Sunday, March 12, 2017

Baseball's rough weekend; Women's Hockey to Frozen Four and other links

After starting ACC play with a win over FSU, the Baseball team fell back down to Earth. They lost both games of a double header Saturday.

The BC Women's Hockey team is headed back to the Frozen Four.

Softball improved to 2-1 in ACC play after beating Virginia.

Finally, BC Basketball was terrible this year. It was totally forgettable, except for one issue: playing spoiler. It turns out beating Syracuse was an issue come selection time. So we can revel in that...


John said...

FSU 11 BC 1
FSU 13 BC 0

Geezer eagle said...

Omg, will this misery ever end?

JBQ said...

So far, all of the games except for a vacation trip to Norman have been in Florida. BC just can't expect to compete with the "beach bunny" atmosphere. So, where will the BC players be in ten years compared to those that they play?

Geezer eagle said...

BC players will be working on Wall Street. FSU players will be driving trucks.

Bravesbill said...

If Jacob Stevens doesn't pitch, BC has no chance of winning.

dixieagle said...

Good one, GE.

mod34b said...

Playing spoiler is for total losers.

We spoiled Syracuse's season by being hideous but somehow beating them? This is a cause for some minor celebrations?

No Thanks.

We absolutely suck and playing spoiler is just more evidence of what a loser program we have/we are.

F that.

easteagle said...

Is M34 ever happy about anything? Can he refrain from posting about his anger?

mod34b said...

east, STFU

mod34b said...

I took a look at BC record vs NCAA tourney teams, and BC's record vs NIT teams.

For people like Easteagle hungering for good news, there is good news. BC did win a game against and NCAA tourney team and did win one against an NIT teams. Yay.

vs NCAA tourney teams, BC played 15 games. K. State, PC, and 9 ACC teams (some twice).

Record 1-14

vs NIT bound teams, BC played 5 games (Syr, Syr, GT, Clem, Richmond).

Record 1-4

As for the Catholic Schools, the following "big Money powerhouses" are tourney bound -- and BC is no where to be found

2. Nova
3.Mt St Mary
6.St. Mary
8.Seton Hall

Geezer eagle said...

I think Mod is just reflecting the frustration, anger, and disappointment we all feel towards our sports teams.You eternal rah-rahs can not put lipstick on this pig.

mod34b said...

thanks GE.

but what would i be happy about?

1. A new, energetic, make-things-happen AD and a like-minded new BC president
2. A great football coach who can recruit, coach'em up and win
3. ditto for b-ball
4. BC reviving the truly awesome fan-day experience for BC football.
5. BC finally moving out of USNWR #30/31 to the top 20
6. BC students realizing they are being brain-washed by relents progressive ideology and rebelling!
7. ATL getting out form behind his curtain.
8. #makeBCgreatagain

mod34b said...

*relentless progressive....

Geezer eagle said...

I like it, especially number 6 on the hit list.

knucklehead said...


Teresa Halminton said...

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