Thursday, March 09, 2017

Addazio keeping company with his old friends

The coaching community is often referred to as the "Coaching Fraternity." That's pretty accurate, as the network takes care of itself and they often protect guys within the business. For as much as coaches are critical of one another, rarely will they say things publicly. Instead coaches provide empty platitudes towards their peers. "He's a great coach..." Within the fraternity there are cliques of friends and colleagues that take those relationships a bit deeper. As you can see from this upcoming Ohio State Coaches Clinic, Addazio remains part of Urban Meyer's clique.

If you're going to be tight with someone, Meyer is not a bad guy to associate with. He seems to have a good mix of consistency in work ethic combined with an openness to new football ideas and trends. When Bill Belichick takes the time to help out Meyer, you know he is doing something right.

My frustration with the Meyer-Addazio relationship is that Addazio hasn't adopted Meyer's game management techniques. Meyer is not perfect, but he is much more aggressive with his pace of offense. He also has a good handle on timeouts. Addazio hasn't incorporated those same game management nuances while at BC. However, Addazio does seem to emulate his old boss in player evaluations and work ethic.

The relationship with Meyer should benefit BC again this summer when Addazio and BC join Ohio State on their satellite camp tour.

To be great Addazio can't just be a Meyer imitator. He has do be himself. But even at this stage in his career, Addazio can learn something from guys like Meyer and Belichick.


mod34b said...

Comparing Daz as a coach, as a thinker to Urban Meyer is like comparing a can of tuna to a BC Chemistry professor.

As one player said, Daz is dumb as a nut sack.

Daz won't be making any "half time". adjustments in his football coaching anytime soon.

For all of Meyers great success over decades of coaching, I would bet that his worst decision ever was appointing Daz as OC in Florida. (Omg. What a bad decision)

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Always thought BC's head coaching staff should host an annual off season coaching clinic at BC for Catholic high school coaches. Even if it included coaching staff from Notre Dame and Catholic FCS schools like Villanova - it would increase our exposure among the RC high school coaching ranks.

bceagle93 said...

Here's what people miss: Daz and Urban Meyer are both head coaches at Division 1 football programs. One could argue that the admission standards for OSU are not as stringent than BC, so they attract better talent. But no one would argue the fact that Daz is decidedly in a lower class than Urban as a coach, and has no chance to ever elevate himself to that level. You get the sense that Belichick views guys like Meyer and Saban as PEERS -- not junior members of his posse.

Fact is, if you have Meyer and Daz switch schools, and BC is playing for ACC championships every year. And OSU is Illinois.

We need a coach that has the potential and aspires to be an Urban Meyer -- not a clown that posts videos of himself sprinkling salt on his desk when he gets a 3 star recruit.

tim said...

In answer to Napolean for the past 2 years BC does offer a coaches clinic on a Sat. in April. I have attended and it is one of the best I have seen. You attend practice and see it all work.

JBQ said...

Notre Dame wanted Urban since he had been an assistant there. Meyer wanted no part of the strict admissions standards. As for Belichick, since I am a big Kurt Warner fan, there are plenty of "non polite" comments that can be made. However, this is obviously a polite venue even for "mod".

CT said...

Daz's coaching clinic was apparent for all to see in his audibilized approach to Clemson's last offensive play.

With a QB like that leading a CU offense that averaged 39 points a game, Coach Dude would've...kicked a FG?

Is there any more that need be said?

If it would help, I would encourage Daz to follow in Belicheck's shoes and invest in some high-tech camera equipment.

working rich said...

Excellent comments

NYCeagle said...

Addazio is a fraud. Plain and simple.

Chris said...

It's pretty easy to game plan against an Addazio offense, just stuff the run.

CT said...

Daz should be a member of the audience. More listening. Less speaking.