Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rough night against UVA

We've seen BC get hot early and run away on Power 5 teams. We've seen them hang with Power 5s and win close games. They have yet to prove they can dig out of big holes against elite teams. That is what happened in the loss to Virginia Wednesday. BC was ice cold in the first half (in part because of UVA's tough D) and never got back into it. Things were relatively better in the second half, but at that point UVA was playing their bench. With the loss, BC falls to 2-4 in ACC games. Next up is UNC.

The good news is that Chatman played well. It was easily his best game at BC. Tava was also able to penetrate and find good looks...they just didn't fall.

UVA is the type of team that would give us fits. They have a tough, disciplined D and turn mistakes and turnovers into points. But now we need to see if BC can bounce back and get back the explosiveness they showed just a week ago.

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Unknown said...

So much for being competitive.