @5:00pm. Those games should draw thousands !!!! Yuk . Get rid of the Fenway Sports Marketing group. They do not give a "Shit" about BC or anyone else . They are simply marketing their brand and bottom line. STICK TO THE BOSTON RED SOX. Your marketing has been utterly useless to BC. Whose idea was it to hook up with these TURDS ??? Bates or the "USELESS BOD ??? I thought that building hockey arenas was progress , but now total fools are going backwards in time and risking injury to the athletes.

Joe said...

Has it been made public the nature of this game?

With ND, it was there deal, the shamrock series thing. Is it crazy to think that this is FSG/Sox and they will just pay each school and do an even distribution ? (As opposed to it being a Yukon "home game" with regards to tix, logos on field/stadium, etc).

Joe said...

Edit: Michael Vega just said Yukon will get 22k tix (of 39k). BC will get 7. Fenway Sports group, so basically BC, will get 10, so a 22-17 split.

Yukon will not sell that many seats. They can't draw 20k to Hartford

FakeShalomTfree said...

Is there anything FSG won't put on at Fenway? Now UMass is playing Maine in football there! We get it, it's an old ballpark where they sing Sweet Caroline.

As for the hockey fiasco, theres a reason why the sport is played indoors (except on Charlie Brown)

mod34b said...

not a is shit game....adding Fenway locale is just putting some old lipstick on a pig.... it is still a pig game.

so, no ATL, no praise for hair-club-for-men AD BB

perkindc said...

Fuck off Bill. You're obviously not a Red Sox fan.

Guido said...

Not sure what the last posting means - You are not obviously a Red Sox fan ?? But regarding the UConn game - if you want to sit through a 50-0 Boston College win , then , by all means take the "T" to the Grand Olde Ballpark and sing "Sweet Caroline" and spent $ 10. on a hot dog and buy a nice memento tee shirt for $30.I say again - FSG - PLEASE LEAVE COLLEGE SPORTS ALONE. Let your baseball team and " Concerts " share the "FENWAY VENUE. Nuff said !!!!!

Big Jack Krack said...

Concerning UCONN - not Fenway Park - I read today that Auburn Offensive Coordinator Rhett Lashlee has left the Tigers to join Randy Edsall's staff at UCONN.

Why would he leave a $600,000 gig for a $350,000 gig? Well, according to Malzahn, this is a great opportunity for Lashlee to implement and run his own offense. Also, the guy is definitely on his way to becoming a Head Coach. He spent the last 4 seasons at Auburn and has twice been a finalist for the Broyles Award as the nation's top assistant coach.

And another thing - the UCONN Athletic Director, David Benedict came from Auburn last year.

I don't know how long these guys will stay at UCONN, but they're not going there so they can fail.

It really wouldn't take too much innovation on offense for UCONN to give us a very tough time - and Lashlee may be the guy to do it. Anyway - stay tuned for news!!!

And I agree with everyone - I hate the Fenway Sports Group. What have they really done for Boston College?

They should have been accomplishing things like BC vs Georgia Tech on Saturday and the Patriots vs Falcons on Sunday in Atlanta and later Boston, or vice versa. Same thing with Maryland when they were in the league, the Washington Redskins and Patriots; Miami and the Dolphins/Patriots. They could have pulled it off with at Clemson as well on Saturday, and Patriots at Falcons on Sunday.

Oh that's right - scheduling is hard. But why do we pay them again?

perkindc said...

I'll tell you what it means Guido: I knee jerked my response. Forgive's the internet...whatya gonna do?

I mean, I get it. This makes financial sense. But a big reason why I chose BC was because of Boston and Boston culture. Fenway Park draped in ND colors made me want to barf. And now f-ing UConn? End of the day, I'll go with the money. But still--I was a Red Sox fan long before I had any loyalty to BC. I kinda feel like UConn is invading our turf...'lil' bit...

Guido said...

perkindc - gotcha