Friday, February 24, 2017

Hockey is in a big hole

BC Men's Hockey is in a rut. With their lost to UMass Lowell, they are not even a bubble team. They are on the outside looking in. They now need to win the Hockey East Tournament if they want to get into the NCAA Tournament.


Tim said...

The BC men's hockey program has not accomplished much since Mike Cavanaugh left for UConn a few years ago.

Bravesbill said...

Ouch this is quite the meltdown.

bceagle91 said...

The team did make it to the Frozen Four last year. 1-5-2 in February. Not this year, alas.

Bravesbill said...

The team wasn't all that great last year. Really slow compared to other tournament teams.

bceagle91 said...

Bravesbill, true enough. BC's championship teams were usually small, but extremely fast. They were also well balanced. Good goaltending, a steady defense, a couple of pure scorers and forwards who played well in all 3 zones. This team isn't as fast and doesn't have the depth. Of course, with all of last year's sophomores going pro, that made a difference as well.

mod34b said...

Wait. Are you BCEagle and other saying the hockey team is

2. The roster is imbalanced bteween classes
3. It takes time to physically develop players
4. Poorly timed injuries
5. Our players lack speed and athleticism of other programs
6. Loss of key coach, exposed weaknesses in head coach
7. We play in the country's premiere league and winning is hard

If so. OMG. DAZ has gotten to York!!!

bceagle91 said...

1. BC is almost always young. 5 seniors and no juniors this year. But in hockey, plenty of 18 year-olds play well.

2. See above.
3. Jerry doesn't bring kids in unless he thinks they can play well as frosh.
4. The team has mostly been pretty healthy this year.
5. Some teams are faster, but these kids can skate too.
6. Good head coaches hire good assistants, who then get promoted.
7. Winning is hard, but BC held the conference lead until last night.

OMG, keep Daz away from Jerry :-)

knucklehead said...

The team is young. In alot of the games this season they kept it close but ultimately where beaten by older, stronger and better conditioned teams. North Dakota in MSG and ND at Joyce stick out. The season is ending up the way alot of those games did. They are getting tired and are being beaten by older physically superior teams.

Alot of grief was given to me three weeks ago when I said this is the worst mens hockey team we have had in 20 years.

Guido said...

Even Jerry York is going to have a few down years (relatively speaking). Recruiting in hockey is a fine line - BC has had very good luck at selecting the premier/developing talent for years. I believe that the loss of Cavanaugh was huge - I believe that he had a keen eye on the selection of young talent and his input played into their success. BC is lacking the OVERALL team speed and size to compete this year. Next year will be critical - hopefully the incoming talent has quickness and some size - if not, there might be another less than spectacular year since this Freshman group is lacking in many facets of the game. With Football and BB "in the tank", the less than stellar situation on the ice is a traumatic event for fans.

Georgia Eagle said...

Hey, we always have the chess club.