Saturday, February 11, 2017

BC falls into a familiar pattern and loses again

While both teams looked lost in the first 15 minutes of the game, BC was still able to establish a big lead. They were playing good defense, and although shots weren't dropping, they made some good decisions on the court. But just like the Pitt game, BC's opponent chipped away at the lead before the half and then dominated the second half. The final score was GT 65, BC 54.

BC did not shoot well in the second half, but that is only part of the story. The D got lazy in the second half. They let guys get position and also gave up too much space. There were other issues too. Why in the second half when were a desperate to score, did we find new ways to get it to Jeffers? The other two transfers (Tava and Chatman) dd not look good either.

Bowman seems to be trying to lead, but I don't know if the older guys are buying in to what he does. He had 13 points, but GT did a good job containing him and not give him good looks from outside.

I don't know what the answer is. Christian is still juggling the minutes. so maybe he is still trying to figure it out. I just want them to improve quickly so that there is hope for the future.


mod34b said...

"so maybe he is still trying to figure it out"

in Mid February?

mod34b said...

Top 20 Catholic basketball schools. And Sagarin ranking.

Catholic Top 20

1. Gonzaga 1
2. Villanova 5
3. Creighton 20
4. ND 24
5. Xavier 26
6. St Mary 27
7. Dayton 35
8. Marquette 36
9. G'town 50
10. Seton Hall 51
11. Providence 63
12. SJU 88
13. St Bonnie's 92
14. SF 104
15. Lasalle 107
16. Loyola chi 109
17. St Joes 129
18. BC. 142
19. Santa Ckara 147
20. St Peters 163

Sickening that BC with its ACC pedigree, high prestige and money, not to mention past successes, can not produce a decent hoops team BC should always be top 5 or do on this list. Joke.

Note to fellow Catholic priests running these other fine Catholic schools, especially Jesuits, please contact Father Leahy and give him some verbal pokes and jabs (maybe that'll help BC. -nothing else will )

Georgia Eagle said...

Disgraceful. Clean house from top to bottom and start over. The psychology of acceptable losing is a cancer at The Heights.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

They don't know what to do about it or what they are doing. Total mismanagement. Makes you wonder about everything else they manage up at BC. Dumb and proud of it or oblivious. Not sure which.

JBQ said...

This morning's RPI has updated stats of BC at 200 and DePaul at 236 out of 351. If there is angst now, just wait until the Fall.

Bravesbill said...

Hey on the bright side, BC is definitely ahead of Portland, San Diego, and Loyola Marymount.

Georgia Eagle said...

Yea, and our men's BBall team can probably hang with the women of Sacred Heart - at least the first half.

working rich said...

the school just has to say " not good enough!"
Not that Christian is good or bad, Donahue was a good coach but did not win.
End of discussion.
The record is the record.

Time to move on.
My problem is I remember when the issue was how was Billy Evans going to play with Jimmy O Brien. With Cousy and later Chuck Daly, it became evident.

Billy Curley!!! Al Skinner's teams were boring but he found talent and they won.

great school, great location, great league

Georgia Eagle said...

Rich, I may be obtuse. But I don't understand your point.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Let it go GE. We are all slowly heading in the same direction.