Thursday, February 02, 2017

BC's recruits get some media attention

Addazio raved about AJ Dillon during his interviews Wednesday and the four star running back received the most attention in and around Signing Day. He was on ESPN and also featured in the Boston and Connecticut media.

Because of the time difference on the West Coast and an afternoon press conference out there, Addazio couldn't talk about QB Matt McDonald. His story sounds great and seems like he has real upside.

As Addazio mentioned, Tate Haynes will also be given a chance to play QB at BC.

Even though Travis Levy is already on campus, he is still getting attention from his home town paper.

It sounds like Isaiah McDuffie's dad is building a regional power in Buffalo. Probably not a bad guy to have in BC's corner.

Noah Jordan-Williams tried to talk BC into recruiting his high school teammate. Obviously Addazio and crew did not. But that sort of loyalty is refreshing.


mod34b said...

Yay. Keeping it positive. That Daz. He is something.

Let's not focus in being one of the worst recruiting classes in P5 or ACC. Or Recent BZc history

First BC had real diversity in this class . Over half our recruits were 2* and less - that group has been historically under represented in P5. I am proud that BC is so inclusive. Thank you Father Leahy.

If BC was in the MAC this class would be #1. Think about that.

We ripped UConn, UMass, UnH, URi and Army "a new one" and came very close to being the king of I-90. Syracusec just passed us by a nose.

As Daz will tell you, and ATL will echo, that is called dominance.

Build a fence around New England. Yes Daz master

Max said...

Timon is NOT a powerhouse. Never has been. Never will. Glad for the kid as he gets out of a crap city. His coach/ dadsounds a bit self promoting. Where have we seen this before?????

Max said...

My biggest fear is that somehow Daz catches lightening in a bottle with a player and mutates into the coaching equivalent of the Pope. It scares me. He could get a statue placed at gate C! Oh the humanity! Why can't he just get an "elite" sportscaster job somewhere?
I hate Daz!

JBQ said...

"Coaching equivalent of the pope", Leahy is a Jesuit too. Maybe, that is what this is all about from an administrative view. Winning is irrelevant. It is all about cultural diversity. McDonald has the blood lines. However, he will be just like Rettig and Towles. Both could really throw. However, their job in this snail offense was to hand off the ball and let the defense win the game. Matt Ryan should be an indicator of just what can be done if the right quarterback recruit is found. The "French School" tried the option thing brought in by Urban Meyer. Once their quarterback broke his leg, they went to the 6 ft 5 Kizer. BC also had their quarterback break his leg. They brought in a 6 ft 5 quarterback and then let him hand off the ball. The agony will continue into next season with hopefully a new A.D. who will evaluate and then make a change around Thanksgiving.

JERZeagle said...

Max - I legitimately have nightmares about that scenario.

Some nights its a miracle play. Some nights its a Fadule being the next flutie.

You give this guy an inch, he is going to exploit it.

mod34b said...

JERZ n Max, if only Daz could apply to the football team the techniques he uses to stay as BCHC, BC football would be top 25.

As we saw this year, a 6-6 record is like a championship for Daz and gets him another year... who cares about 4 epic blow out losses to ACC teams.

Max said...

Agreed. Daz coaches / recruits like the old saying...he brings a knife to a gun fight. He is left wondering why no one feels sorry for him.
I hate Daz!

JERZeagle said...

4 biggest losses in school history? lose to syracuse at home? most boring football product anyone has ever watched?


Bravesbill said...

Max--I think Daz is already the coaching equivalent of this Pope.

eagleboston said...

Not really getting the Pope references and what that has to do with football.

The negativity has overtaken this board so I would like to inject some positivity here. Matt Ryan is going to be leading a team in the Super Bowl. This is the second BC quarterback to appear in a Super Bowl in the past 11 years. Not many schools, if any, can make that claim (Eli and Peyton Manning and Brady have made multiple appearances but I don't believe Miss, Michigan or Tennessee has had 2 qbs). This is going to bring a lot of exposure to the program and Ryan is one of the great ambassadors of BC football. It is a reminder of better times and gives us hope that we can one day return to those days of glory.

CT said...

As a Falcons fan, I cannot express more adamantly the redemptive spirit that Ryan has brought to this city, this organization, and, yes, this out of control fan. If you're not from Atlanta, you will only be able to guess at the impact Vick had on this city and how his ultimate demise stirred up a cauldron of competing emotions, identity issues, and broader social phenomenon. Ryan stepped in 9 years ago and dealt with it all very professionally and with no small amount of wisdom about the role he was playing within this city's continued social transformation.

He is, in every respect, a confident leader who has brought together disparate communities. Atlanta is a complex city itself, given the rapid change it has experienced in the last 25 years. Ryan has expertly navigated its nuances. BC should be proud.

And to think. Falcons fans were upset when the organization chose him over Glen Dorsey. Suffice it to say, it was an easy choice.

Bravesbill said...

Yeah I remember those days. They were all bent out of shape that the Falcons weren't drafting an SEC player.

BMas90 said...

For what it's worth, I was at a small BC reception this week with Father Leahy and he voluntarily brought up athletics and the football team. He said that 7 wins is not enough and that Daz would have to do better this coming year. He stopped short of saying, "or else it's his ass," but you could tell he wanted to. Was not excepting that from him.

Cventer55 said...

I hope 7 wins is not enough. The biggest problem is not the lack of 4 star recruits, it is that other than 25 loyal bloggers and the group of hardcore seasons tx holder, nobody cares about BC football anymore.